777 Challenge

I just got tagged for the 777 Challenge by Michelle @The Writing Hufflepuff and I am so grateful she did! Currently, I am really trying to get back into the writing game, because I have so much time and can finally give Arcadia the attention it deserves. So, what is it I actually have to do for the challenge? Very simple – share seven lines from the seventh page of my WIP!

  1. The neon sign was still turned off, blinds were down to keep anyone from looking inside and most noticeably the door was locked, no matter how much Kasia rattled at it.
  2. “Never seen a woman in crisis over not being able to see her psychic?”
  3. “If you have to be so petty about it, then at least be precise.”
  4. “I owe you nothing.”
  5. When she tried to touch the stone, her hand instantly snapped back.
  6. “You opened up this realm of possibilities and now you expect me to just go on my merry way?”
  7. “I am sorry, but I wasn’t the one who did this to you.”

So, that’s it! I hope it makes you more curious about my work if you haven’t checked it out yet (you can do so HERE). Now it’s time for some others to try this challenge, but please don’t feel obliged or pressured!