#CurrentlyWatching: Younger

Younger is a show that’s very near and dear to my heart. I stumbled upon it quite by accident, but man, am I glad I did. It’s really surprising I haven’t talked about it more, but since I was threatened with riots if I didn’t make it a topic this week (love it when people are as passionate about TV as I am), I thought, why wait any longer? (Also, I was a little afraid of said riots …)

First, I think this is the perfect show for this community because it is set in the publishing world – what else do bookworms dream about? So, I’d say Younger is a sort of comedy/drama. It airs on TV Land and will go into it’s 4th season later this year, which means there’s quite a few episodes to binge if you are looking for something to really dive into. There’s nothing quite like it in my opinion and that’s always something I very much enjoy. Seriously, so much these days is just more of the same.

A single-mom has to pretend to be in her twenties to get back into her previous field of work and also to stay afloat in today’s dating world!

There are so many reasons why I love this show! On the one side, it is simply hilarious, self-depreciating and incredibly witty. On the other hand it subtly displays how difficult the professional world can be for women. I’ve heard people refer to it as promoting amoral behaviour and lying, which I simply do not believe. Of course, Liza, portrayed by the ever magnificent Sutton Foster, shouldn’t lie about her age and general life. It’s obvious that whatever relationships are being built during this new chapter of her life will always be stained in a way. She lets it go on for way too long, but there are consequences to her actions. It’s not that easy and I would much rather showcase why she has to lie. She gave up her career to care for her daughter, which is an amazing thing to do. There is this stigma on housewives or stay-at-home parents in general and I just don’t get it. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make the most of the time with your kids, just like there is nothing wrong with starting work soon after giving birth. It depends on circumstances and personality, on support systems and many more factors. Re-entering the market after being away for such a long time is near impossible, especially once you’ve reached a certain age. Also, companies want young talent, preferably with years of experience. It’s a struggle and Liza was just trying to get ahead of the situation, even if it might not have been the best way to go about it. Obviously this doesn’t just concern women, but needing to take breaks from your professional career because of a pregnancy does. And it doesn’t just treat the professional world, but also the craziness that is dating and the expectations that are placed on people these days. The cast as a whole is kickass and brilliant. I just consider the show really thought provoking in so many ways.

Lastly, it shows a unique behind the scenes look into the world of publishing. Why do some books get published and others don’t? What kind of marketing measures have to be taken for new releases from famous and debut authors? I am not saying this is all 100% realistic, but it gives you an idea of how it might be. Also, it’s great fuel for your book-inspired dreams.

I find the love interests on this show quite fascinating. There’s Josh (Nico Tortorella), who is about the most amazing boyfriend one could wish for (at least in my opinion). He worships Liza and he is so supportive and understanding in everything she does. He is kind and funny and pretty much down for anything. Do they fight? Sure, but they always make up eventually. Still, I can’t help but wonder if their relationship will really work. I always try not to be ageist with relationships, because who am I to say if people can make it work or not. But they want VERY different things at some point (not going into detail as to not spoil anything) and that’s a real issue. In my mind, Liza, the real Liza, would work better with our other love interest option, Charles.

So, Charles (Peter Hermann) doesn’t appear until a bit later in the series. He is Liza’s boss, which already creates conflict, is roughly in her age-range, single and a father as well. They have so much in common, it immediately creates sparks. Again, this potential relationship isn’t without problems though. While I do believe they fit together better because they are at a similar stage in their life, I am just not sure if he is really into her or the idea he has of her, you know? Love is a deceitful thing sometimes. Ultimately, the tear between those two very amazing guys is just another factor that makes watching Younger so much fun.

You may notice that there’s no section displaying reasons why you shouldn’t watch this show and that’s simply because there are no reasons why you shouldn’t immediately drop everything and binge this. Okay, there are always people who don’t like the same things as me and that’s totally fine, but still, I see no reasons why you shouldn’t give this a shot.

Are you watching Younger? Do you want to?

13 thoughts on “#CurrentlyWatching: Younger

  1. I love this series! I binged the entire series in just a few days and it’s so addicting! I agree on Charles and Liza fitting great together, I like them as a couple better than her and Josh. However, Josh is a sweetie!

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  2. I love this show! Waiting for season three to air over here but I agree with your review completely and as a woman who is nearly 40 I totally get the pretending to be younger thkng. People always think I’m in my twenties (and i let them) but they do get kind of weird when they know how old I am really especially in professional environments. There’s a lot of fact in this fiction!

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    • Oh, you are in for a ride for season 3!! That final episode … it still has me in shock!
      And I am so glad you knew what I was talking about. I think the series is really showcasing some important issues and they are wrapping it up in really great entertainment.

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