Kiss, Marry, Kill – TV & Book Edition

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope you have a wonderful day, whether you are with a sweetheart or by yourself like me. This just makes it the perfect occasion for me to do a tag for imaginary relationships, wouldn’t you agree?

I have done the Kiss, Marry, Kill Book Tag before (also on Valentine’s Day … I see a pattern there), but I wanted to switch it up a little. So, instead of doing 10 rounds of books only, I will do 5 TV rounds and 5 book ones. The rules are very simple: you put Goodreads on random to pick the books and then open them at a random page to select a character. For TV shows, I will do a random pool of shows and names and just draw them from a hat or something. Enjoy!


Kiss: Ella (Lucifer) – she is sooo adorable and enthusiastic. I don’t know what that has to do with kissing her, but I do like her.
Marry: Henry (Once Upon a Time) – he was annoying af as a teen, but grown up Henry is amazing.
Kill: Clary (Shadowhunters) – am I even sorry?


Kiss: Four (Divergent) – he’s handsome and broody, so sure, why not?
Marry: Mark Watney (The Martian) – if anyone doubted that I would marry Mark in an instant, do you even know me? He is funny, smart and has wicked survival skills. As an astronaut he probably wouldn’t be home that much, but I think he has enough of outter space for now. Also, I am sure I could prep some meals without potatoes for the rest of my life.
Kill: Vassa (Vassa in the Night) – I just didn’t particularly click with her?


Kiss: Philip (Travelers) – on the show, Philip, Trevor and Marcy are the ones I fancy the most, so I would have kissed any one of those characters if they had come up.
Marry: Elvis (Our Girl) – I wasn’t too particularly happy about this round as a whole. I would marry Elvis though, just because Luke is amazing.
Kill: April (Grey’s Anatomy) – I am so sorry, April!! I did not want to kill you at all!!!


Kiss: Theo (A Million Worlds With You) – I just love Theo so much, but he is kind of a player. So a kiss suffices.
Marry: Sevro (Red Rising) – that man is so smelly and gross, but I love him? I’d SO marry him!
Kill: Matthias (Six of Crows) – so … uhm … there was a thought process behind this, but I am scared to say it.


Kiss: Robert (The Royals) – he might be evil, but he is still super handsome and one of my favourite fictional psychos.
Marry: Karen (The Punisher) – I adore Karen! Neither the Punisher nor Daredevil would be the same without her. Enough said.
Kill: Esme (The Gifted) – she’s such a manipulative and mean spirit. Having her around only means trouble, so … you get my drift.


Kiss: Gansey (Blue Lily, Lily Blue) – Gansey is my least favourite Raven boy … so yeah, but he constantly dies and I don’t want to kill him even more.
Marry: Shahrzad (The Rose & the Dagger) – She’d be the best wife! And the bedtime stories would be epic.
Kill: Carver (Goodbye Days) – I just kind of forgot what his personality was like?


I just want to say that I hate this round so much. I want to marry them all and this isn’t fair.

Kiss: Amberle (The Shannara Chronicles) – still not over what happened to her.
Marry: Will (Sense8) – I know from firsthand experience that Will is a formidable hugger. That is a great quality in a husband to have, aside from his obvious kindness and all around great character.
Kill: Grace (Peaky Blinders) – The only reason I chose her was because she lied to Tommy in the beginning and that vexed me.


Kiss: Quentin (The Epic Crush of Genie Lo) – I wonder how it would be to kiss someone much shorter than me?
Marry: Warner (Ignite Me) – Warner is a good guy at heart. I doubt he would ever want to be with anyone other than Juliette, but we are just pretending she doesn’t exist in this scenario.
Kill: Tamlin (A Court of Thorns and Roses) – is he the worst ever? No … but I still don’t want him near me.


Kiss: Brainiac 5 (Supergirl) – I like him. He brings a fresh and slightly comedic element to the show, even if the looks aren’t really like they used to be in the comics. Nonetheless, I do not like him enough to marry him.
Marry: Takeshi (Altered Carbon) – Honestly, I wasn’t sure which picture to pick, because he wore so many sleeves. But I like him and he seems like such a loyal soul.
Kill: Veronica (Riverdale) – I am over the trash fire that is Riverdale.


