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My love for Doctor Who is no secret and if you’ve known me for a while, you are probably also aware of my adoration for its spin-off series Class! The show premiered in October last year in the UK, however, there is a reason why I chose to talk about it just now. Despite having been really well-received (from what I heard at least), the show just started on BBC America now. The first episode aired last week and from now on it airs every Saturday after the new Season 10 episodes of Doctor Who. The fate of its future and a possible Season 2 (which I NEED) now depends on the American ratings. I am really unhappy with that, because why on earth does it depend on US ratings now to renew a perfectly British show, but whatever. This post is a plea for you to watch it and ensure that Class definitely gets another season!

I want to start off by saying that a lot of small references or certain villains will probably make more sense if you have watched Doctor Who, but it is not strictly necessary to have watched the “parent show” beforehand. The Doctor makes a short appearance in the first episode, but thus far that’s all in terms of crossovers.

The students of Coal Hill Academy once more have to deal with extra-terrestrial threats and the stressful fact of being a teenager at the same time.

Class was created and written by Patrick Ness, a name you will probably have heard in the world of YA books before. I’ve only reviewed one of his books, which you can read here, but when I got news that he would be involved I was excited from the start. Class is a fast-paced show, yet it still manages to get you utterly invested in the fate of everyone. There are so many reasons why I love the show and it’s difficult to wrap my head around where I should even start. So, I am going to do this old-school and make a list:

  • A super diverse cast: We have POCs and people of different nationalities as main characters, we get to see different religions, disabled characters who are not defined by their disability and a canon gay relationship established in the first episode. There’s not just inter-racial but actual inter-species love because of our cinnamon roll alien prince, Charlie. Doesn’t that all sound swoonworthy amazing already?
  • Girls and boys can be friends – and JUST friends at that! The relationship between Ram and Tanya was one of my favourites, because they were so close but it never crossed over in the romantic world. It’s sad how rare that is on TV.
  • Boys get to be vulnerable and girls get to be badass. (I think this is self explanatory. Yay for defying stereotypes!)
  • Family matters! All too often when the teens get to go on adventures, the parents are just sort of … I don’t know, forgotten? Here the parents don’t hinder the action, but they worry and fret for their children. Their presence is at least always there in the back of your mind.
  • It tackles heavy topics with grace, such as homophobia, grief and complex moral questions.
  • Not one character is ignored. They each get their time to shine and it’s so worth it, because there is not a single character I don’t like. The relationships and the group dynamic is just amazing. While the romantic ships feel a bit rushed sometimes, due to the fast pace in general, I never once doubted the friendship and closeness. It just really fits the tone of the show.
  • Pop culture references! Wohooo!
  • Best one-liners on TV! *cough* I don’t like knives *cough*
  • Actually scary villains and a surprise return of an old foe in the end.

See, I am just in love with that show! Please, please tell me what’s not to like about it? I am waiting! Because here I am sitting and just enjoying it all and really hoping that I will get to see more of all those fantastic people. So, go and get caught up on that episode from last week and then tune in live or via the BBC America website for the rest of the season.

Class definitely felt a lot more adult to me than Doctor Who sometimes does. This is not exactly a show for kids, but Patrick Ness himself said that if you are into YA books and can deal with what’s going on there, you will be able to handle the show as well. There’s a LOT more blood and naked skin than in Doctor Who for sure.

Did you watch Class? Are you hoping for another season as much as I do?

18 thoughts on “#CurrentlyWatching: Class

  1. PATRICK NESS created and wrote this show?! *cue freaking out* I haven’t watched Doctor Who yet (oops) but I’m glad I can still enjoy this show despite that. This show seems so amazing and so filled with things I love; diversity, family, friends, defying stereotypes… Did someone just basically make the perfect show for us?? 😂😂😍 THANK YOU for bringing this to my attention ahah.

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    • I think the alien stuff and the way they deal with it might be a little off-putting at first, but generally I feel like this can be enjoyed without knowing much about Who. This show was just so awesome and I would be soooo disappointed if it got cancelled for good 😦


  2. HOW DID I FORGET THE ICONIC ‘I DON’T LIKE KNIVES’ honestly I really want to rewatch it but I don’t have the time 😦 If I do have time to watch something it’ll have to be something new. Great post Kat! Let’s hope everyone listens to you and watches so we can get a second season 🙏🏻

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  3. I would like a second season as well (though I figure that if it doesn’t get a second season, they’d put out a series of novels. Way less expensive).
    And I think why it depends on the United States is because America has such a bigger population than the UK does. Like 250 million-plus bigger, so that means there’s potentially a bigger pool of viewers wanting to watch the show. Today’s entertainment world is so global, and TV shows depend on ad revenue and how many people watch an ad during a show. So if ratings in one of BBC’s biggest audiences is good, even if ratings aren’t the best in England (and last I heard, they slid during the last weeks of Class), it might be enough to garner a second season.
    It’s the same principle with American movies and foreign markets, particularly China. I feel pretty much the same about the Power Rangers movie as you do about Class, but currently the movie has only made back about $130 million against a $100 million budget. However, if the movie does well in China next month, it might earn enough to bring about a sequel (hopefully! That movie was so good!).


    • There are already novels. I have 3 of them at home.
      Also, I get why US ratings can boost the show, it’s not like I don’t actually get the concept of ratings and viewership. I did study TV after all, but there are so many British shows that are getting produced for seasons and the US is getting them way later and the BBC should be able to do their own programming. That’s just my opinion.
      YOU DON’T KNOW ME AT ALL IF YOU THINK I AM NOT PASSIONATE ABOUT THE POWER RANGERS MOVIE! IT WAS EVERYTHING I WANTED AN MORE. IT HAS MY HEART FOREVERMORE. btw, they have a plan for 6 more movies already in store. I’ve only been talking about that movie for weeks now. I watched it one day before it premiered in the US. I was so giddy in the movie theater.


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