Windfall by Jennifer E. Smith (eARC Review)

Publisher: Delacorte Press
Page Count
: 432

**I was provided with an eARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review!**

This isn’t Jennifer E. Smith’s first book, however it is the first time I got to read one of her stories myself. I was immediately intrigued by the story, found the relationship between the characters beyond cute and sat on the edge of my seat with excitement for the first quarter of the book … but then it just sort of fizzled out.

Alice is very closed off and doesn’t even admit to all her feelings to herself. I am very glad that we got a view of why that was and how it changed as she realised that she didn’t have to always keep those walls up. She was smart and kind and even though I was sometimes frustrated with her when she got a little judgy, I generally really enjoyed her POV and growth. Her past was so heartbreaking, but I could definitely relate to her struggles. I know that the memory of a person can be warped over time and how you tend to put them on a pedestal or try to make them proud, even if you might have chosen a different path if it hadn’t been for them. I loved how, layer by layer, Alice found more to herself and didn’t need the approval of someone who wasn’t even there anymore.

The people in Al’s life were the best! Leo and Max deserve their own story or companion novella or something. But also the adults felt real and flawed but mostly present – something I always value in my books, be it YA or adult fiction. Unfortunately, I struggled a bit with Teddy though. I knew from the beginning that him and Alice would be endgame and that Sawyer, no matter how sweet he was, wouldn’t be a viable option. Nonetheless, I just didn’t really like Teddy. I don’t think it necessarily only boils down to just being his behaviour after he received all the money, but in general he had moments where he was just a jerk. It got better towards the end, but I wasn’t always 100% behind the motivation of his actions.

All in all I very much enjoyed the read, but most of the initial excitement soon gave way as the story took on a more predictable course.

Fazit: 3.5/5 stars! A cute story!

Have you read Windfall or other books by Smith? Do you want to?

15 thoughts on “Windfall by Jennifer E. Smith (eARC Review)

  1. OHh this was your first Jennifer E. Smith book? I did not know! Or, if you told me, excuse me for having forgotten haha. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the main character and her growth thorough the story,but a bit sad that you didn’t feel thrilled to read this the whole time. I get it, when it gets too predictable, it’s sometimes annoying :/
    I think my favorite from the author is Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between but it’s probably because of my personal feelings on the topic aha. I do hope you’ll want to give this one or another of her books a chance 😀

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    • Hahaha I don’t remember if I told you that it was my first one either. It’s not as if I didn’t like her style of writing or the story, but since I didn’t exactly love the characters and would have preferred another love interest, my interest for the book just fizzled away. Doesn’t mean I won’t pick up another book by her at some point.

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  2. I am I the only person who finds “Windfall” too weak to describe winning 140 million dollars at the lottery? Windfall is when the tax department sends you back your 500 dollar check. Winning that big might better be described as “Mother Lode,” Boodle Bomb,” or “Moolah Blast.”


  3. I just bought windfall yesterday, and I’m now on the verge of reading it. I love every jen’s book, its just a light read and makes you smile without you noticing it. But hearing bout windfall, i think this is kinda different from her other books, but after reading your review, i’m still hoping it would turn out well on me.

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