#CurrentlyWatching: Dynasty

I am on a roll, because this week has a theme as well! It’s all about family business, which usually means a lot of drama, backstabbing and generally business equating or overshadowing what one might call regular family life. Today’s show is a perfect example for that and it’s Dynasty!

Dynasty is another remake, because that’s just the kind of time we are living in. My mum still remembers watching the original show, but I can’t say that I do (admittedly, that show aired before my time). You can watch it on the CW or Netflix. I’ve stayed away from promoting shows on the #CurrentlyWatching feature that don’t even have one season out yet, because when I did that last year, some of them got cancelled and I was devastated (RIP No Tomorrow, Emerald City, Sweet/Vicious and Class). But then again, shows are always in danger of getting cancelled no matter what season they are in.

Dynasty follows one of the wealthiest families of America, the Carringtons, as they battle family drama and business scandals alike.

I wasn’t too impressed when I first started the show, which could have something to do with a certain person dying that I would have liked to see on the show for longer, but whatever. It fulfilled about every cliché I could possibly think of for this kind of show and I figured I would soon be bored. But for some reason I stuck with it nonetheless and that was a good decision. If you are looking for something with a lot of over the top drama that gradually escalates over time, then Dynasty is the show for you.

My favourite character so far is probably Fallon Carrington and despite her being far, far from likable, I do have my reasons. First, I love having Elizabeth Gillies on my screen whether it be on Victorious, Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll or now this show, she is always highly enigmatic and worth watching. And second, Fallon is ruthless and ambitious – she is my new Blair Waldorf, who, to this day, is one of my all time favourite characters (despite inconsistencies and Gossip Girl being far from perfect). Both of these women were incredibly strong but with deeply rooted insecurities that surface in a certain mean girl attitude. Where Blair was focused on approval from everyone and her love life, Fallon is all business. I adore that about her, she just wants to make it on her own merits and won’t let anyone or anything get in her way of success. That doesn’t mean she has no love interest, in fact she has two. At first I wasn’t sure who’s side I was on, then it became more clear, but in the end I will just always be Team Fallon.

There’s a couple of things the Carringtons have to deal with, most of them having to do with murder and otherwise illegal activities. One of their biggest opponents through all of this is the Colby family. There is clear history concerning the parents, but we only slowly find out what the kids are up to. There is so much duplicity going on and I am mad about some developments, yet I am not completely against them. Before I make the judgment, I would like to have all the info, because usually there is some reason for vendettas.

Another character who grew on me immensely with time, but definitely not from the beginning, is Sammy Jo. He is Cristal’s nephew and starts living with the Carringtons after having tried to con Steven, Fallon’s brother. He develops such an interesting dynamic with both Carrington siblings, I feel like he has become an invaluable part of the family. Also, he brings all the snark and his banter with the head of the household, Anders, is just hilarious.

As you may have been able to guess by the characters I spotlighted, I don’t care too much for the “grown-ups” aka the life of Blake and Cristal and the likes. There’s still loads of drama there, but often I don’t understand their reasons behind their actions as well as I do with the younger generation, which in turn makes it even harder to relate to them (taking aside the fact that they are super rich and therefore have problems the average person wouldn’t particularly relate to to begin with).

In the end, I think this is either going to be an addictive kind of guilty pleasure for viewers or they will hate it. At least the opinions I have seen so far have been very polarising. I, for one, quite enjoy it and am looking forward to the upcoming episodes.

Are you watching Dynasty? What’s your take on the show?

28 thoughts on “#CurrentlyWatching: Dynasty

  1. I remember my grandmother watching Dynasty right in the hour cartoons were going on on another channel!!! I use to hate it so I never watched the new Dynasty… but you know what? After this post I’ll try to watch it. ❤️

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    • Hahaha I feel your pain! My parents/grandma always wanted to watch something very different to what I wanted to see as well. I suffered through a lot of episodes of the Bold and Beautiful until I could discuss several character’s fates with my grandma at lunch every weekend. I hope this remake will remedy your view of Dynasty and give you better memories 😉

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      • OMG!!! The Bold and Beautiful!!! My goodness those characters had the power to come from the dead in incredible and surprising ways…!!! And the show is still running unbelievable!!! Brooke Logan just couldn’t understand who was she gonna marry next and how many times she married Ridge Forrester… as you can see is childhood trauma 😂😂😂😂

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      • I knooow! They stopped broadcasting it in my country at one point, but the amount of resurrections, illegitimate kids, divorces and marriages were astounding. Also, they changed the actor for Ridge Forrester or one of the main men and he looks NOTHING like the old one. Anyway, I was unfortunately branded by that show as well.


  2. Totally hooked on that show, I ADORE the drama 😏 Fallon is also my favorite character! You’re so right, she’s a bit like Blair. Maybe that’s why I like her so much 😁

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  3. AAAAAAAAAAH I am so happy you featured Dynasty and what the heck is my sister doing before me on this blog post?? I am mad now that she beat me there hahaha 😛
    I’m with you, I was a bit disappointed at the very beginning when a certain character just disappeared right in the second episode – there could have been so much potential there and I would have loved to follow that story, too!
    I love Fallon so muuch and, even if I love it that she’s alone and finding herself and her independance, I will forever be team Culhane, I just love that guy so, so much, he’s adorable, there is something about him that I loveeeeeeeee. Maybe it’s everything? 😛
    Thank you for making me watch this show, as always, ahah. I can’t WAIT for the next episodes.

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  4. This sounds like a really amazing show! I’ve lately been quite interested in anything drama… But I have so little time to watch shows right now, ugh! This is definitely going on the watchlist though 💕

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  5. Love your themes! I honestly had no idea this was a remake- yeah there are a gazillion of those these days. It does sound like fun and I’ve kind of missed watching shows like this, even if it is over the top with drama. And it’s good to have some characters worth investing in. I’ll probably watch this at some point, just cos I’m always curious about shows like this 😉

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  6. I watched the first episode I think and didn’t end up continuing? I wasn’t too interested then but you’ve really piqued my interest again! Maybe I judged too soon haha, I definitely want to try watching more episodes. Fallon sounds so nuanced and awesome, I love it!

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