All About My Shows Tag!

You all know how thoroughly obsessed I am with TV shows, so when I saw this tag created by Nyx (Marie’s lovely sister) @Drizzle and Hurricane Books I simply had to try it! I hope you’ll enjoy hearing some more about my TV show life *cough* as if I didn’t talk about it enough already *cough*

1. First TV show you ever watched

Okay, so I honestly don’t know the answer to that. I am sure it was some sort of cartoon, but I simply cannot remember. As an alternative answer, I am offering you the first live action show that I was extremely passionate and fangirl-y about – The Tribe!

For those of you who’ve never heard about it, it’s a dystopian show where all adults have died because of a vicious virus and now the kids and teens have to survive somehow. Tribes are formed, everyone has really crazy make up and there’s the usual love-triangle-drama and stuff. Not sure it was the most appropriate show for 7 year-old me but I was in love with it nonetheless.

2. All-time favorite TV show

I underestimated how difficult it would be to pick just one for each of the categories … well, I suppose if you would twist my arm, I’d say Veronica Mars. That girl was my hero growing up and her love story with Logan is so epic and then there’s, of course, the fact that she is just extremely badass.

3. Your character crush

Hmmm … I think I am going for Cassandra Cillian from The Librarians here. She’s basically a mathemagician, so she’s into math and magic – that’s High School me. Also, I love how casually they throw her bisexuality into the mix. Smart, badass, gorgeous woman who makes mistakes and redeems herself to become a powerful magician – what’s not to like?


4. Favorite OTP

Ugh, these questions are not getting any easier and I’ve used up so many potential answers already (because silly me doesn’t want to repeat herself). I am digging deep in the nostalgic area of my brain right now and I’ll say Phoebe and Cole from Charmed. I was all over that back in the day! (Although Piper and Leo have a way healthier relationship of course!)

5. Most disappointing ending or cancellation

There’s quite a lot of those out there. I am pretty sure that I am just plain pissed when something ends or gets cancelled about 80% of the time? Maybe even more … I am seriously not ruling it out to be more. Anyway, I will never quite get over how Dollhouse ended. I was devastated and I just knew they rushed things because they knew they were getting cancelled. It was oddly fitting but at the same time … whyyy? You know?

6. A show you would like to be on

All the shows? Uhm … I don’t know!? I would really, really like to work on Wynonna Earp. But it could just be a phase, I never have particularly good reasons for being into shows. Anyway, it looks super fun from the BTS photos and videos I’ve seen.

7. A character you would love to take out on a date

So, I have a huge crush on Josh from Younger, especially in the later seasons. At this point I have no idea if I am into Josh or just Nico Tortorella in general. Either way I am pretty sure a date with him would be loads of fun!

8. A popular TV show you can’t stand

I am sorry but I am really not into Breaking Bad. I tried it, but it’s just not for me. I don’t hate it or anything, but I could never muster up that love that so many others seem to have developed for it.

9. A scene that made you cry like a baby

It’s super difficult to pick something that’s not a spoiler for something. So, bear with me. There are quite a lot of scenes in Doctor Who that have me balling my eyes out, but when Eleven says “I’ve seen things you wouldn’t believe, I’ve lost things you will never understand…” I am always getting emotional, remembering past and future seasons’ heartbreak in my head. There are other scenes that have me way more sad, but again, SPOILERS!

10. A character with a killer wardrobe

Doctor Who’s very own Clara Oswald without a doubt. I fancy that girl so much. I always felt like she was the companion most like me, just with the confidence turned WAY UP. I know that she got on a lot of people’s nerves, but I always admired her. She’s bossy and passionate and quirky and I’d raid her closet any day.

So, that’s it from me, now I tag thee!

21 thoughts on “All About My Shows Tag!

