Top 17 TV Shows of 2017

I did this last year and had a lot of fun showcasing my favorite shows. Seen as we are rapidly approaching the end of 2017 now, I thought it was only fitting to do my ranking. Just as a little reminder, the shows are in no particular order and are not necessarily 2017 releases. Heck, I didn’t even watch everything that came out this year, so don’t fault me if I missed out on something really good. Also, I tried to not just repeat myself from last year (although all these shows are still awesome), but rather mix it up a little with old and new. Have fun!

Wynonna Earp

I know, I know … I am starting off with something that was already on the list last year, but Wynonna Earp stepped up their game for Season 2 even more than I thought possible. Let’s face it a comedy horror western wasn’t exactly something that would have caught my eye, but this show and the way it treats its cast on and off screen is simply amazing. Earpers are a family and if you have not yet checked out this show, I seriously don’t know what you are waiting for!

Read more about it here!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

As to this day, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the most inclusive, most consistent and hilarious shows. I was really hesitant because both sitcoms and cop-stories aren’t really my thing, but they are doing such a great job. I know that I have nothing to do with their production or writing, but I am weirdly proud of them.

The Bold Type

I’ve sort of given up on Freeform actually providing me with quality content I want to watch, but they surprised me with the Bold Type. A sort of “Sex and the City” meets “The Devil Wears Prada” (with a supportive boss for a change) for millennials probably comes closest to describing the show. I shrieked with happiness when I found out that it wasn’t renewed for just one but two more seasons.

The Good Place

Okay, Season one ended on such a big bang that I wasn’t sure if they could keep up in the next season. Heck, I didn’t even know how the fork the story could/would continue at all, but they did it! I didn’t realise how much more there was still to discover about these characters and I really hope it goes on for a very long time.

Master of None

I’ve always liked Aziz Ansari’s comedy specials, but it still took me quite a while until I finally watched this one. I absolutely loved how the show constantly reinvented itself in what it was about and how it told the story. It’s funny but also makes you think, without ever being too demanding.

The Good Doctor

Freddie Highmore is doing some of his best work yet. I don’t know how he does it, but he is absolutely rocking his role as the autistic surgeon-in-training Shaun Murphy. Just like cop dramas, I was kind of over the whole medical drama, but this show is really different. I don’t know if the situation is realistic or not, it is TV after all, but I do know that it is emotionally engaging and that is what really counts for me.

Please Like Me

This show is anything but predictable. I thought it would be about the main character, Josh, discovering his sexuality but then it was about so much more, especially mental health. It is completely silly in its humour while it also tackles incredibly heavy topics. Not all characters are likable either, but that is kind of the whole point of the show. I was incredibly sad to see it end after 4 seasons, but Josh Thomas said he told the story he wanted to tell, so I am happy for him in that regard.

Anne with an E

Not gonna lie, I miss Canada like crazy. Anne with an E is based on Anne of the Green Gables and therefore inherently Canadian. I fell absolutely in love with it from the beginning. It is gorgeous to look at and I think I am not even exaggerating when I say I cried at least once per episode. Also, it has one of the most beautiful intros I have ever seen. Can’t wait for what’s to come!

Marvel’s Runaways

Usually, Netflix has a tight grip on most Marvel shows, but I definitely wouldn’t discount Hulu’s attempt at the Runaways. I watched the double opening episodes and was immediately hooked. Despite the show not being exactly like the comics, it hasn’t disappointed me yet. Gert and Old Lace are my faves and now I just need them to finally run away? There’s been a severe lack of that thus far.

One Day at a Time

Again, I am usually not that big on sitcoms because they don’t hold my attention very well. However, One Day at a Time had a beautiful coming out arc and I got quickly invested in the daily lives of the characters.

BoJack Horseman

This one was another surprise for me. I did not think that this was the kind of show that I liked at all, but once I started, I couldn’t stop. The emotional build up was crazy and especially in the last two seasons it even brought me to tears on occasion. Like … what is even going on? Another plus, there is ace representation in this show and the person is not made fun of and I love it.

The Wrong Girl

Imagine if Morning Glory (the movie) were a TV show … set in Australia … with a ton more love triangles, you would have The Wrong Girl! It’s based off a book, but from what I gathered, it’s not very alike to what they did on screen. That’s okay for me, I just need them to not cancel it. I want more seasons … like tons and tons of more seasons.


Star is a spin-off of the show Empire, which I used to watch but got bored with at some point. Star, on the other hand, has managed to keep my attention for a bit longer, but then again they are still only in their second season. Anyway, it has made its way onto this list because it has amazing music and character development and still so far to go.

Marvel’s The Punisher

I heard all kinds of different things about the Punisher show. I for one really liked it, even though I am aware that it was very heavy and something you can probably only watch if you are in a certain mood. My favorite parts, to no one’s surprise at all, were all the scenes with Karen, Frank and/or Karen and Frank. To think they didn’t even plan for Karen when they first outlined the show … doesn’t even register as an option in my brain.


I love movies about con men and women and this show gives me that same thrill on the long run. The chemistry between the cast members is off the chart and I just love how it’s not just about romance but also bromance so much.

Read more about it here!

Our Girl

When they replaced the actress who played Molly (due to scheduling issues), I was like “no way is this going to be the same show!”. Then Georgie came along and with her Elvis and thankfully also some more Captain James. With every episode I got more invested and then, this season, when they did the Nepal tour, I was just blown away. My heart is still broken because of some of the events that transpired.

Stranger Things

Whether you think the show is overrated or not, I personally very much enjoyed the second season of Stranger Things. I am not saying it was better than the first one, but it was still great. And it gave us the best character development for Steve. I will never be able to thank them enough for that.

Honorable Mentions

And, just like last year as well, I have a bunch of shows that I really, really enjoyed but that just about didn’t make it into the actual ranking. I watch too much stuff …

  • The Gifted
  • 3%
  • Dear White People
  • Atypical
  • The Shannara Chronicles
  • Sense8
  • Younger
  • 13 Reasons Why
  • Riverdale
  • Once Upon a Time
  • Game of Thrones
  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
  • Dynasty
  • Friends from College
  • Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency
  • This Is Us
  • Still Star-Crossed
  • The Mindy Project
  • The Orville
  • Trakehnerblut
  • Outsiders

So, this is it! While there are numerous shows that I haven’t actually mentioned despite watching them, I think this is about the gist of it. Which shows have you watched? Are there any that have peaked your interest? Also, if you could make me watch one show, which one would it be?