Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Oct 23-29)

Happy Hallo-weekend everyone! Or happy NaNo prep, whichever one you are currently more involved in. I hope you all had a great week, here’s some trailers for you!



Please be good, please be good, please be good …

Almost Friends

Freddie really enjoys playing the awkward smart guy, eh?

Journey’s End

Asa does not look old enough for this movie haha

The Breadwinner

Looks powerful.

Den of Thieves

I might watch this for Pablo Schreiber. I miss him as Mad Sweeney.

24 Hours to Live

Is this some kind of weird new sequel of In Time?


I guess the Western genre is getting a comeback these days as well.


I think I posted a different trailer for this already. Good trailer music.

Phantom Thread



I honestly just clicked because of Eliza and all of a sudden Pablo Schreiber appears again. The man’s been busy.

TV Shows

Marvel’s Runaways

I liked the teaser better, but still so looking forward to this.

The Resident

I doubt it can top the glory that is The Good Doctor at the moment, but I do like the cast.


A lot of medical/first-responder dramas out there already, but okay.

How are you doing? Where are you on Stranger Things? (I binged it too fast and miss it already!)