The Emperor’s New Clothes Tag

The Orang-utan Librarian sure is keeping me busy with tags, this time with an original creation called The Emperor’s New Clothes Tag. Let’s get right to it!

“YOUR MAJESTY, THIS IS A MAGIC SUIT” – An overhyped book that promised to be *something more*

A Shadow Bright and Burning (Kingdom on Fire, #1)It’s not so much that I don’t like the book, but I just expected MORE from A Shadow Bright and Burning. Maybe I was blinded by the cover, maybe I just had completely wrong expectations to begin with, but in the end it all comes down to the book lacking in some way. It’s not terrible at all, it could have been better is all I am trying to say.

“SOMEBODY SEND FOR THE QUEEN” – A love interest that wasn’t called for

Seriously, any book that has three guys or girls fawning over the the main character is just way too much. I’ve seen that happen once in real life and the person didn’t actively have to worry and chose one of them, because they were oblivious to the crushes. Anyway, back to the question, I will forever refuse to acknowledge Gale as a valid love interest in the Hunger Games series. Team Gale is a myth when it comes to the books!

“THE DOUBLET IS A LOVELY SHADE OF GREEN” – A book that seduced you with its cover (that you ended up disliking)

Love Letters to the DeadI hate it so much when this happens and the unfortunate thing is that it DOES keep happening. One of the most memorable to me was Love Letters to the Dead. I was really in love with it, but it did not hold up one bit. It felt like a genderswapped version of The Perks of being a Wallflower and since I didn’t love that book either, it just wasn’t for me.

“SUMMON THE COURT TO CONVENE” – A book where you were swayed by public opinion

I am going to have to go with the same answer as the Orang-utan Librarian here, because I used to love Twilight when I was young. I won’t ever deny that (#nobookshame!) but over time and with the franchise growing so immensely, I just kind of started to resent it more and more. I totally get it when people ridicule the books now, but at the same time I am sad that it has taken the joy out of it completely.

“LOOK AT THE THE KING! LOOK AT THE KING, THE KING, THE KING!” – A stark raving mad book that just boggles the mind

Sleeping Giants (Themis Files, #1)Mind boggling and crazy can be a good thing, right? So, I am going to go with Sleeping Giants, because it was insane in that quiet, dark and twisted way.

“IT’S ALTOGETHER THE VERY LEAST THE KING HAS EVER WORN” – A tropey get up you’ve seen before that probably needs redressing (aka a trope you’re bored with seeing)

That one will forever go to the absentee parents/guardians, because while I do understand that not all parents pay attention to their kids even when they should, it’s ridiculous how lacking they are in literature sometimes. Again, not saying they have to be good parents or anything like that, but when I was little I legit thought that the only way to go on an adventure is when you are an orphan.

“SUMMON THE COURT PHYSICIAN! CALL AN INTERMISSION!” – A book that needs medical attention aka a rewrite

Anne & HenryAnne & Henry is a modern day teenaged retelling of Anne Boleyn and King Henry VIII. When I first heard that, I was all over it, but I had hoped for so much more. The stakes just weren’t high enough, which made everything seem pointless and ridiculous.

“IT’S ALTOGETHER THE VERY LEAST THE KING HAS EVER WORN” –  There’s no hiding for this one: a book that is just nakedly bad

The HomecomingWhen you read a book, finish it and are still not sure what happened during the key event of the story, you just know it’s bad. That happened with the Homecoming for me.

BONUS: “HIS MAJESTY IS WIDE OPEN TO RIDICULE AND SCORN”- Something (anything) that astounds you with its popularity

I can’t really think of anything, but I want to keep the question in for the people that I tag … Okay, I know something. Avocados! I do not understand where their sudden popularity came from and I don’t like their taste.


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27 thoughts on “The Emperor’s New Clothes Tag

  1. Gotta love tags 😀
    I love the cover of A Shadow Bright and Burning!! Too bad it missed this X factor to make it brilliant for you!
    ” absentee parents/guardians,” Oh my, this is so wrong! Most families, well-functioning or not, need to be portrayed and I’m sick of reading reviews complaining about authors completely erasing all traces of parents!

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  2. I don’t like avocados either! Well, I’ve already eaten some of these and I guess they’re not too terrible, but I’m not such a fan either and I don’t get the…well, I want to say, hype, there, haha. And same same saaaaaaaaaaaaaame about Gale. There is just NO Team Gale at all in the books.
    Great answers, Kat, this was a fun tag 🙂

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  3. Yay- I’m so glad you did this!! I’ve heard that quite a bit about a shadow bright and burning. hahaha so true about Gale!!! My sister literally said, she only shipped it cos the guy they cast in the movie is better looking- considering she read the books first, that’s not a valid reason!! hehehe you’re so right about Twilight- I used to get something out of the first book at least- but now the *sparkly vampire* alarm bells ring the second that I even look at that book, so I can’t even enjoy it for what it is anymore, which is a shame. hehehe yes it can be a good thing! I’m glad that’s mind boggling in a good way, cos I want to read it! hehe I get what you mean about absentee parents! Wow Anne and Henry sounds weird! hehehehe I love that you picked avocados as the thing you don’t get why it’s popular- but I have to admit to loving them and honestly, where would we be without guacamole!? 😉

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    • Really? But Gale wasn’t even really in the books and while she may have had a crush on him at some point, I just never really felt like he was a viable option. But different opinions are good, that’s what makes it fun!


  5. I went into A Shadow Bright and Burning with really low expectations after having heard people say they were disappointed, so I was very much pleasantly surprised and ended up giving it four stars. It just goes to show how hype (either way) can really affect your reading experience of a book.

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    • I don’t know. I was just disappointed with the bluntness of it. Special girl, a gazillion love prospects and they only ever referenced her skin color when they wanted to say whether the color of a dress suited her or not. I was fascinated by the villains though.

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  6. Ohhh this is such a cool tag, I love the questions! Thanks for tagging me Kat 😀 I hate when covers lure you in with their prettiness and then the story itself doesn’t live up to the beauty of the cover. I don’t want to be lured in anymore, but if the story sounds good and the cover is gorgeous, how can I resist?

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