Trailers You Might Have Missed … (June 26 – July 2)

It’s been a slow week, mostly with me trying to get rid of this stupid cold I’ve been carrying around since the last hostel. Anyway, here are trailers! Trailers always make things better!


Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Sooo … I am a HUGE Jumanji fan. I’ve seen the movie countless times, I never miss it when it’s on TV and even though I feel like it should have scared me, I was just always fascinated by it instead … THIS is not the Jumanji I know … but … (ugh it hurts to admit this) … it looks like SO much fun. KAREN GILLAN IS KILLING IT!

The Greatest Showman

At first this totally gave me The Prestige vibes, but then it got way more uplifting. I want to see this! Everything circus is my jam.

My Little Pony: The Movie

I guess this is happening.

A Bad Moms Christmas

How do these movies keep getting sequels? Didn’t we just talk about this last week?


I’d watch almost anything with Haley.


Look at Andrew Garfield being amazing again.


I want this movie in my life! But I am really not into the fact that the title is a racial slur and I am going to have to say it whenever I am talking about the movie.

Ingrid Goes West

Weirdly, this makes more sense to me than the first trailer did.

The Last Face

I think this is Charlize’s actual real life accent that she never gets to use.

The Foreigner

I haven’t seen a Jackie Chan movie in such a long time.

Death Note

We already talked about the issues I have with the casting, so let’s not do this again.

Daughters of Destiny

Documentary of the week.

TV Shows

Marvel’s Inhumans

Uhm … how did I not know Iwan Rheon was in this? Have I been living under a rock?

Insecure (Season 2)

Still haven’t watched the first season, ooops.

What are you watching? What was your latest binge?

23 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (June 26 – July 2)

  1. What I liked about the “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” trailer is that it reverses the concept of Jumanjii and updates it at the same time. But the problem I have is that, if they’re going to do that, why not do it in an original film? It would be good to see it compared to “Jumanji” as a spiritual successor or companion piece, but instead it’s a straight-up remake, and I don’t get why that has to be the case.


    • I agree on so many levels. I also think this would have been fine as a movie with the same spirit as Jumanji but disassociated from the actual franchise. Anyway, this isn’t really a remake, it is supposed to be a sequel.

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  2. Oh I wish you better!! I adored Jumanji!! I used to rewatch it all the time too. You’re right this is nothing like I remember- but you’re right it looks fun!! And I have to admit the trailer made me giggle! Ah yes Greatest Showman gave me the Prestige vibes at first too- but you’re right- this looks like something that’ll be such a feel good movie! Ughh I will never understand this Sequel-for-meh/bad-movie phenomenon!! Breathe made me tear up just from the trailer! I didn’t know that term before- but I am really reluctant to use it- even to say I want to watch this movie!!

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  3. Thoughts:
    1. Jumanji: AAAAAAAAAAH! It looks so good!
    2. The Greatest Showman: I’d definitely consider seeing it.
    3. MLP The Movie: Will not even consider watching the trailer.
    4. Columbus: I thought it was about my hometown. Waah!
    5. Breathe: I think I will see this.
    6. Death Note: Yeah, it has casting issues, but I think it looks so cool!
    7. Inhumans: Um…yes please.

    I also saw a trailer for a horror film called Polaroid this week, which I don’t think is new but I’d like to see it (though hoow did they convince the owners of the Polaroid name to let them use it for their film?). And I saw the trailer for Cult of Chucky, which is the millionth film in the Chucky series (honestly, I wasn’t even a fan of the first film).


  4. I really want to watch Gook. I’ve followed David so for a while on Youtube and he talked about the filming process alot when he’s been on Just Kidding Films so definitely want to give that a watch. Definitely want to also watch Jumanji, love Kevin Hart so much.

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  5. I’m definitely excited about Jumanji because I loooove that movie, but I feel it’s a bit too modernized as a video game. It’s like they did a modern remake because the original wasn’t cool enough (what a lie). I feel like it won’t be anywhere as good as the original, but I mean, I want to watch it because it’s JUMANJI! (I’m disappointed with the cast of Death Note too, but I might watch it because I’ve always loved DN. Or at least try. Wasn’t there a live action a few years ago?)

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    • I think this version of Jumanji is supposed to be a sequel and there’s even references to the old one in there. Maybe they’ll explain why it is a video game now? Who knows. I do believe it looks like a lot of fun, it just doesn’t have the Jumanji feel it’s supposed to have.

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