Almost Adulting by Arden Rose (Book Review)

Publisher: Harper Collins
Page Count
: 208

I haven’t done a book review in quite a while, so it’s been a bit of a surprise to myself that I practically flew through this one. Arden Rose is one of the few YouTubers outside of Buzzfeed and booktube that I watch on a regular basis – you can visit her channel here. There is this trend where everyone on Youtube seems to currently either write a book or already have one in stores. Mostly I am not curious about them at all, but I’ve faced some challenges lately and I had to deal with them myself. Adulting is difficult and it’s something I doubt anyone really ever has down, so I suddenly became curious and there I was – book in hand and flying through every single page.

I want to say that, despite my mediocre rating, I like this book a lot. It felt like a conversation, a friend telling you a story. Arden’s style of writing is very direct and while I could see some people having a problem with her choice of language sometimes, however, I didn’t really mind it that much. It’s how people talk and that’s just the way I read it. BUT I don’t think this book is what it advertised to be.

While I learned a lot about Arden, her parents, her journey to discovering her sexuality and body, her adorable boyfriend Will (love his videos too, click here to get to his channel) and how she handled living by herself, this read much more like an autobiography than a book that’s supposed to help you to adult. Don’t get me wrong, I get that Arden used her own experiences as an example only and I could see that she tried to turn her sample situations into a more general life hack, but it still felt very tailored to her only. She had some great points and I agreed with her stand on things a lot, but I didn’t really find anything new in it. Maybe I am just too old, maybe I’ve been adulting for far longer than I realised and that’s why the advice parts didn’t resonate with me as much – everything’s possible! To me, it just seemed like there were very detailed accounts of her life and then far too short and generalised portions for everyone else.

Nonetheless, as I said before, I really enjoyed the book. I had fun reading it and I was done with it in record time. The illustrations are quirky and cute and the topics relatable. If you are a fan of Arden (or Will for that matter), I’d definitely think you would enjoy this book as well. As for me, I still have no idea what I am doing, but apparently, so has nobody else.

Fazit: 3.5/5 stars! While I really liked the book, it’s just not exactly what they advertised.

Do you watch Arden’s YouTube videos? Are you as exhausted by adulting as me?