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You know me, I am ALWAYS behind on tags, but this one came with a condition … so, I had no choice but to go with it! Let me warn you, it’s a super mean one but in a strange way also very fun. Thanks a lot to the Orang-utan Librarian for tagging me – you can check out their post by clicking on their name! We’ve been following each other for a while now and I always love stopping by their blog (also, feeling low-key special that I know their real name – although I will NEVER tell!) Okay, enough chit-chat, let’s dive into it!


  1. Create your own new post and call it “Tag: This-Is-My-Truth-Now” and be sure to include in your tags the words — without quotes — “ThisIsMyTruthNow Tag”
  2. Include these rules when you copy/paste to your own post.
  3. Be sure to thank the person that tagged you and include their responses at the bottom of your post, so someone can get to know them too. Tell everyone something interesting about the person who tagged you.
  4. Include a link to my original post mentioning this blog so we can see how many people choose to play along. Link to cut/paste is:  ThisIsMyTruthNow
  5. Choose 12 bloggers to tag and include a link to their latest post, so others can check them out and meet new people.
  6. Answer all 12 questions in The Challenge Questions section, but replace the 12th question with your own new one around telling the truth or revealing something interesting about yourself — you can leave the existing if you can’t think of something.
  7. Be sure to copy/paste the “Truth or Dare” section at the end of this post. It’s important to the challenge — so you better carefully read it!
  8. If you’ve haven’t been tagged, but you want to play along, you can totally jump on in and post responses to the tag on your blog.


1. You’re on your way to a birthday dinner that your friends have thrown for you. When you arrive, your favorite author is having dinner by himself or herself and asks you to sit with them, before you even see your friends or they see you. You have two choices: (1) You can sit with the author but can’t tell your friends that you’ve abandoned them for three hours, or (2) Meet your friends and lose the only chance you’ll ever have to talk with the author. Pick one or the other — no exceptions or communication to your friends to tell them about the author — and explain why.

I know this makes me sound like the worst friend, but I would definitely stick with the author. Think about it, it would be my only chance to ever meet them, they would have initiated contact (which, let’s face it, is pretty amazing) and I would like to think that my friends would understand as soon as I got a chance to explain it to them. I feel like it would be a whole different story if I were just meeting up with a single friend, but they aren’t waiting alone … and it’s my birthday, I should have an allowance for maximum selfishness!

Also, I want to see you say “no” to this face!

2. You’ve got an opportunity to spend a few hours alone “in your bedroom” with a character from any book you’ve previously read. The character tells you that (s)he would like to lock the door and spend some alone time with you. What book and character is it, and do you decide to enter the room and lock the door, or tell them you aren’t interested?

Wow, this got naughty real quick! Or my mind just goes there and that means I am the naughty one … ANYWAY! This might be a super random answer but I am going with Nick Sorrentino from the Bitten books. I have zero explanation but that’s who my mind went to first and I would … lock the door?

3. If you could turn any male character from one of your favorite books into a female character (or change a female into a male) in the book or book series, which one and why?

I’ve honestly never wanted to change anyone’s gender while reading … at least not that I could remember. My mind is going completely blank. Sorry for the boring answer.

4. What blogger currently on your follower’s list (meaning they follow you too) do you admire the most and why?

Did I mention how mean this tag is? I just want you to know that I love, admire and appreciate you all. I’ve met so many great people on here and I wouldn’t want to miss anyone from my life. To answer this question though, I would say Marie @Drizzle and Hurricane Books. She’s one of the sweetest people out there, always has an open ear and is so very engaged on everyone’s blog. I just don’t know how she does it! She has great original content and still checks out what everyone else does. She is simply amazing!

5. If you could change any one decision your favorite book character made, what would it be and why?

This feels like it is bound to lead to spoilers if I say something specific. However, a lot of the time I just wish there was more communication, because so many annoying incidences could have been avoided if people just TALKED with each other.

6. If you could pick 1 character from a book and 1 character from a TV show you watch (that is NOT based on a book) to be in a relationship together, who would you choose, and why?

Okay, maybe random again but I would pair Dorothy from Emerald City with Benvolio from Star-Crossed. In my head that would work really well, because Benvolio is such a faithful and good soul and she needs someone by her side unconditionally … unlike someone else who majorly disappointed/confused me.

7. It’s your last day on Earth. As you are about to cross that final finish line, a mysterious shadow appears, giving you a choice: (1) You can go move forward to whatever comes next for you [based on your own spiritual or religious beliefs], or (2) you can become a character in a book series and exist permanently doing whatever that author chooses to do with you in the book. Which do you choose, and if it’s option 2, reveal the book and author.

