Trailers You Might Have Missed … (March 20-26)

How have you been, folks? I know I haven’t been super active, but I am getting back to it. Sort of. There’s just been a lot on my mind lately and somehow blogging and writing and reading just got pushed to the very back of my priority list. I feel like I am getting back on track now though, so, keep your fingers crossed. Here are some trailers for the meantime!


Justice League

I don’t even really care what this shows, because I have extremely low expectations for everything that’s cinematic DC. I am sorry, but they keep on putting out not terrible trailers at all and then the movies are just a mess.

Death Note

I don’t care how often people tell me that things are different because this version of Death Note is set in America, they cannot tell me that there are no Japanese-American actors available for really any of the roles! Especially not since they even refused to let some people audition. I expected better from Netflix.

Captain Underpants

Their voices don’t sound like child-voices at all, but it still looks funny.

The Last Face

Charlize has some interesting movies coming out.

Little Boxes

I actually like the look of this.

The Sweet Life

I am pretty sure I would at least attempt to watch anything Abigail Spencer is in.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Interesting use of billboards.

Queen of the Desert

While I do find the desert very beautiful and I am sure it will look gorgeous on the screen, this story already bores me.


They just won’t stop making biodramas.

Casting JonBenet

Yeah, Netflix once more not afraid to get weird.

Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie

Yeah, not for me.

TV Shows

The Night Shift (Season 4)

I kind of haven’t even noticed there was a season 2 and 3.

What are you watching? I am still completely obsessed with the new Power Rangers movie! I am in loooove.