Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Feb 12-18)

February definitely moves a whole lot faster than January, because I can’t believe how far along we already are. I hope you had a good week and here are some trailers for you now!


Incredibles 2

Let’s face it, this is the movie we’ve all been waiting for! Still bummed the kids didn’t grow up at all, but the baby is going to be so brilliant in this one.

Ready Player One

I can see changes from the book, but it looks really epic.

The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society

This is like a Downton Abbey reunion movie or something and I am all here for it. I just want to read the book before watching the movie.


Is this how King Kong started?


I think it’s going to be cute, but it just still won’t be the original.

Uncle Drew

The make up to make him look old looks so fake …

A Quiet Place

The silence is just going to make it all the more scary. I just know it.


The Last Movie Star

I can see this being really heartfelt.

The Grinch

TV Shows

The Royals (Season 4)

They need to give me more Willow. She is my absolute favourite aside from Jaspenor and they barely include her in the promos at all …

The Arrangement (Season 2)

The first season was only meh, but I am curious to see what happens next.

A Series of Unfortunate Events (Season 2)

Can’t wait!

The Innocents

I have NO idea what this is about but it looks epic and dark.

Animal Kingdom (Season 3)

I need to catch up so bad! I missed half of Season 2, but I am on a Peaky Blinders withdrawal and Finn Cole as Jay might be able to fix that?

Love (Season 3)

Maybe with the final season coming out, I will finally start watching this.

Claws (Season 2)

Did anyone watch the first season?

Atlanta (Season 2)

It looks real good.

Famous in Love (Season 2)

Yeah, those short promos don’t tell me anything.

Shadowhunters (Season 3)

Malec is the only good thing left about this show. Don’t deny it!

Timeless (Season 2)

Still so very glad that fans saved this show.


I am still not sure Freeform knows how to role with this kind of story. (also, daily reminder that mermaids are not sirens)

How are you doing? What are you watching? Let’s chat!

57 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Feb 12-18)

  1. I’m really exited about Incredibles 2! I LOVED the first movie (like many other people did). I really want to re-watch it some time soon, to get even more exited about the sequel. 😀 I agree that Ready Player One looks epic! I’m hoping that it will be epic in the full version as well. I’m definitely looking forward to that movie.
    I still haven’t watched A Series of Unfortunate Events for some reason. I definitely NEED to get to that, it looks amazing and I have heard good things about it.

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    • I really liked Incredibles too, I might give it a watch before the new one as well.
      As for A Series of Unfortunate Events, I don’t know if you read the books, but I ADORED this version of Uncle Monty. And the cinematography is beautiful. I never quite got used to Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf (he just felt like a dressed up Barney Stinson … which is a person I cannot take seriously), but I still enjoyed it very much. There’s some really good twists in there.

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      • I have read all the books! Uncle Monty was generally one of my favourites and I can’t wait to see this version of him. I don’t think I will have a problem with Neil Patrick Harris playing Count Olaf, as I have never watched much of How I Met Your Mother (I think I just saw 3-4 episodes of it).

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  2. Woo the incredibles, still can’t believe we had to wait so long after the first ended the way it did. I mean you have to elaborate on it guys, and faster.

    Also not sure how I feel about Overboard the whole new spin. Most definitely will not beat or get close to the original but I might watch it. I cringed a bit at parts though in the trailer

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  3. They should just make Malec the main characters and forget about the others! I gave up on the series after the first season, oops 😀 But I’m so excited for The Incredibles 2! I just know it’s going to be awesome ❤

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  4. Ahhh SO excited for The Incredibles 2!! 😍 Also I’ve heard a lot about Ready Player One! The trailer looks super cool. I should get onto reading the book! I see from previous comments Shadowhunters isn’t really worth watching, so I don’t feel too bad about stopping in the middle of the first season. Though I really want to see Malec happen! But I’m too unmotivated to watch the show haha. It’s sad, cause I actually really love the books! Also, I’m SO excited for a Series of Unfortunate Events. I loved reading those books so much and the TV show is so much better than the movie adaptation. I can’t wait! Great post, Kat! Thank you for keeping us updated on these trailers as always ahah. 🙈

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    • Ready Player One is kind of a modern classic, at least that’s what it feels like. I personally didn’t love the book. I had some issues with the pacing and .. well, the main character. But the majority of people I know love it.
      Also, I am pretty sure you could find a chronological playlist for all Malec scenes on Youtube hahaha
      ASOUE is the bomb! I met the old lady twins at the bus stop and they really talk all tangled up with each other irl.


  5. Oh my goodness, I hear you about the whole growing up thing, but I just couldn’t be more hyped for Incredibles 2!! And I psyched for Ready Player One too- changes and all 😉 Love the look of the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society. Yeah I still watch the Malec scenes on youtube… and nothing else lol 😉 Wait Timeless was in danger of being cancelled?! I’m so glad that didn’t end up happening!! I’ve been looking forward to it coming back!

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    • Oh, you have NO idea about Timeless!!! It WAS cancelled. But then the fans rallied and two days later they took it back. If only that happened for most the shows I care about hahaha
      And I am definitely pumped for the Incredibles 2 as well, I jsut feel like it’s been years .. and that should reflect in sooome ways?

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      • OH MY GOD!! That’s crazy- I wish that happened with every cancelled show- but to be fair that’s so bonkers they cut that one- there was no reason *not to* bring it back.
        Yeah I agree with you… although admittedly I’m already hoping they’ll do an Incredibles 3 haha!

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      • It was entirely silly, I don’t even know why they bothered announcing the cancellation in the first place. Fans can be very effective though, so that’s good to know. It also gave us the Sense8 special (even though I would have preferred a full Season 3)

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      • I think it has to do a lot with networks getting increasingly unstable in their airing schedule. They’ll start a show, air two episodes, do a three week break, air three episodes and go on break again. And they didn’t just do that with one show but it happened across the board. Honestly, if they need the live watching ratings to go up, they’ll have to do better than that. It’s like they set the shows up to fail.

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      • Ah yeah that makes sense. I do see that happen a lot and it’s definitely put me off shows before- if I’m only semi-invested in a show and I have to wait too long for the next episode then I could give up (thank goodness for bingeing 😉 )

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  6. INCREDIBLES 2!!! We have waited so long for this moment, but I definitely agree with you with the ages, I wish we could see them a bit more grow up instead of being the same age as they were in the original.

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  8. Incredibles gets another movie??? Oh my lord, I know I’m late to the party but holy hell!! I loved and still love that movie!! So!!! Damn!!! Much!!!! Jeez I’m excited. Thanks for sharing!

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