Trailers You Might Have Missed … (July 24-30)

After the shear amount of trailers from SDCC last week, this one is really low-key in comparison. My week was filled with so many ups and downs, I can handle a bit of calm. So, let’s see what we’ve got!


Brad’s Status

This actually turned out pretty cute.

The Star

Hmmm … I can’t see this being big.

Chronically Metropolitan

Maybe on a rainy Sunday.

Marjorie Prime

Hmmm … has a creepy feel to it. Jon Hamm definitely looks amazing.


Matt Damon looks so creepy here.


Not interested.


Message from the King

Black Panther is getting some exposure!

The Incredible Jessica James

I watched it like two days ago and it’s really good! Nothing actually happens, but you still feel good coming out of it.


Documentary of the week.

TV Shows

Dirk Genlty’s Holistic Detective Agency (Season 2 Sneak Peek)


Happy (Syfy)

Not super interested.

What are you watching? How are you doing?

16 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (July 24-30)

  1. I can see Star being extremely popular among the American evangelical community. They’ve complained a few times over the years that there aren’t enough Christian movies out there, so if this isn’t too weird or full of dumb or gross humor, this might satisfy them for a while. But among a wider populace, probably not.

    As for what I’m watching these days, quite a bit. I saw this scary movie called Clown on Friday (aka another film Kat won’t see and probably won’t read the review I wrote any time soon). I saw Dunkirk and Titanic yesterday, and I thought they were both brilliant films for each their own reasons. And I’m in Season 2 of Criminal Minds, with a couple of other shows on my Netflix watch list that I hope to check out soon.

    Next weekend I plan to see The Dark Tower, which looks so damn cool. And tonight Teen Wolf season 6B starts, so I’ll watch that tomorrow night with dinner. I’m looking forward to it. Colton Haynes is coming back, and Stiles may or may not be part of the season, so the character dynamics of that should be interesting in and of themselves.

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  2. I’ve seen a lot of praise for Dirk Gently (and just general stuff about it) on Tumblr, but I have no idea what kind of show it is haha (except that there’s a detective element, I know that much but that’s not hard since it’s in the title ๐Ÿ˜‚ Judging by your excitement, I should give it a go though!

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    • I LOOOOOOOOVE Dirk Gently. I ordered stickers and a shirt from redbubble just to show my fandom pride. Sooo … I can’t really tell you what it’s about, but I am the kind of person who can guess plot twists 85% of the time, but out of the 8 episodes in Dirk Gently I didn’t know what was going on in the first 5-6 and it was the best thing ever. You need patience for the show and I would suggest you binge it all. It’s SO good though. (If you end up watching the Rowdy 3 and Amanda are my faves, but Dirk is such a cutie too)

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  3. I saw Valerian on Saturday. I loved the visuals but found the dialogues and acting a bit lacking. Maybe that’s only because it was the german dubbed version. I might check out the OV as well.


    • DON’T! I didn’t like the movie, it was quite a bit boring. I think if this had been before Avatar and Star Wars it might have worked better. But also … Valerian and Laureline look more like siblings than a couple.


  4. Yeah a lot of the trailers this week seem like “maybe on a rainy day”. I can’t see Star being popular… but maybe super christian’s will love it…. well maybe, the dancing pidgeon at the end might be off putting ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    • The Incredible Jessica James (really have to be careful not to write Jones) was great. Be prepared for not much plot, but a good feeling when you come out of the movie. ๐Ÿ™‚


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