Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Oct 2-8)

I know it’s been a bit quiet this week, but motivation is a bit low at the moment. It will come back eventually, don’t worry, but for now – here are your trailers!


Pacific Rim: Uprising

I am going to love this.

Paddington 2

I still haven’t seen the first one and I had friends who ran around in a bear costume to promote the film.


I saw Yelchin and now I am sad.

Wonder Wheel

I am not sure how Timberlake and Woody Allen fit together …

Where’s the Money?

This looks hilarious.

Roman J. Israel, Esq.

I am not sure what I think about it.


I am not sure this has a happy ending ….

The Bachelors

This is one of those rainy Sunday afternoon movies.

Crooked House

Interesting cast.

The Babysitter

This looks dumb.


Look, I am all for Keanu but this is creepy.

TV Shows

Marvel’s the Runaways

I really didn’t want to like this because I am overwhelmed with Marvel shows (didn’t like Inhumans btw, enjoyed The Gifted), but I really want to watch this.

Future Man

So weird, but I am not against it. It totally reminds me of Armada.

Shadowhunters (Season 3)

This has like zero to do with the books by now.

Beyond (Season 2)

I kind of still haven’t finished the first season.

Are you going to watch any of these? Let’s chat!