Trailers You Might Have Missed … (June 12-18)

It’s been both, a quiet yet exciting week for me. I am a little tired of the constant travelling, so I am taking things slow now that I am in a location I intend to stay for a while. It seems to not have been equally as quiet on the trailer front though. Here’s what I found!


Goodbye Christopher Robin

If this is anything like Finding Neverland, I am going to cry buckets.


I don’t think I have seen the original version of this and therefore I have like no opinion on whether this is better or worse, but why does Hollywood have to do a remake for everything?

Home Again

I am still madly in love with all three 20-something guys in this movie. And I am okay with Reese’s character having whatever relationship it is with them, because I see that with reversed genders all the time, so bring it on.

Olaf’s Frozen Adventure

Olaf is SO cute!

Daddy’s Home 2

How on earth did this get a sequel??


John Boyega is killing it in whatever he is in. I got anxious for him just watching this trailer.

Some Freaks

I could see this being really powerful, because some people are straight nasty if someone doesn’t fit into their little box of how the world is supposed to be.

Tour de Pharmacy

That’s not really my kind of humour I am afraid.


I don’t think I want to watch this but …

Seven Sisters

It starts like some sort of documentary voice over and then it turns completely dystopian!


The music is OUT OF THIS WORLD! Also, I still believe Okja looks like a hippo with floppy ears.

Happy Death Day

It’s like a weird/creepy version of Before I Fall?

Nobody Speak

I don’t understand why such a huge junk of it is about Hulk Hogan and then it becomes really political and about freedom of speech? Like the balance of the story is weird?

TV Shows

Friends from College

I might watch this.

The Night Shift (Season 4)

I haven’t watched the show in such a long time, but it looks very dramatic.

What are you watching? Do you like any of the things here?