Kat’s Adventure: Week 2 – Toronto

I think the format went quite well last time I did this. As I am writing now, I am already in my new residence for the week in Ottawa, but there is still so much that happened in Toronto that’s left to tell you. Again, here are the highlights!

Tuesday  – Blogger Meet Up!

Patty, Jesse, Joey and Maria all met up with me for dinner at Louis Cifer (how would you pronounce it? Maybe … Lucifer!?!?). It was a fun evening with talk about books and TV shows and the weirdest chicken pot pie I have ever ordered. Beforehand we even went to Dollarama to make sure I got my fill of Canadian snacks. Still not sure how I feel about Dill & Pickle chips to be honest … Anyway, I hope we can somehow manage to all get together again when I return in October/November!

Wednesday – Pastry Crawl/Art Gallery of Ontario

While I didn’t book my room for Toronto with Airbnb, I still checked their page for so called “experiences”. It’s a fairly new feature and not yet available in all cities, but I was lucky and found the pastry crawl! Mackenzie, our host, was a super knowledgeable guy, showing us most awesome spots in the Queen West area. Since there was only one other person with me on the tour, it felt like such an intimate experience and like I just met up with old friends to talk and eat sweets. I don’t want to give away Mackenzie’s entire tour, but here are some impressions: (the pastry crawl is Wednesdays from 3.30 until around 6-ish)

Afterwards I was pretty beat, but from 6-9 (also only on Wednesdays) the Art Gallery of Ontario can be visited for free and I couldn’t pass up that chance. It was fun to just walk around everywhere, but I think my favourite part was the contemporary exhibit (even though some of that stuff is what nightmares are made of).

Thursday/Friday – Relaxing and Laundry

It was rainy, it was cold, I was tired – I didn’t do much. I think I walked to the Lakeview Restaurant, because it was one of the places I wanted to check out and the staff was absolutely lovely. Also, I did my laundry, because despite having basically my entire wardrobe with me, it’s not enough clothes to last me more than 2 weeks.

Saturday – Casa Loma

Everyone told me Casa Loma was one of the main tourist attractions in Toronto and I can attest to that, because it was packed! I have troubles keeping the days straight in my head, so I didn’t intentionally mean to visit it on the weekend, which could have been part of the problem, but there was also a wedding there and just so many people. I seemed to have gotten in at a decent time though, because I only had to wait like 5 minutes to get a ticket, while there was a line halfway around the parking lot when I left the building.

The history of the place was very interesting and it gave me the strangest sensation of being back home. While the interior and the furniture weren’t exactly the same style, the general look of things reminded me of some of the royal residences I had seen back home, just on a much smaller scale.

There was this one part where you could go up an extremely narrow staircase to get to the top of the towers. There was only one way up and down, which created a massive delay once a little child tried to go down and took forever to do so. When my group finally got to go up, I took like three steps, freaked out and then had to excuse myself and go back down again. I am really not the best with dealing with heights and I saw myself freaking out on the way down from the top and I didn’t want to be stuck in the middle of a group of people, terrified to move. So, I was angry with myself, but I left that tower, just to get to the other one (which I didn’t realise even existed) and there was absolutely NO ONE. I got to take my time, fight my demons and go up there. The view was nice, but I am not sure it was worth the thunder in my heart.

Sunday – Downtown Toronto (one last time)

I knew I had to pack and since my suitcase was pure chaos, I also knew it would take some time, but I still wanted to just go and walk around one last time. I went to the Metropolitan United Church, which serves as the backdrop for the Shadowhunter Institute on the TV show. I simply could not leave without going to at least one filming location I would actually recognise as such.

Monday – Off to Ottawa I Go

I opted to go to Ottawa by bus, but since I wasn’t quite sure how to get to the Greyhound Station, I left excessively early. I met some great people on the way, who were super helpful with public transport and just generally nice to talk to. I am always a little flabbergasted when people call me wise and/or brave for what I am doing, but it also kind of validates me in what I am doing. Now I am here and I am taking it slow.

How was your week? What all were you up to?