Kiss: Rachel (Words in Deep Blue) – sweet girl, I am down.
Marry: Benvolio (Still Star-Crossed) – can I pretty please have the TV version of him??
Kill: Farley (Glass Sword) – I am just not a huge fan of her. Would I have killed her in another scenario? I am not sure, but in this round she was the least painful to pick.

I am not going to tag anyone specifically, but if you feel like this is something you’d enjoy – YOU ARE HEREBY TAGGED! (and it’s a tag that works for any other day than Valentine’s Day as well) What did you think of my picks?

84 thoughts on “Kiss, Marry, Kill – TV & Book Edition

  1. “I am over the trash fire that is Riverdale” HAHAHAHA I watched the first episode and I just couldn’t do it. I heard the second season is worse so nope, not continuing. Also I TOTALLY FORGOT STILL STAR CROSSED WAS A THING! I was so hyped for it when I saw the trailers last year. Will have to check it out now!

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  2. I would pick Theo to kiss just as well, even if he’s a bit of a player, I mean, it’s just one kiss so…. 😛 I don’t know how you can possibly kiss Robert, though, I’d want to PUNCH the guy hahahaha, I’m just so mad at him all the time haha. Also, when is the royals coming baaaaack I need it ahah.
    And yes to kissing Rachel from Words in Deep Blue and Shahrzad would make the best wife, she’s such an amazing character! 🙂
    Lovely answers, Kat! 😀

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    • You know me! I still LOVE Robert, no matter how evil he turned. He crossed a line when he messed with Jaspenor and I will never forgive him for that, but quite frankly Liam had some of that stuff coming. Y’all protect Liam too much. He was a jerk last season.

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      • Yes. I’m sorry, I can’t help it. I mean just look at Liam’s face 😂 (I might also have my Narnia period and fangirling moments over him a while ago having an influence on me here too 😂)

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      • I loved him so much in Narnia as well, but at the same time I was bitter because he never answered to my letter and didn’t send me an autograph. I got one from the guy who played his brother, Ben Barnes who was Caspian and James McAvoy and the last one came three years after I sent the letter. So, William definitely could have sent it whenever haha

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      • I was really disappointed about that. There was little old me, spending time on writing a nice letter and money on postage and return postage and then there just never came a reply. ALSO, he totally retweeted one of my tweets and THEN TOOK IT BACK. That is SO rude, because I get the notification of him engaging with me on Twitter, just to see that he deleted it again!?! That’s why I have no problem seeing Liam’s actions as shit hahahaha

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  3. Loved your answers but yoooo time out. Henry in OUAT grew up????? That kid annoyed the fck outta me when I watched the show (I gave up right when he got kidnapped and the whole Peter Pan story arc was kicking in). I hear the show is getting cancelled or something. I’d say it’s a good thing to be honest hahah Although the women in that show 😍😍 Did you also finish Peaky Blinders???? 😛

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    • Okay, so I need to explain a little for OUAT. In Season 6 Emma’s storyline completely ended and the show sort of rebooted with a focus on grown up Henry and his family. The reboot really brought some fresh air into the whole thing. A couple people were miscast but as a whole, I ADORED the reboot in Season 7. I hung out on set A LOT and Andrew J. West, who plays the new Henry, was my favourite person there. He is suuuuuuper nice. I am actually devastated that it won’t go on.
      HECK YES! I think I finished Peaky Blinders in a total of two days. Tomorrow’s #CurrentlyWatching is all about it haha

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      • Oh snap, I see! Well it stinks that the show is getting cancelled then. Although I would love to see a future reboot of the series that would adapt the Fables comic books series though! 😁

        Oh yay!!! I also asked cause your answer to one of them about Grace was sort of ironic hahahah I can’t wait for next season!!!! I hear it might be the last one, which makes sense to end it all there! 😂

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      • Ooooh, I know Fables! My comic book seller recommended it to me.

        The thing with that particular round is that two out of three characters were already dead or in a dead-like state that yeah .. I didn’t want to kill anyone twice.

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    • Hannah, I could not have killed Elvis or Philip in that round! April was the only option. I did not want to do it though, you have to believe me.
      Me during the entire first season of Peaky Blinders “STAY AWAY FROM THAT WOMAN, TOMMY! She is playing you. She will break your heart. The betrayal is reeeeeeal.” but he loved her nonetheless, so I was just devastated in season 2. So much emotional trauma with that show.

