Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Sept 11-17)

I feel like I’ve barely been home during this past week, which is not a bad thing in itself, it just means that I am constantly tired. Anyway, we are here to talk about trailers, so trailers you shall get!



I can’t believe that they’re playing Bittersweet Symphony in the background, that brings back so many memories.


I still think this looks awesome, I just want to know what the problem with downsizing is … because there has to be one?

The Disaster Artist

It’s ridiculous how much I actually want to watch this.

The Child in Time

This is going to be devastating.

All the Money in the World

What’s up with the abducting of children?

The Shape of Water

I want to watch this so bad!

Red Sparrow

I am usually kinda of into spy stuff, but this hasn’t peaked my interest.

The Commuter

Looks very on brand for Liam Neeson.

Our Souls at Night

Could be nice.

Kingdom of Us

Documentary of the week.

Fifty Shades Freed

I can’t believe this is still a thing.

TV Shows

Fuller House (Season 3)

I am actually really looking forward to this!

This is Us (Season 2)

It’s gonna be so many emotions again.

Jane the Virgin (Season 4)

Uhm … I stopped watching after a certain event last season. Sorry?

Lethal Weapon (Season 2)

Didn’t think this would last.

Supernatural (Season 13)

To everyone’s surprise … I am going to watch this season … for reasons?

Riverdale (Season 2)

It’s gonna get dark … and I still don’t know what’s up with that wedding?

How was your week? What are you watching?

27 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Sept 11-17)

  1. Thoughts:
    1. The Shape of Water looks like it’s right up my alley.
    2. The Commuter looks cool. I’d see it. Especially with Liam Neeson and Vera Farmiga in it.
    3. Are you going to try to watch the first 12 seasons of Supernatural before Season 13?

    As for what I’ve been watching lately, it’s pretty much what’s expected of me: AHS: Cult and Teen Wolf. Also watching Criminal Minds and an anime called Little Witch Academia on Netflix (though I don’t know if I’ll stick with the anime long-term. I only just watched the first episode today).

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  2. Tbh I used to love Jlaw but I don’t know so much anymore… her last few movies haven’t peaked my interest. Coco looks so good!!! ❤ and I didn't know you watched Supernatural…

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  3. Hahaha, no need to be sorry about Jane The Virgin. I’m still not over what happened and kinda mad, even if I kept on watching. I really love this show, even if…well, without a certain someone it’s just not the same and my heart is forever broken. I’m eager to see what happens next, still, I love some other characters so that’s okay ahah 🙂
    Also…… I’m secretly hoping to see a The Royals trailer someday soon on your blog. I knooow I’m dreaming. But I miss this show BADLY haha.

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    • Yeah, it just doesn’t feel the same without that person to me and I didn’t like anyone else enough to keep watching. They were my favorite of all of them.
      And I am hoping for something from the Royals as well, they are taunting me with not even offering up a release date. I need that show back!

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      • I get it. I’m a bit mad to be honest about what they’ll do next with the romantic relationships here – somehow I feel the Rafael thing coming back and I do not like it.
        I think we should have a release date soon? Like, at least, a month or something? Fingers crossed. I need it back as well ahah.

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      • I’ve seen some promos for the new season and Rafael seems to be a thing again for sure. I hate that, because when she married, I felt like that was the end of that.
        I think the Royals are coming back around December, at least that would make sense because they did it last year I think.

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  4. hehe yes Bittersweet Symphony takes me back too 😉 I don’t know why but the downsizing thing creeps me out- and it’s got that very upbeat tune in the background- so I know that’s not what I’m supposed to be feeling… ahh I’m confused with my brain’s reaction! Maybe cos in all the films I saw of this as a kid it was always a disaster? And speaking of which, I’m desperate to see Disaster Artist too *rofl*!! I’m still wayyy to behind to watch this year’s Supernatural- maybe one day I’ll actually be caught up? (maybe that’ll be the year it ends lol)

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    • Downsizing does have a certain creep factor and all the while I just kept waiting for something bad to happen. I know that Kristen Wiig’s character chickens out of the process shortly before it happens, but that can’t be the entire plot. Can it?
      I don’t actually watch Supernatural … and I doubt I’ll watch it all before the new season, but I have reasons for wanting to watch this one. hahaha

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  5. So what has made you take the plunge and watch this series of Supernatural? I’m curious, I’m still a season behind on the show haha.
    Ugh Fifty Shades. I wish I could eradicate all knowledge about that franchise out of my head.
    The Child in Time promo keeps playing on TV these days and it gets me every time.

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