Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Aug 21-27)

Once again, I had a really busy week. Time just keeps flying by and in a couple days I will move out of my current home and move to another part of town for my remaining time in Vancouver. It never gets boring here! Life just won’t allow it. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the trailers you came here for!


Last Flag Flying

This will be emotional.

Blade Runner 2049

I am actually excited!

England Is Mine

I barely recognised Lady Sybil in this.


Somehow I just always expect Scott to be in … artistically more valuable movies. But then his own father won’t even cast him …

Little Evil

I don’t like it. Not even when it’s not a real horror but horror parody, I just can’t …

TV Shows

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (Season 2)


Shannara Chronicles (Season 2)

FINALLY! (and that Amberle bit just broke my heart all over again)

The Good Place (Season 2)

I LOVED Season 1. The Satre-twist in the end was brilliant and I cannot wait where they’ll go from there on out.

Lucifer (Season 3)

I can’t see Lucifer actually showing Chloe. Something will interrupt that from happening.

The Alienist

I mainly just put this here because I am proud of Daniel Brühl in really making it in the English language TV and film market. Go him!

Jack Whitehall: Travels with my father

I really like Jack and his dad. They are so hilarious, I watch their talk show as often as I can.

How was your week? Just fyi, I watched Netflix’ Death Note and I CANNOT recommend it with a clear conscience

9 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Aug 21-27)

  1. Thanks for these, Kat.
    Why would you remake ‘Blade Runner’? They got it right the first time.
    I enjoyed the book ‘The Alienist’ years ago. I have a good feeling about the tv show. 🙂
    Too bad about ‘Deathnote’. I really liked the season 1 anime. 😦


    • It’s not so much a remake of Blade Runner but a sequel. I don’t know the why behind it, but Ford was into it, so I am feeling not too bad about it.
      The Death Note movie was terrible. Just really, really bad.

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  2. Thoughts:
    1.Blade Runner 2049: Didn’t care for the original movie or for the novel it’s based on. Probably won’t even notice it go through theaters.
    2. Overdrive: Scott Eastwood is trying so hard to be this big star, but…well, he tries. I remember him in Fate of the Furious, and i’m like, “This is who they’re trying to replace Paul Walker with? He’s barely discount Walker.” Still, it looks like fun. I might see it when it comes out.
    3. Little Evil; I’ve seen this kind of movie before, both as serious horror and horror-comedy. No thanks, I’m good.
    4. Lucifer: Yeah, it’s going to be a while before Chloe gets clued into Lucifer’s true nature. Still, it’s fun to watch.

    Also, what did you think of that trailer for Monster Island?


    • I just like the look of the new Blade Runner and I have to admit that I still haven’t watched the Fate of the the Furious movie. I just don’t understand why there are more movies still.
      The Monster island trailer kind of flew over my head because the animation didn’t speak to me. I am just really not into the animated stuff lately.

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      • Considering they’re putting out emoji and animal cracker-based movies and that’s supposed to be the height of animation, I’m not surprised.
        Thank God for anime. At least with that medium there’s some risk-taking and creativity.

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