Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Oct 9-15)

Can someone explain to me where all the time is going? I feel like I blinked and another week has passed. Anyway, that’s not what you are here for, you want to see the latest trailers and so you shall.


Star Wars: The Last Jedi

My poor, poor heart nearly exploded by the end of the trailer. At least we have porgs and these ice fox thingies now?

Justice League

As of right now, my excitement levels for this aren’t very high, but I’ll likely watch it.

The Tribes of Palos Verdes

It looks like a good but sad drama.


Why are all the Anton Yelchin movies coming out now? They’re making me sad.

The New Mutants

You know that I stay away from horror as best as I can, cause I hate it. However, this has to do with mutants and therefore I had to check it out. This just looks too scary for me, though.


This just looks so dumb.


What is this? The non musical, less fun version of Baby Driver?

Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold

Documentary of the week

TV Shows

Stranger Things (Season 2)

Cannot wait for this to finally be released.

Castle Rock

I guess it truly is the renaissance of Stephen King adaptations and apparently they also like Bill Skarsgard in them.


Remember, remember the 5th of November …

She’s Gotta Have It

Pretty sure that will be a mood thing.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Meh, if it lasts longer than a season … maybe?

What are you going to watch? Let’s talk!

35 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Oct 9-15)

  1. Mixed feelings on “Gunpowder”.

    Even though the plot was all devised by Catesby, Fawkes is the one remembered since he was the trigger man. It’s nice to finally see a version of the story focused on Catesby, since it always should’ve been that way.


    It’s still the story of a terrorist plot motivated by anti-Anglican fundamentalism, and my main worry is that it will be glorified as a piece of entertainment even though the BBC is supposed to be above that.


  2. I am not watching that Star Wars trailer, haven’t watched it and I kind of promised I wouldn’t watch until I see it with the bf. I’m doing this out of solidarity, really (I’m way too nice), but I don’t know HOW LONG I will be able to, I am just SOOOOOO CURIOUS. From your comment here, I’m guessing it’s good? BAD?!! I’m scared hahahaha.

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  3. AHHHH STRANGER THINGS!!! (Can you guess which one of these trailers I’m most excited about??) So, so excited for that to be released. I believe I’m staying farrrr away from The New Mutants though haha. And I think it’s time for me to actually watch Star Wars?? I haven’t watched a single one of the movies #oops xD

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    • Stranger Things will be so epic! I won’t even care if there are any sets to visit, I will just stay at home and binge the entire season once it’s out.
      Don’t tell anyone, but I haven’t actually seen all the Star Wars movies either? I have seen 1-3, I haven’t seen 4-6 (aka the original movies) but I did watch episode 7 and Rogue One and am all in the franchise. LIKE ALL IN!!!


  4. Thoughts:
    1. The Last Jedi: OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!
    2. Justice League: Meh. I’m not super-thrilled for it, but I’ll go see it.
    3. The New Mutants: If you did go see it, I’d probably spend hours discussing it with you. It looks so cool!
    4. Stranger Things: AAAAAAAH! Can’t wait! Bring it on already!
    5. Castle Rock: Hey, I’m not complaining. King’s one of my favorite writers, and Castle Rock is the setting for some of his best work. It’ll be interesting to see what King stories and lore they take from and make part of this show. Personally, I’m hoping for an appearance from Leland Gaunt, the antagonist of Needful Things (aka the novel where King explored his addictions and their effects on him and others after getting sober).
    6. Gunpowder: I just rewatched V for Vendetta the other day, and did a little research on Guy Fawkes because of it. I wonder how they’ll portray him, because his image has changed significantly over the past several centuries.Also, was that the guy who plays Jon Snow?

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    • 1: I know, I am so excited!!! I wonder if it was staged by the editors of the trailer or if there will be a lot of switching sides. I am seriously down for anything at this point, except for Rey to be a Skywalker.
      2. Me neither, but I do want to see Jason Momoa in action.
      3. I really can’t see myself watching a horror movie, not even with the guy from Stranger Things in it. I just very much dislike being scared.
      5. I am not complaining about the flood of King productions either, it was simply an observation. I barely watched anything anyway. I only saw The Dark Tower of the recent stuff and wasn’t very impressed by it.
      6. Yep, that is the guy who plays Jon Snow.


  5. oh yay so many awesome trailers this week!! Last Jedi looks so good!! Yeah I don’t know whether to get excited by Justice League either to be honest. I hear you about New Mutants- I can’t really cope with horror- but the trouble is I love X Men movies *sigh* And I’m very very excited to see the Gunpowder Plot- it was one of those topics in history where I was always fascinated by the conspiracy theories- I hope they include at least one! There’s so many exciting things they can do with it, plus they have Kit Harrington!

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    • I have such an ardent attachment to mutants, it’s a struggle what I am going to do about that movie. Are you watching The Gifted? I think I am madly in love with Thunderbird and Eclipse and Polaris and all the mutants. Aaaaanyway, love the Gifted, didn’t really click with Inhumans.
      I hope Gunpowder won’t disappoint you.

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