Random Movie Recommendations #3

I am usually more of a TV person rather than a movie-buff, but I am really into this feature right now, so here are some more movie recs (not real reviews!). I feel like having a theme is kind of nice as well, so this week I am bringing to you movies that deal with fame and how it’s not always fun!

Be Somebody

I have a soft spot for teen star movies, but as I got older, I got more and more annoyed with the disney-fied or nickelodeon-ish kind of movies. They were always so over the top and in your face, and whereas the trailer might not suggest it, Be Somebody is an extremely calm movie. The music is also way better than what they showed here (even though you never once hear Jordan sing).

It’s a very simple movie. It’s cute, slow build and definitely teen appropriate. Like, this movie is so tame in comparison to some of the stuff that gets put out there. I really loved the visuals and even if not everything made 100% sense, it was still more logical than some of the previous “star gets tired of his life” films I have seen.

Beyond the Lights

This one is far more serious than the movie above. It’s similar in a way that the visuals are amazing, the pace is slow and allows for a nice build up, but that’s about it. The trailer already hints that there are much deeper rooted issues the main characters have to face and additionally you have a stunning soundtrack to go with it.

Be prepared for a lot of emotions with this one. Where the movie could have easily fallen into tropes and clichés, it felt incredibly real and gave each character their time to develop. Also, the cast is simply brilliant down to the cameo of MGK. No one feels one dimensional and those are always the best characters out there!

Do you have some good recommendations for movies that cover this topic? Did you see either one of the films I mentioned?