Trailers You Might Have Missed … (May 15-21)

Hello everyone! So, you are in luck, I have time and a steady internet connection to deliver you your weekly dose of trailers. Because of the upfronts, it’s still very heavy on TV instead of film, but I hope you will still enjoy. And fear not, an actual update on the first week in Canada will most likely go up tomorrow!


The Glass Castle

They had me with the first chord of the Lumineer’s “Sleep on the Floor” (my anthem) but then the story just made it even more amazing.

The Emoji Movie

This still looks like a mess.

Band Aid

This looks like Indie movie gold!


It looks SO weird, but the cast is phenomenal.

Battle of the Sexes

Those outfits back then! I can’t even …

Austin Found

This really only made it because it has Jughead’s dad in it. That man is always doing shady stuff.


Uhm … not a fan of the animation style, but I think the story might not be so bad.

TV Shows

Dark Matter (Season 3)


Star Trek Discovery (CBS)

Obviously I am going to watch this.

Life Sentence (CW)

I WANT THIS SO BAD! You know that I love Elliot Knight, right? But they are marketing it like a new No Tomorrow and we all know how that ended … (still not over it)

Dynasty (CW)

Oh yes! I know this is some sort of remake (never seen the original), but I would definitely watch this.

The Resident (FOX)

Manish Dayal AND Matt Czuchry? Count. me. in.

Valor (CW)

Not something I would necessarily associate with the CW to be honest.

Black Lightning (CW)

I think they might be working towards having only superhero shows.

The Gospel of Kevin (ABC)

It’s a maybe.

Splitting Up Together (ABC)

Doesn’t seem like something that will run for long.

The Mayor (ABC)

It looks way better on the long trailer.

The Orville (Fox)

I really don’t know … I mean … why are they releasing that at the same time as Star Trek Discovery?

Ghosted (Fox)

Just weird.

Alex, Inc. (ABC)

Not sure this will work anywhere near as great as Scrubs.

LA to Vegas (Fox)


Will & Grace Revival

I used to love this so much.


I’d watch it. I mean, come on, Alison Brie!

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

I was going to include the Young Sheldon trailer (so cute!) but couldn’t find a proper video anywhere. Anyway, what are you watching?

12 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (May 15-21)

  1. Thoughts:
    1. The Emoji Movie: Looks like cyber-Inside Out, but with a journey element mixed in.
    2. Okja: I’d see it.
    3. Charming: The style kind of reminds me of Tangled and the Barbie Princess movies my sisters loved when I was a kid (and because they outnumbered me 3:1, I had to watch it with them on long car trips). I think the story will be a little predictable, but that’s just me.
    4. Star Trek Discovery: I’m more Star Wars. I’ve seen the last three Trek films, but only on DVD. And that’s as far as my interest in Trek goes.
    5. Mayor: Looks funny.
    6. Dark Crystal: There was enough demand to warrant this?

    As for what I’m watching these days, shows like Lucifer and SVU are wrapping up their seasons, so I’m mostly watching Doctor Who and 13 Reasons Why (which, BTW, is so powerful). I’m waiting for Teen Wolf season 6B and Scream season 3 to start up. Supernatural season 12 will be dropping onto Netflix soon, but I’ll check that out after Anne with an E. Oh, and Stephen King’s The Mist looks cool. Can’t wait.


    • About Charming, I agree it looks like the Barbie movies somehow. I am not saying it’s not predictable, but it’s still a nice twist to the regular story.
      I am watching Lucifer too, but I am not that invested anymore.
      You seriously don’t have to tell me anything about 13 Reasons Why, because I wrote a post about it and had most intense discussions about it. It is one of my most viewed posts and the most viewed of the currently watching feature.

      Liked by 1 person

      • It’s not that. TBBT is still very popular here in the States, it’s one of CBS’s biggest shows. It’s that even if Sheldon Cooper is the show’s favorite character, a sitcom about his young life isn’t the same as TBBT. Shows like Star Trek, Buffy, and NCIS have had successful spin offs because the spin-offs resembled their originals, but were unique enough to make them stand out on their own.
        Young Sheldon has a different format, only one of the beloved characters from the show, and it will probably forget that, even years later, Sheldon isn’t close to most of his immediate family (these sort of shows live on the growth of family bonds).
        Besides, a family that includes a drunk dad, a religious mom, and a very smart child? I think that’s the Simpsons or Family Guy in a nutshell. Just not animated.


      • I wouldn’t have judged it so harshly on the theme alone. Family-style shows have had a resurgence with shows like This Is Us. If they can make it relatable and heartfelt, I don’t think that’s the problem.


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