#CurrentlyWatching: One Day at a Time

One Day at a Time is the perfect embodiment of this week’s them on #CurrentlyWatching – sitcoms with depth. As I’ve mentioned quite a lot now, I am not really the type to watch sitcoms and after posting this, there is really only one left that I haven’t talked about on here and that’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Anyway, that’s not why we are here today.

One Day at a Time is technically a remake of a TV show from the 70s, but I have never seen it. According to others, the show pays homage to the original sometimes, but I honestly wouldn’t be able to tell you anything about it. At this point in time, there are two seasons available for streaming on Netflix!

The show revolves around three generations of a Cuban-American family who lives in the same apartment together.


I don’t even know where to start, because there is nothing not to love about this show. From what I’ve seen around social media, everyone is talking about the show and rightly so! One Day at a Time is fast paced, with SO much heart. While it may only follow the everyday life of the family, it manages to integrate so many different and very important topics, I am still amazed this show is real.

Penelope, divorced mother of two teens, seems like an actual superwoman. She is ex-military and now a hard-working nurse who handles the stress of raising two kids, having an old-school diva as a mother and battling with PTSD and mental health issues like a champ. Nothing she goes through is ever discarded, it is talked about and therefore easier to understand for people who might not have to deal with the same stuff. It is so very important to normalise things like therapy or needing medication to help with mental health as to make it less of a stigma.

Elena, Penelope’s daughter, is a feminist badass who has one of the best coming out stories I have ever watched. Seen as she is from a pretty conservative and religious family, it was interesting to watch how each of the other family members reacted to her revealing that part of herself.

Also, Ariela Barer plays her best friend and I love that girl (you may recognise her as Gert from Runaways). They face way more than teens should when immigration, deportation and long-distance friendship comes into play.

Alex, Penelope’s son, has traits that might be categorised as seeming feminine, but he is never made fun of for that. Also, I adore his relationship with his grandmother, Lydia. She is such a strong personality and together they are super sassy. Lydia in general is a dream come true. She shows that you can be religious and still accept the LGBT+ community in their entirety.

Lastly, there is Schneider, their landlord and friend. He adds the goofy element to the story and often helps to educate on topics such as “mansplaining” or white (male) privilege. In all of this, he never comes off as the bad guy. He genuinely wants to learn and just be part of the family. One of my favourite parts of the show is his friendship with Penelope. While a lot of shows would have tried to pair them off, it hasn’t happened yet and I am so glad about it! I personally only see them as being in a platonic friendship. I’d even go so far as to say that she sees him as a brotherly kind of figure in her life.

I am still amazed that the show managed to pack so much in those short 13 episodes per season. The second season was just as intense as the first one, but still had moments where you could simply laugh out loud. I can only recommend it to everyone out there!

Do you watch One Day at a Time? What are your thoughts on it?


38 thoughts on “#CurrentlyWatching: One Day at a Time

  1. Eeeekkkk I’ve been waiting for this!!! Yes, I love the way they dealt with such difficult topics such as mental health (helped me understand it more myself!), sexuality, immigration, cultural issues, family issues, SO MUCH!! And plus it’s so funny! I cannot wait until season 3 erghhhhh! I loved how they incorporated Schneider as a straight cis white male that doesn’t know anything about diversity and such but he’s so filled with heart under the walls he puts up. And I think his character kind of acts as a brilliant way for the writers to explain things such as sexism, racism, homophobia, etc. It’s all-around such an amazing show.

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    • Exactly! I love how they use Schneider in that way, but am also really glad he has that good heart. It would be terrible if he were an actual sucky person haha
      But this show is everything! I think this will be THE sitcom of our generation, you know? The one show that does it all.

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  2. I just started watching this little gem and I’m HOOKED! 😁 It’s funny and those characters are so endearing. 😊 Plus, as you pointed out, it tackles some really important issues. Thanks for the rec…AGAIN πŸ˜‚

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  3. Could not agree more about this show! You get me cause this is exactly how I feel about one day at a time but also huge shout out for the theme song right? I have taken to adding it to my regular playlist. In any case, great characters, great depth and good comedy! Very happy viewer here

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  4. I still need to watch the remake. As one of your *ahem* older readers, I watched the original (later in its run… I was a baby when it first aired… and then in endless reruns). The original show was about a divorced mom raising two teenage girls while dating a younger man… a very Norman Lear ’70s premise. Then the original Schneider character kind of took over the show and it evolved in very different directions. Almost all of the original cast became stars in their day and the show ran for like a decade. Wishing much success to the remake!

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    • I just don’t think we ever had that show in my country. I cannot imagine it going over well for the show to focus on Schneider … oh well, thanks for shedding a bit of light on that. I know I probably could have just googled it, but I guess I was too lazy haha
      I hope you watch the new version someday and like it as much as I do!


  5. Everyone, my sister included, haha, loves this show – I really need to watch it at some point. As always, I know I can follow your recommendations with my eyes closed πŸ˜› I already love that this show manages to tackle SO many different issues in such a small format and… in so little time, ahah πŸ™‚

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  6. YESSS ALL OF THIS!! Season 3 better be announced soon – I need it in my life. I agree with you about Penelope x Schneider, I hope they just stay friends. Not just because I like their relationship this way, but also because it would be so refreshing cause like you said, most shows would pair them up πŸ™‚

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  7. I just KNOW I will love this show, gosh, I’m so hyped to watch it, especially with your post!! It sounds absolutely amazing aah and I’ve seen so many people gush over this show?! I also saw a gif? Or clip? I don’t remember, but it was of the grandmother’s reaction to Elena coming out and I loved it. ❀️ This is definitely my kind of show!

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  8. I adore One Day at a Time so much, it’s one of my favourite shows! I used to rarely ever watch sitcoms, but once I started this one, I couldn’t get enough of it, to the point that I rewatched the first season before starting the second one when it came out. I love how topical it is and how many things they covered every time. Elena Alvarez is one of the TV characters I look up to the most! πŸ™‚

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  9. Hey, friend! I put up a review today and it included this show. I gave you credit for getting the show on my radar. I also linked back to this page and told readers to hop over here for the full 4-1-1 on the show. Thanks again for this awesome recommendation!

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