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I saw this over on Michelle @The Writing Hufflepuff’s blog and it just looked like so much fun that I totally stole the Writer’s Tag and did it myself. I hope you guys enjoy!

What genres, styles, and topics do you write about?

I feel like most writers get the advice to write about the things they know and I constantly disregard that. I just write about whatever comes to me and I can’t really say I’ve found myself in many of these situations. In terms of genre I dabble in contemporary, fantasy and even a little bit of sci-fi (considering the last 3 projects I started). Fantabulism and fantasy in general is my one true love though.

How long have you been writing?

Ever since I learned how to write? In grade school I had to read my stories out loud in front of the class and my teachers always told me that I was so creative. I never really wrote with any sort of regularity, but I did always come back to making up stories and showing them to my friends. Most of them were rubbish in hindsight, but I was proud of them back then and my friends seemed to like them, so I think that encouraged me.

Why do you write?

I loved Michelle’s answers for this question! I agree with all her reasons, but I think for me it is mostly because I HAVE to. There are these stories in my head and my thoughts just keep coming back to it on and on and on. If I don’t write them down, they’ll most likely haunt me forever.

When is the best time to write?

Whenever I am not exhausted and feel inspired/motivated. As soon as my brain feels tired or foggy, there is just no can do. If I am awake and ready, the time of the day doesn’t matter.

What parts of writing do you love and hate?


  • The feeling when you can let your characters say all the things you can never get out in real life.
  • When the characters start to develop their own life and choices and even as the author, you have no way of changing their decisions now.
  • Days when the words just keep spilling out and it feels like the most effortless and beautiful thing to do.


  • When you discover a massive plot hole that you don’t know how to fix, now or ever.
  • General staring at the page for hours, because words refuse to come to you.
  • That dilemma when you want something to happen, but it doesn’t serve the story/character but you still have to write the alternative.
  • The worst for me are the days where I know exactly what I want to happen in the scene/chapter but my brain does not compute and I can’t think about anything else, but unfortunately words still don’t transfer from my head to my laptop.

How do you overcome writer’s block?

Believe me, if I knew, my projects would be done way sooner. I just don’t write until I write again.

Are you working on something at the moment?

ARCADIA! My passion project, my baby, my super annoying non-obedient brainchild! I wish I could eloquently explain what it is about, but for some reason, I am really bad at doing that. So, bear with me!

It’s about a girl who’s boyfriend got kidnapped by magical creatures and now they have to find their way back to each other. That’s it … in short. Please, just read it by clicking here! There is nothing I love more than reading reactions/comments on the story. It makes my day all the time and quite honestly is the best way to keep me motivated to write more.

What are your writing goals this year?

Finish Arcadia and preferably also start editing it. I love this story, but I just feel like it needs to get done this year. I’ve been carrying it with me for a little bit too long now.


Whoever of my lovely writing friends wants to do this!

25 thoughts on “The Writer’s Tag

  1. Everyone always seemed to love my writing in school too. I never thought much of my stories but compared to some other people’s I realized how creative I actually was and it pushed me to realize that writing was truly the thing for me. I love your answer for why you write. I’m kind of the same. I have so many stories in my brain that just need to be let out.

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  2. OH love this post and your answers here, Kat, I can relate to this A LOT. I’m with you on the stories that haunt you forever – probably why I’m still writing my 2015 story, otherwise it just haunts me haha. Same for plot holes and the dreaded writing block. Both make me feel crazy, I hate it so much.

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    • Yeah, I had a couple stories that just really needed to get out there. The Break Up Buddy especially was something that was stuck in my head. It’s mostly because I cast my characters so early on that they haunt me in my dreams. And then there are certain scenes that just keep repeating in my head. It can be a nightmare hahaha


  3. Ooo, those effortless writing days were the best. I had one yesterday and wrote like 8k words in one sitting (but today I’m sitting at my laptop and I’ve written like, 200 words in the last hour). And it’s funny: we’re opposites when it comes to the best writing time. If I’m up and running I find it really hard to write because I’m thinking of all the other things I need to do, but if I write in the mornings before school/work (so, at like 5:15AM) or late at night I fly through it.


    • We aren’t that different. I didn’t say I could not write in the morning or until late at night. I just have to be alert to do it. If I am half asleep, I’ll have to rewrite the whole thing the next day. haha

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  4. This was so much fun to read Kat! I especially love your answer for whyyou write. Story ideas coming to haunt you is a very good reason 😂 It’s like the Ghost of Stories Past, Present and Future hahaha (all us writers are actually Scrooge) I definitely relate to knowing what you want to happen next but your brain just… won’t work with you. Rude

    I hope you’ll be able to finish Arcadia this year, but don’t pressure yourself too much!! ❤

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  5. hehehe yes there is no way any fantasy writer can write what they know 😉 hehehe yes all the best writers write because they HAVE to (in my opinion 😉 ) And I *love* when characters start doing things on their own. A bit random, but I have a character who “came out” as gay halfway through a book and I hadn’t planned it (it was a bit of an “ohhh” moment lol) AND I’M SO LOOKING FORWARD TO MORE ARCADIA IT’S UNREAL!!!

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