Kat Goes On An Adventure! (Hiatus?)

Let’s just do this really quick. This time tomorrow I will already be on a plane bound to Toronto, Canada. I’ve been talking about this for quite some time already, but now it is real – it is happening. In the unlikely event of you having missed all my previous rambles about it, I will stay in Canada for about 6 months (if immigration allows it – fingers crossed!). The first two weeks will be spent in Toronto and then I will move on to Ottawa and Montreal and finally pick my route all the way to Vancouver on the West Coast.

I don’t intend to go on an official hiatus during that time, but for the first 1.5-2 months, I will be traveling all around Canada until I’ll settle in a place of my liking. It’s not that I doubt that I will have access to the internet, but I just cannot guarantee how regularly and if I will have the time to be in front of my screen all that much. So, I definitely want to post travel/life updates (if you are interested?) and also something on my reading and writing progress if there’s anything noteworthy, but I simply cannot promise that regular features like my trailer posts will be an option during those first weeks. Maybe I am wrong and you’ll find all the usual stuff, but I just don’t want to guarantee it.

Aside from the blog, you can follow my adventure on Twitter, Instagram and I might even revive my Snapchat account: kat_impossible

That’s all from me! I’ll just put the last items in my suitcase now. Wish me luck!