Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Feb 19-25)

I honestly barely remember what I have done this week, except that I watched Black Panther and I keep dreaming about gorillas every single night since (there must be some correlation there, right? M’Baku and the Jabari tribe anyone?). It was fantastic and I am so glad everyone loves this movie, because it deserves all the attention. However, now on to some new trailers and such!


On Chesil Beach

I’d watch absolutely anything with Saoirse Ronan in it. ANYTHING.


This looks really good! I just definitely didn’t expect Daniel Craig to show up.


Aweee, are dance movies coming back?

Final Portrait

I might have shown that trailer already at some point … but Armie.

The Happys

Is it just me or is this trailer all over the place?

I Can Only Imagine

Oh boy, those music movies are always trying to be so inspiring.

Izzy Gets The F*ck Across Town

Such a mess.

The Outsider

People really like to use Ruelle for trailer music.

The Forgiven

Sometimes I have such a hard time ignoring prosthetics.

Flint Town

Documentary of the week.

TV Shows

Lost in Space

It’s in space. I’d watch it!


I CANNOT WAIT! It’s like a kind of Mindy Project reunion and I am here for it.

Timeless (Season 2)

I think those are like all the Timeless teasers in one.

Jessica Jones (Season 2)

LOL, who made her go to anger management?


I thought this was a film, but it’s a mini-series.

Legion (Season 2)

They know how to do creepy promos!

The Expanse (Season 3)

I kind of stopped watching this in season 1, so I have no idea what’s happening.

How are you doing? What are you watching? Let’s chat!


27 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Feb 19-25)

  1. Thoughts:
    1. The Outsider: I might watch that. You know I’m a Japan nut.
    2. Lost in Space: I can’t believe they’re rebooting this, and I’ll wait to hear what people think before I make a final decision to watch it or not.
    3. Jessica Jones: Just a little over a week until the new season.

    As for what I’m watching these days, I’m actually working my way through an anime on Netflix. I kind of prefer the manga, which I read, but the anime has its charms too.


  2. I really like the look of On Chesil Beach (which surprised me cos I hated the book)- I think it has a lot to do with how much I like the actress too. ooh dance movies- fun! Yay Timeless, Jessica Jones and Legion- I so enjoyed season 1 of all of those! 😀

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  3. I find it funny that people are hating on Leto for that Yakuza movie. It seems pretty accurate considering the premise is about an OUTSIDER who joins the yakuza… Why would anyone want an Asian in that role hahah and hell ye to LEGIIIIOOON!!! Can’t wait. 😀

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  4. The problem I find with dance films is that I always end up comparing it to Step Up, which is my go-to dance film! I’ve just finished Legion and I cannot wait to see where the second series takes us. It’s one of those shows where I can’t really predict where it will go because it’s so quirky.

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    • I so hear you! I have a couple dance movies I adore and always compare the others to. I worship Step Up and I can roll with Step Up 2 the Streets, but while I still enjoyed the other movies, they weren’t that amazing. I also really liked Center Stage and LXD (the Legion of extraordinary dancers – which is a web show).

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