Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Jan 1-7)

It’s so freaking satisfying that the year started on a Monday. To some, it might seem irrelevant but I really, really like that fact. Anyway, you are here for trailers, so you shall get them!


Game Over, Man!

I feel kind of silly for laughing at this, but it was funny!

Step Sisters

I think it might be okay fun? Like Pitch Perfect meets Stomp or something?


Could be nostalgic and pretty? I basically just saw Jon Hamm and clicked.

Mad to be Normal

It’s David Tennant!


Apparently this was directed by a former stunt coordinator so I suppose the stunts are going to be wicked.

Truth or Dare

This is not a movie I would voluntarily watch … like ever, because I don’t like being scared. However, I put it here because it has like a huge cast of people that are popular among teens and young adults.

TV Shows

A Series of Unfortunate Events (Season 2)

For all the people who are hoping for this story to get better for the Baudelaires … oh, sweet summer child! If only you knew! The title is there for a reason.

One Day at a Time (Season 2)

YAAAAS! This was one of my faves last year. Cannot wait!

The Royals (Season 4)

MARCH 11!!!!!

Patrick Melrose

I guess Cumberbatch has time for a TV show again?

How has your first week of 2018 been? What will you be watching?