July 2017 Wrap-Up

Since I’ve read all of one book during the month of July, I am going to do a little book haul instead of a reading wrap-up. It just makes more sense to me, because then I at least have three books to show.

  • Love Her Wild by Atticus
    LOVED this one. I am just really into poetry lately.
  • Because You Love to Hate Me edited by Ameriie
    A collaborative book written by some great authors and booktubers about VILLAINS! I only read the first short story and it was already disturbing. I like it!
  • Almost Adulting by Arden Rose
    Arden and her boyfriend are some of the very few youtubers outside the bookish community that I watch and the title of the book just intrigued me. It’s non-fiction and since adulting has been a bit challenging lately, I just thought, why not?

Love Her Wild: Poems   Because You Love to Hate Me: 13 Tales of Villainy   Almost Adulting: All You Need to Know to Get It Together (Sort Of)

Click on the covers to get re-directed to Goodreads. There are no reviews this month, but they may be back again next month!

Can you believe that I’ve been in Canada for 2.5 months already? It feels like just a couple weeks to me, but time keeps flying by and a lot has happened. I’ve been visiting sets, I’ve made new friends and generally started to really feel at home here. Of course, there were some downs as well. I won’t go into detail, but there were things that made me angry and frustrated, some things that made me feel lonely and isolated. It’s only normal to go through these phases, but I’d prefer to focus on the positives for now!

I can definitely see how the novelty of having film sets everywhere around town might wear off after a while, but I have literally nothing to do and nowhere to be at any given time. I never get annoyed if a side alley is closed because of filming, I embrace these situations and some of my fondest memories from the past month have been on set.
I am not exactly sure I would like to work on set full time, however, I DO love to hang out there. I used to love to do that back in Vienna s well. Some of the shows I’ve visited are The Flash, Supergirl, Riverdale and Travelers. Although I have no photo proof, I think my favorite set so far was the one for Travelers. We really bonded with the crew on that one and had a lot of fun. We even made it into one of the shots and I hope that someone in post messes up and I end in the final epsiode (which is unlikely). I do have photo proof for others though, namely me meeting Keiynan Lonsdale (Kid Flash and Bram on the upcoming Simon vs. movie), Chyler Leigh and Floriana Lima (aka Sanvers on Supergirl). For the latter, I even got caught by a random photographer working for a BC based website talking about current filming in Vancouver. Those pictures got around on Twitter and Tumblr and I was so shocked. I never expected it, but some of my friends wanted to start a rumor that I would be their new co-star and I am ALL for that! Something like them adopting me and me coming over for a visit from college? I’d be in without a doubt.






How was your month? What have you been up to? 

17 thoughts on “July 2017 Wrap-Up

  1. I wish I got into poetry but most of my association with poetry stems from studying them for most of my school days and they were the most depressing poems I’d even encounter. I think poems in general love to fry my brain. I suck at adulting so Almost adulting would be an ideal book for me haha.

    Has it seriously only been 2.5 months. It seems like you’ve been there longer. I definitely feel like these next couple months will be all positive and happy. I feel like working on set all day everyday is such an intense and demanding position but I’m sure you get plenty of stories from it. You could so pass as the visiting college friend. Let’s make this happen!!!!!

    Hopefully August will be a peaceful and stress free month for you. 😀

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    • Thanks so much, Lois! Especially for letting me vent on Twitter, I REALLY needed that. That was such a shit show …
      Anyway, I know work on set is hard. The PAs told me they had 15-18 hour days with like 6 hours rest inbetween and I just KNOW that I value sleep too much for that. I would like to be an extra though … that would allow me to just hang out on set BUT that would also mean I couldn’t really afford life. It’s tricky. If I come back with a work permit, I will definitely have to figure this out somehow.


  2. I’m sorry to hear about the downs, but I’m also happy to hear that you’re starting to feel at home and making new friends ❤️ OH MY GOSH I WAS ALREADY JEALOUS OF YOU BECAUSE YOU MET CHYLER AND FLORIANA, BUT YOU MET KEIYNAN AS WELL AHHH SO JEALOUS RIGHT NOW I LOVE HIM (but I’m also really excited for you :P) I still absolutely love those pictures of you and Chyler and Floriana. It seriously does look like you’ve known each other for forever and haven’t seen each other in a while haha

    Hoping that the next month will be filled with adventures and just happy vibes ❤️

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    • Michelle, I swear Keiy is like one of the most genuine and nice people out there. He is so sweet and he took the time to talk to people in his break between shots.

      Thanks! I hope August will be good as well 🙂 I am on the hunt for all the sets!

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      • Ahhh I’m so happy to hear that! He really seems that way and he’s such an inspiration, so I’m happy to hear he’s like that 😃

        Haha can’t wait to hear what other sets you’ll visit!

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  3. I feel like you have been in Canada for like, 6 months already??! It’s crazy, it hasn’t been that long ahah, but it’s a good feeling if it starts feeling like home a little bit. I’m so happy you can visit all of these sets and everything. I hope you’ll figure out what you want to do, and if you ever need to rant or brainstorm or anything, I’m always here! ❤ ❤ Hoping August will be great and positive! ❤ ❤

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  4. You are in the midst of so many shows I love! I remember stumbling upon a Gossip Girl shoot after dropping my daughter off at a class at Lincoln Center (NYC). It is really fun to be behind the scenes like that, but one of my sorority sisters lives in Williamsburg, and she has to constantly try to find a spot for her car and be inconvenienced, so I get that too. Fun pics!

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    • Sanvers filmed a scene with an ice cream truck and the crew constantly went to get ice cream. We watched them eat it adn it was so hot, we tried to get some too as soon as they were done filming but they wouldn’t let us! I had already given up on meeting Sanvers, I just wanted ice cream, but because we hung out at the truck, the other fans followed us and that’s why Sanvers came back and took pics with us all. We were so fortunate 😀
      Where can I sign? I’d be up for that role without a doubt hahaha

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