  1. Oh I’m SO happy you did this tag, Kat, thank you! ❤ I always love it when you talk about TV shows ahah 🙂 Veronica Mars was such a great show, I loved it so much. Veronica is one of the best characters ever invented for sure, and her epic relationship with Logan… my heart. I want to re-watch it so badly now.
    And it's funny you should mention Phoebe and Cole…. I HATED Cole with all of my heart ahah, but I have to admit that they had such a complex and strong relationship as well. Piper and Leo had such a healthier relationship though, I liked them more ahah 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • V Mars foreeeeever!!! I have the DVD box set at home and will forever cherish it.
      Hahaha really? I loved Cole, but that’s probably because I pretended to be Phoebe ALL the time. My friends and I would always pretend to be Halliwell sisters, but Phoebe was so useless, because her powers weren’t really visible, so no one ever wanted to be her hahaha I didn’t like Piper in the beginning, but as soon as she stepped up and became the oldest sister, I adored her. Let’s face it though, my favorite male character will forever be Chris.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hahhaa – I really feel like Phoebe is an underrated character in the show because her powers are just less obvious and “strong”, and it always made me sad because she is such a strong and awesome character 😀
        YES, Chris. Oh I want to re-watch everything now. Btw, wasn’t there a rumor of a revival of some kind?!

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      • Phoebe was my heroine! I just ALWAYS wanted to be her, because she is emotionally so strong and I know that they all had their hardships, but I often felt like they were really messing with her the most. The worst for me was when she lost that baby and she was more relieved than sad because it was all so messed up.

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      • OH yes, I remember that moment, I felt so sad for her. She definitely had such a hard time with everything, poor Phoebe 😦 I just loved how she evolved, from season 1 to the last season, going back to study, finding work in that journal and everything else!

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  2. Yaaaay, so happy you did this tag! I was so curious to see all your answers 😁😁 OMG, yes to Veronica Mars, you made me want to re-watch the whole thing!!! 😁 Cole? Why? Why? Why? Hahaha! But I guess I see your point! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha I saw that you created that tag (a little late, but better that than never) and I felt like you created it just for me ❤
      You and Marie have similar views on Cole I see hahaha I never knew my view of him was so controversial/unpopular

      Liked by 1 person

      • If you’re not already watching Younger with Marie, I think you’d really like that one. I am not sure Dollhouse and/or Wynonna Earp are for you. They can get pretty dark sometimes, although they still are funny. I just feel ashamed I never mentioned Brooklyn Nine-Nine in that post, because that show is EVERYTHING!

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  3. Yes, Veronica Mars! I don’t even know how many times I’ve watched that series all the way through. It’s a lot. Glad to find someone else who likes The Librarians. It’s such a weird show. But Cassandra is definitely one of my favorites. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have the Veronica Mars DVD box set and I watch it all the time. It’s one of those shows that just never bores me.
      Yay for the Librarians. I feel like not a lot of people watch them. I also really like Ezekiel.

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  4. Tribe sounds so cool- they didn’t have that (as far as I’m aware) in the UK growing up- I feel like I missed out! I’m the same about shows getting cancelled- it’s the worst!! I’m the same about Breaking Bad- I could actually see why people liked that one and I didn’t hate it, I just didn’t love it either and I had no desire to watch hours upon hours of someone with cancer drug dealing… which kind of defeats the object of the show, so I stopped when I realised that at the end of season 1. And Clara did have an awesome wardrobe!

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    Anyway thank you for the tag hahaha. This is such a fun one 😀 I also am in love with Clara’s wardrobe. She and Bill have the best wardrobes on the show in my opinion, but Clara’s clothing style fits me more so I love hers more haha.

    So much people hate on Clara and I don’t really know why? I loved her.

    Also I never finished Dollhouse and now I’m not so sure if I’ll ever pick it up again now that I know there’s a big chance I’ll hate the ending haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am sorry. I know it’s painful, but that was the task for that question after all hahaha
      Clara rules!!! She’s my idol and in terms of fashion, I once wore my own clothes to ComicCon and people thought I was dressed as Clara. That just proves how alike our style is/was.
      Did you ever get to the epitaph episode of Dollhouse in season 1?

      Liked by 1 person

      • That’s very true haha
        Omg that’s so cool! You cosplayed without even realising it haha
        Well I did finish Dollhouse season 1 years ago so I must have, just don’t remember it 😂

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