Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Dec 18-24)

This post is going up a little early today, because I want to spend Christmas eve with my family, without any distractions! Having said that, I wish you all a happy holiday season and here are your trailers for the week!


Ocean’s 8

It’s going to be so amazing!

Mamma Mia 2 – Here We Go Again

YAAAY! (And I totally believe they are only tricking us into thinking Donna is dead)

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

Me needs this ASAP! Why are they teasing me this Christmas when I have to wait a year for it?!


It CANNOT reach the level of fun that was the original movie, but … I would still watch it? I like the role reversal.


Science and romance!

The Miracle Season

I always like inspiring sports stories.

The Public

I didn’t even know Emilio Estevez wrote and directed anything.


Charlize Theron is killing it as the not good guy!

Little Bitches

I have a feeling this won’t be very good at all.

Mortal Engines

I honestly forgot if I already posted this.

A Futile and Stupid Gesture


TV Shows


I was seriously fully expecting Ryan and Shane from Buzzfeed to have gotten a full show.

A.P. Bio

Is this a male version of bad teacher?


Noooo, they killed Casey Cott in this show! But anyway, it has Castle meets Elementary meets Lie to Me vibes and a good cast.

The X-Files (Season 11)

I don’t watch this, but I did see the sets around Vancouver haha

Taken (Season 2)

I am still surprised this worked for people as a TV format?

Again, I hope you have happy holidays! What are you watching?

13 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Dec 18-24)

  1. Thoughts:
    1 Ocean’s 8: I have not seen the Oceans films, but now I want to.
    2. Mamma Mia 2: I saw this trailer yesterday, and I was like, “That film is getting a sequel? I thought people hated Mamma Mia’s movie!”
    3. The Nutcracker and the Four Realms: I’m getting such Alice in Wonderland and Narnia* vibes off of this film, but I’ll definitely see it (I’m such a ballet fan).
    4. The Public: This actually feels really relevant to me. I used to visit the downtown library in Columbus all the time, and when I was there, I used to see homeless men and women cleaning themselves and shaving in the bathroom. And it was the only place they could go where they could do that (especially since the renovations made the bathrooms bigger). I’ll definitely go and check this out. It might even start a few conversations.
    5. X-Files: Not sure if I’m going to watch this season. My X-Files enthusiasm has sort of waned over time.

    Happy Holidays, Kat.


    • 1: I love the Oceans films.
      2: What? Everyone I know loves the Mamma Mia movie. They just made fun of Pierce Brosnan’s singing and that’s okay, but the movie itself is lovely.
      3: The Nutcracker gave me Alice vibes as well, but I mostly just love the story of the Nutcracker, so that is what I am pumped about.
      4: Hope you enjoy the movie then.
      5: As I said, I never watched x-files.

      I hope you had a happy holiday season as well.


  2. Wow. So, I’m really excited about two of these. I had not seen the Overboard trailer and I loved the original. I think a reversal is awesome! And the X-Files! I had no idea they were doing a reboot and I had no idea that I missed a whole mini-season in 2016! I am so going to binge… X-Files was my show way back in college. I would put a sign on my dorm door to not disturb me while X-Files was on. Good memories.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love the Overboard original as well! I have come to a point where I am extremely wary of remakes, but at the same time I can’t resist watching them either. The gender reversal seems like a nice twist.
      Have fun binging X-Files!!


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