Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Nov 6-12)

It’s been pretty quiet around here and that’s because I was travelling back to Vienna and have been home for a couple days now. The jetlag isn’t too bad, but I still get incredibly tired during the day and super awake at night, which is unfortunate.


Game Night

This seems dumb, in a fun way?

Early Man

I always wonder how long it takes to make movies like that if they don’t animate but use real materials.

Peter Rabbit

Domhnall, don’t hurt them!

Sherlock Gnomes

Can’t believe there is a gnomes sequel…

The Post

Stellar cast, eh?

Forever My Girl

These country star movies are kinda sweet.

Hollow in the Land

Not sure this is my cup of tea.

Fifty Shades Freed

How did so many people watch this? How did they seriously get to make all the sequels? I just don’t understand.


Seems intense and scandalous enough for me.


Seems pretty standard spy stuff.

The Shape of Water

I have shown trailers for this before, but I am still so excited to watch it.


In the spirit of last week, the western genre is having a revival.

TV Shows

The Crown (Season 2)

I think this is the last season with that actress as the queen before they get someone older to account for the time jumps.


Kinda like seeing German material on Netflix go online worldwide.

How are you doing? What are you watching? Who else is psyched for The Punisher coming this week?