I am not a super religious person, but I have the hopes that I would get to be reunited with all the people I love in whatever afterlife provides for us. Turning down that chance to be in a book doesn’t really seem worth it. And I should add that I sometimes feel we are all book characters (or Sims) in some higher developed species book(/game) anyway. At least that’s what life feels like to me at times …

8. If you could steal a pet from someone in any book you’ve read, but had to replace it with a friend’s pet (meaning they wouldn’t ever see their pet again), would you do it? If so, explain the who and why.

I would never rob my friends of their pet!!! I am not that cruel.

9. If you could turn someone from your real life into a character from a book, who from your life, who in the book and why?

The thought process here confuses me a little. Would that mean that I would get rid of that person that I am switching out for the book character? What if I just don’t want to get rid of anyone in my real life?

If I had a nemesis, (which I don’t, because who do you think I am?) I would put them in a terrible dystopian world or something.

10. Post a picture of the cover of a book you read in 2000 and the book you are currently reading now. (Note: if you weren’t alive in 2000, pick the first book you ever read and tell everyone what year it was from).

I don’t understand how you expect me to remember what I read 17 years ago … I was like 7? I am just going to take a wild guess I suppose.

11. Your favorite character (under 18) needs a place to stay for 3 months and asks you if (s)he could stay in your spare room (yes, you have one for the sake of this question). Who is it and what is the reason (s)he needs to stay with you?

AUGUST FLYNN IS WELCOME IN MY HOME ANY DAY OF THE YEAR! I am pretty sure he needs a place to crash because he wants to get away from monsters, dreadful responsibilities and danger in general. My poor baby! He’s going to be showered with hugs and comforting tea.

12. If you could jump in and out of ONE book for the rest of your life but would get stuck in it forever if you changed a major event or revealed your true identity, would you risk it? If so, which book would go into and why? (Note: This is the question each person can change when they tag their own nominees)

So, I made up this question myself, because I was confused about the instructions and the link in the post didn’t work for the 365 challenge. So, this is also the question for my nominees, but they will have to make up a separate one for their tagged people (if I understand the process correctly).

Despite having made up this question, I am too much of a scaredy cat to go through with it. I would alter something and then get stuck … which might not be the worst thing, but all the books that come to mind as contenders require some sort of survival skill that I do not posses. So, I would admire my beloved characters from afar. Also, sometimes it’s just better not to meet your heroes.


(I know I only tagged 6 people, but at least I tried?)

Cátia | Cristina | Marie | Melissa | Rami | Savannah


Oh, did I forget to tell you the last part of the ThisIsMyTruthNow tag? If you choose not to accept the tag, you have to follow through on whatever dare the person who tags you chooses — for my nominees, if you choose not to do this tag, your dare is to do book aesthetics for the last 5 books you gave the lowest ratings to. (That’s not too bad, right?)

Kind of relieved to be done with this – now, have fun!

20 thoughts on “Tag: This-Is-My-Truth-Now

  1. I like to think Marie has secret powers because she’s so creative and wonderful . I’m like you and I’m like how does she do it?!
    Loved this post Kat! The question regarding if you could switch a boy character with a girl character has me thinking… I wouldn’t actually do it but I’m imagining how a bunch of series would be different if they were different genders. What if Harry Potter was Hermione Granger and the Philosophers stone and Harry was the ‘side kick’ 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Right!?!? Marie is magic!!
      I am glad you enjoyed the post, it was one of the harder ones to do. I can’t really see myself changing anyone’s gender either. It just never crosses my mind, but I do agree with the fact that it would make for great stories to just switch the entire cast around sometimes.


  2. Oh, Kat, you are way too sweet, thank you so, so much for thinking of me for that question, it means so much, you have no idea. Especially at the moment since I’ve been having a bit of a rough couple weeks and doubts and everything ahah, it is so sweet to read your blog post and end up smiling so big with this. Thank you, you’re the sweetest! ❤ ❤
    About your answers: I so would ditch my friends for the author, I think, even if that makes me selfish, we are allowed to be sometimes, especially when we get a once-in-a-lifetime chance like that! 🙂
    That second question… sounded quite naughty to me as well ahah you are not alone 😉
    Most of the time, I wish for more communication as well – it is SO frustrating when people don't talk. But then, I guess in real life, stupid things like that happen, too…. ahah.
    Great answers, that was a very fun tag to read 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Doubts are normal for all of us, just know that we have your back and that we all appreciate the work you put into the blog and your posts! ❤
      And thanks, I do feel like sometimes you just have to be selfish. It was such a difficult tag, but really interesting to find answers for.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh this is a great tag, and I love the dare you came up with as well! 😀 Kind of adds another level of fun to tagging people and taking part (or another level of cruelty, who knows?)
    I love your answers, and I’d probably ditch my friends for my favourite author, but then again if my favourite author was sitting alone in a restaurant I know at least one of my friends would be over there as well ditching everyone else! 😀 Also I wouldn’t swap a real-life pet for a bookish pet. As much as I may want a dragon in real life I couldn’t do that to any of my friends.
    Great answers for this tag Kat. 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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