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  4. I agree with so many of your answers for this tag Kat (mainly the book choices because I am so behind on the TV shows I need to watch it is unbelievable!) I would definitely choose Tamlin for Kill, I think no matter what other characters I got that round it’s the only option right? I’m very curious now how Matthias ended up as Kill, and yes definitely Marry Sevro, he’s my favourite character from the Red Rising Saga and honestly I love him so much (if anything happens to him in books five and six I will cry).
    Great post, and great answers as well. 🙂 ❤️

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  5. This is AWESOME!! Love your answers!! I really agree about Henry- I’ve fallen in love with OUAT again this season after skipping the last one (not even remotely sorry about that) and I ship Henry and Cinderella to the ends of the earth!! nah don’t be sorry about Clary. Good choice with Four and one hundred percent agree for Mark!! Sevro is definitely the one I’d pick to marry!! Though I’m so surprised to see Matthias there- really want to know why? (don’t worry, I won’t judge!) Oh gosh yes to killing Esme. hahah I hear you about Gansey- though to be fair, he might just die if you kiss him anyway 😉 Ah yes I’d pick Warner too.

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    • I love Season 7 so much and I am so bitter that they are ending it now. Of course ratings would drop after half the main cast left, but I think the story is much fresher and has way more energy than the original run had in the final seasons.
      So, you read both books for the Six of Crow duology, right? So, since I couldn’t really make any good decisions about who to kill in that round, I just thought you can’t kill someone twice? Meaning, he’s already dead no matter what I choose??

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      • Ah I know- I really agree with you- it’s finally picked up again and I always felt like there were imperfections in the original series anyway- this one feels like its ironing out all the kinks.
        Yeah I did- hahaha I figured that might be it and that makes so much sense!!!

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      • I was in such a shock when I heard they’d get cancelled. I mean, in my heart, I knew it would happen because fans were super bitter after Emma etc. left, but still. It means I will most likely not get to run into Andrew J. West (aka grown up Henry) should I return to Vancouver and he is the NICEST person to ever exist. He actually remembers you and he greeted me personally every time we were both on set. He didn’t like know my name, but he said hi and waved to me and he didn’t have to do that. The others didn’t.
        Glad you understand!

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      • Ah yes I was so shocked, cos honestly I didn’t watch season 6 (was that the one before this?) and I thought this was *such* a big improvement. I was so disappointed to find out that it’s not carrying on (actually this is one show both me and my sister watch and she actually screamed in frustration) Aww my goodness you met him!? He’s such a cutie!! That’s so so lovely!! I feel even sadder that we’re not getting more of him- I hope he gets an even bigger role!!

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      • Yes, season 6 was before this. I think I skipped parts of season 5 and then picked back up at 6 to see how it ends. It got a bit better again, but it was never explicitly good. The best thing about it was Rumpel and Belle’s son, Gideon, who I wanted to see more of, but alas … now he won’t be joining the show again.
        And Andrew is such a sweetheart. There was this one time, where my friend insists he specifically talked to me and asked how I was doing. SO NICE. And there was this group of fans between us once and I wanted to get a picture with him, so I signaled if he was up for it. I just wanted to know if he was in a rush, but he walked around the entire group, had to step over cabels and walk on the street, because the sidewalk was too crowded and all that to take a picture with me. Needless to say that I printed that one out and hung it on the wall in my room haha I wish him ALL the best for his future!

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      • Oh gosh 5 was bad- I gave up after that. Did he come up in 7? There are parts this season that have muddled me a bit, so I did try to watch some of 6, but haven’t got through a whole episode.
        Omg that’s so nice!! Oh my goodness- he sounds like the biggest sweetheart!! Me too!! 🙂

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      • Gideon was in one episode of Season 7, but didn’t interact with grown up Henry. There was just him going off to school or something. Also, in Season 6, Gideon was evil for a while and I was living for it. The dark clothes just fit him very well hahahaha
        He IS such a sweetheart. ❤ not like the grumpy cat that is Hook (also have a story about him, where I thought he was shouting at me, but he didn't and I got scared for my life). Regina was very nice and considerate. She made sure she got a picture with everyone before she left. And the girl who plays Alice didn't really say anything. Cinderella is very bubbly irl and a bit all over the place. She and Lucy waved at us once though.

