Kat’s Adventure: Vancouver – Life’s a Beach

I’ve missed this week’s log, because I wasn’t really sure what to post. I have FINALLY made it to Vancouver and that’s where I drew the line on doing all the tourist-y stuff. I’ve been on the go for more than a month now and it’s just become really tiring. People are lovely and keep suggesting all the things I could do, but I need a break and I have several months here, so there really is no rush on seeing it all.

So, instead I explored the area, tried to find restaurants I could see myself going to on a regular basis and I even found a room with two UBC college students I could rent for July and August! You simply cannot imagine how happy I am about being able to unpack my suitcase and just leave my stuff lying around for a while. It has been so much fun seeing all these different cities but I am more than ready to settle down.

One of the things I love the most about Vancouver is how it has everything you could possibly need. The mountains are glorious, the trees are lush and deeply green and the ocean creates lovely beaches all around the city. And that’s it, Vancouver is a really big city. There is loads to do in the bustling downtown area, but at the same time you can go adventuring in the nature as well.

I have no idea if any of you know my grand master plan for my stay here, but it basically includes me wanting to find all the filming locations and getting to know some of the crew members (see how I didn’t say cast? I am trying to be professional over here). If you constantly show up in the same area and meet the same people, you inevitably end up talking at some point. My hope is that I can somehow find a way into the film and TV industry here in Vancouver and possibly return with a work visa in the next year. So far I have found two filming sets (which is really rather easy), but getting a word out is a different story.

Anyway, here are some impressions of Vancouver so far!

How have you all been? Let’s talk!