April 2017 Wrap-Up

  • Geekerella by Ashley Poston (4 stars)
  • Lumberjanes, Vol. 1 (4 stars)
    Honestly, this was SO fun. It was bold and hilarious but also very confusing. I love the artwork and the characters though and I cannot wait to read the rest.
  • The Librarians and the Mother Goose Chase by Greg Cox (3. 5 stars)
  • Saban’s Power Rangers: Aftershock (4 stars)
    I am obsessed with the new Power Rangers movie, so when my trusted bookseller showed me this, I simply could not resist. It was a tad too short for me and there were these prequel chapters for another version of the Power Rangers that I really didn’t need. It’s not that they weren’t interesting, but I would get so confused about what’s happening in which universe if I tried to keep up with that as well.
  • Archie, Vol. 1: The New Riverdale (4 stars)
    Archiekins oh Archiekins … seriously, how is that dude still alive? Never met anyone so clumsy (not even you Cátia).
  • Stealing Candy by Stewart Lewis (2.5 stars)
  • Girl Out of Water by Laura Silverman (4.5 stars)

Geekerella Lumberjanes, Vol. 1: Beware the Kitten Holy The Librarians and the Mother Goose Chase (The Librarians, #2) Saban's Power Rangers: Aftershock Archie, Vol. 1: The New Riverdale Stealing Candy Girl Out of Water

Click on the titles to get redirected to the reviews and on the covers to get to the respective Goodreads pages! I am not reviewing all my books anymore, so if I haven’t posted a review on the blog, you can find a couple sentences below the title to read my thoughts!

There’s not that much to talk about this month. I have all the major preparations for my trip to Canada checked off my list, now it’s just a matter of packing lightly and convincing the immigration officer to really let me stay for the entirety of six months. I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t all that though. Recommendations of all sorts for what to do during my stay are still very welcome! I am also up for a cup of tea, a movie night or a bookstore hang-out if any of you live in the area and are willing to go through the nerve-racking process of meeting me irl.

I am thinking of making #CurrentlyWatching a bi-weekly thing. It’s not that I don’t watch enough shows, but I have to feel very passionate about them or at least have thoughts I can put into words, which just really isn’t always the case.

I haven’t posted anything new for Arcadia, but since I won’t have a job while I am in Canada and I tend to go crazy if I don’t have something to do, I intend to make writing my full time job while I am away and hopefully that will also mean tons of new chapters for you. However, I might still do the Beautiful People Link-Up in the meantime, just because I don’t want to get out of the story and the character’s world entirely. How hilarious was that first kiss scene in chapter 10 though?  As always, you can read the whole thing here.






How was your month? Let’s talk about that!

25 thoughts on “April 2017 Wrap-Up

  1. I may have to get the new riverdale on ebook since it’s so bloody inaccessible here. Glad you liked it though. I’m super excited for it.

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    • I think I waited close to 2 months until my comic store finally had it. I am STILL waiting for Archie 2 and Jughead 1-2. If you aren’t sure if the comic and the art is for you, you can always try the Road to Riverdale digest. It has the first issue of all current Archie comics and spin offs (Betty & Veronica, Josie and the Pussycats, Jughead, Reggie and me) in it.

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  2. Hi Kat.
    Congratulations on your Canada trip! I am way down and Alabama, so we probably won’t bump into each other, but you can take comfort knowing that I am on the same continent. Just kidding. What parts of Canada will you be visiting? Will you be doing a travelogue?

    Your pal,
    ~Icky. 🙂

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    • Hey Icky,
      Hahaha yeah, I don’t think I’ll make a detour to Alabama but yeah, it’s at least the same continent. I’ll start off my trip with two weeks in Toronto, then I’ll stay in Ottawa and Montreal a week each. After that I will make my way towards Vancouver where I intend to remain until I have to go back home.
      I am not sure how much access to the internet I will have, but in general I intend to post regular updates here and on my social media pages.

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  3. I don’t know how Archie can be more clumsy than me… Have you met me?? I tend to injure myself in the most random ways almost every week XD.
    I’m so happy for you and your trip to Canada. It will be AWESOME!!

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  4. Ahh wow it’s so good that your preparation for going to Canada is mostly done- I hope you have an amazing time and I look forward to hearing all about it! (also kind of wish I lived in Canada now so I could meet you irl- but if your ever in London let me know 😉 )

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  5. I have yet to watch the Power Rangers movie (probably gonna wait till it comes out on Netflix), but that Saban’s Power Rangers: Aftershock sounds fun. How’s the artwork? I hear the movie hints to a sequel that might incorporate other “ranger” universes. I might be wrong, but the direction of the movie sounds fun! 😛 Sounds like you had a nice reading month though. 😉

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    • But it was SO much fun to watch in cinemas! We were three people in the entire room and therefore I REALLY got to geek out.
      The artwork for the aftershock comic isn’t anything special I would say. You can recognise the actors and actresses, which was nice but it wasn’t anything mindblowing or a unique style. While I am sure there will be many more rangers in the future movies (they have like 6 more planned and there was already a hint at someone familiar showing up in the after credit scene), the comic was just really a parallel universe. It was the rangers with their old costumes and like the same people, so it felt like reading an alternate universe with the same people. Doesn’t say anything about the storyline of those additional chapters, but I just wanted to stay grounded in one universe for now. The Aftershock story was really short though, just like a little novella showing how the rangers struggle to be a team.

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      • Ohhh I see. Sounds like you didn’t exactly get what you wished for with the comics. I was surprised there even was a tie-in with the movies out there! The only other Power Rangers comics I heard of was… well… it’s a funny little combo that they explore… it’s Justice League/Power Rangers. They sometimes put DC and other universes together to make a mini-series, and recently they did that one. I don’t think it has anything to do with the movie though, but if you’re curious enough, maybe it’ll interest you hahah 😀 https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/33252336-justice-league-power-rangers?ac=1&from_search=true

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      • No the actual movie-related part was good, but the other one just wasn’t necessary for me. I like crossovers, I always find them funny. Like, I really want the Gotham Academy and Lumberjanes crossover at some point! Thanks for the tip, I’ll check it out!

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