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      • Ahh that’s why it sounds vaguely familiar. Well I like the sound of that tbh- that’s a cool twist. LOL! ❤ hahahaha oh my goodness- did he have the hook? JK- but I imagine that he could seem scary. Oh that's really nice. Oh gosh you have all the inside info- this is so cool!!!

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      • I am in story mode now, so I am just going to say it how it was. I got to set early and they were still setting up. Little old me always loved swing sets, so I went to the playground that seemed to have a good view of the set and started swinging. After a while security came to sweep the playground, which told me that they would film there. I ASKED if I could stay and they were like “yeah, you are good. We will let you know as soon as we start filming and you have to move.” Now I watch as more people aka actors arrive. I am still swinging nonchalantly and all of a sudden Hook screams “HEY! YOU! STOP!” and runs in my direction. I stopped dead in my tracks. My heart nearly stopped and my head just went “they were supposed to tell you when to move!?!?!?” all the while, I hadn’t realised that Alice had come up to the playground and that Hook was shouting it at her and that he was running towards her because they were in fact rehearsing their scene. I didn’t know what to do. Should I just leave or would that be more distracting than if I stayed on my swing? I tentatively looked at the security and they were very sweet and said I did nothing wrong but that I should probably move now. I sat down in the middle of the crew. I was the only “fan” on set. Andrew even said hi to me in the middle of crew, which was very nice, but Hook just walked past without so much as a look. He hates it when you are in his eyeline while filming too.

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      • hahahaha omg that is the best story!!! 😂😂😂 Also- I really relate- I’ve always loved swing sets and if no one’s around I just can’t resist lol 😉 😂 But then what ended up happening was so funny!! That was really nice of Andrew 🙂 Yeah I’ve heard actors can get pretty touchy about some things. Really great story!!

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      • It is among my top stories while being in Vancouver. But the peoples from OUAT knew me or at least recognised me by the end. I even got a free rubber bracelet from the leaf lady (woman who is responsible for the botany on set, but lovingly called leaf lady by the fans) and when I saw her completely unrelated in the downtown area, she stopped to chat for a bit and said goodbye with “see you on set”. That is all part of why I am so devastated that the show won’t be coming back there and that I will miss their last couple days of filming.

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  6. I agree with all these and this tag seems like a lot of fun, I might steal it in the near future! ❤
    Also, I laughed a bit when you mentioned Riverdale, I've tried watching the first few episodes, but got annoyed with all the characters and I had to give up on watching because I didn't like anyone.
    Shahrzad is such a queen, I'm glad to know you love her as much as I do!

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    • I was actually on board with Riverdale in the first season, but then they just messed it up big time with the finale and I was like “I defended you fools” now I still watch it but season 2 somehow managed to get worse? And I don’t even know how that is possible.
      Shazi is queen!!!


  7. Kat I died at ‘Gansey is my least favourite Raven boy … so yeah, but he constantly dies and I don’t want to kill him even more.’ 😂😂 I think that’s really nice of you 😛 Also I feel you on Riverdale. It had so much potential but uggh

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  8. Ahahah this was so much fun!! I love Theo so much. And SEVRO YES!! He might be gross but he’s the best. *sobs for Matthias* Shahrzad!! Yes!! She is just AMAZING. Also hahha at Carver, I totally agree, I didn’t even remember his name, oops. The book was good, though! AND WARNER!! He has some issues but I still love him so much ❤️ I haven’t watched the recent episodes of Riverdale ahah… I started the second season but I was just getting so over it?? I’m not sure if I should catch up haha.

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    • I didn’t want to kill Matthias, but I figured this round it was the most justified answer. Especially considering the outcome of Crooked Kingdom …
      Riverdale … ugh … trash fire was really the accurate way to describe it. Just no! Analee, you are not missing out! These people have made a travesty out of the show. There’s serial killers and teenagers stripping and doing web cam services, just big fat NO!

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      • Very true! I get it, it’s the logical answer? (Crooked Kingdom killlllled me) Oh my gosh GROSS what happened??? I’m relieved to know I won’t have to waste time on that ughhhh. It’s sad cause I was quite interested in the first season!

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