The Cliché Book Tag

The workshops I am doing are kind of messing with my schedule a little, so there might be a slight decrease in terms of posts during March. That’s not the case just yet though, so I want to thank Andie @Andrea’s Nirvana for tagging me to do the Cliché Book Tag! Enjoy my take on it!

Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

A Book That Wasn’t Or Couldn’t Be Better Than The Movie.

It’s rare that the movie is better than the book, but it does happen! I have a couple go-to-movies that I definitely enjoyed more than their literary counterparts.

The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side.

A Rags To Riches Or Riches To Rags Story.

The story of the Great Gatsby is like the ultimate Rags to Riches tale, right? At least I think so.

The Apple Does Not Fall Far From The Tree.

A Parent Child Relationship That You Love

It often feels like parents are either underrepresented in books (meaning they are entirely absent) or they are just very bad parents. I just think that’s so silly. You can still write a great story with teens where parents are involved but not there all the time, yet they still care. In my opinion, Call Me By Your Name did this absolutely splendidly. That final monologue by the dad always gets me!

You Can’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover.

A Great Book That Needs A Better Cover.

This took a lot more thinking than I thought it would. *whispers* It’s probably because I am such a big cover snob.
Okay, so I don’t own the cover to the left, but I am all the happier for it because the My Lady Jane version to the right is so much prettier.

You Can’t Please Everyone.

A Book You Hate That Everyone Loves.

I am sorry, but I just don’t particularly like Ready Player One. Hate is a strong word. I don’t hate it and I am excited for the movie, because the visuals are going to be amazing, but the book was a disappointment. The pacing was off, I was bored a lot and I really disliked the main character. He was insufferable. Sorry …

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger.

What’s A Book That Made You A Better Person For Having Read It.

All of my reading has changed me in one way or another, but I guess I can point out some particular books that I feel have made me better!



I am sure there are loads of other books that I am missing right now, but we can chat about those in the comments.

Love Is Blind.

A Book With A Disabled Character Or Actual Blind Love.

I once read a book where a deaf girl fell in love with a rockstar and it was a really brilliant book. Definitely give Tone Deaf a try, or read my review here if you want to know more!

Ignorance Is Bliss.

A Book That Is Bad But You Just Don’t Want To Admit It.

Yo, you can say whatever you want about the Twilight books, but they meant a lot to 13 year-old-me. So, who cares if they were good or bad. They gave me and my friends something to talk about and revived the vampire genre. I am fine with that. (The movies are a whooooole other matter!)

There Is No Time Like The Present.

What Is Your Favorite Contemporary Book?

This question is so unfair! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO PICK JUST ONE!??! I am going to stand in front of my shelf and randomly point at a contemporary and that’s going to be the answer.

*drum roll*

Words in Deep Blue it is!

Better Safe Than Sorry.

A Book You Don’t Want To Read In Case It’s Bad.

I am glad this is the final question, because I thought I’d run out of answers a lot sooner. Anyway, I don’t think there’s a book out there that I don’t want to read because I am scared it’s bad. Am I sometimes worried that hype will ruin the experience? Sure. But in the end that rarely stops me. It just delays me reading it for a bit.


What did you think of my answers? How would you have responded to some of them? Let’s chat!