Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Oct 30-Nov 5)

I’ve been in Toronto this past week and I honestly cannot really tell you what I did so far? My routine has solidly been going to Starbucks or hanging out in the lobby of my hostel. I just kind of decided that this would be a relaxing time and that I didn’t HAVE to do anything touristy while I was here. Anyway, you are here for trailers, you here you go!


The Disaster Artist

I still remember when I first watched “The Room” and I was like “Who on earth thought this was a good idea?” but now I am so excited for this!!


This reveals WAY more than the first trailer! I guess they heard me complain that I didn’t see the conflict of the story the first time around.

I, Tonya

So crazy!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (International Trailer)

No words.


The music is so chirpy.

The Strange Ones

Alex Pettyfer trying to revive his career.


This is not the 80s style stuff I am into, but it might still be cute.


So, Cole Sprouse is doing Riverdale and Dylan … is doing this?

TV Shows


It’s a spin-off for Black-ish

Ill Behaviour

Why is everything SO weird these days?


I love whoever commented that they thought this was about burger crimes on YouTube.

Not that much new stuff this week. How are you doing? What are you watching?