Trailers You Might Have Missed … (April 2-8)

So, the first week of April has come and gone and I honestly do not know where time went. It’s like I blink and another week is over. Anyway, here are the trailers I found!


Avengers: Infinity War

I have no words for how I excited I am about this.

The Honor List

Arden Cho better not just be there in the beginning.

Modern Life is Rubbish

Well, this is a mini Skins reunion.

Night School

Kevin Hart movies are kind of always the same? But everyone still seems to like watching them.

Ideal Home

I’d watch it for Paul Rudd, but I am scared it’s going to get into some very stereotypical stuff that’s just not going to be actually funny.

Johnny English Strikes Again

I honestly didn’t need this.

How to Talk to Girls at Parties

This is just plain weird.


Most of the comments just were about the main actors looking like a rip-off of Tom Hardy.

Adventures in Public School

Uhm .. interesting parenting style?

Lean on Pete

Horse stories are always sad.

TV Shows

3% (Season 2)

It looks awesome! I cannot wait.

Quantico (Season 3)

Huh, didn’t know this was still on.

What are you watching these days? Did any of the trailers above catch your eye? Let’s chat!

32 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (April 2-8)

  1. AVENGERS!!! SO EXCITED FOR THIS ONE. Admittedly I still need to watch Black Panther, but I’ve got plenty of time to do that haha. I still stand by my prediction that Iron Man will die (or Captain America, but that thought hurts too much).
    Now, why on earth do we need another Johnny English movie? Beyond the first one, I just don’t understand the love for this franchise.

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  2. Thoughts:
    1. Avengers: Infinity War: I can’t wait either!
    2. How to Talk to Girls at Parties: Yeah, weird is the word for it. Also, which Fanning sister is that?
    3. Upgrade: I thought that was Tom Hardy.
    4. Adventures in Public School: I like Judy Greer when I see her in something. But I don’t think I’ll see her in this.

    Also, I haven’t started the second season of A Series of Unfortunate Events yet. I got an anime series from the library, and I had to binge through that before I could start on ASOUE. Hopefully now I can start on that if not tonight, then tomorrow.

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  3. *WOW* that infinity war trailer!! hehe I’d watch Ideal Home for Steve Coogan πŸ˜‰ Yeah I don’t think anyone was crying out for another Johnny English movie. And why are horse movies always sad? (I mean, it’s true, they are, but why?)

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  4. I’m honestly so excited for Night School. I’m such a Kevin Hart fan aha, also I watched Girls Trip and think him and Tiffany will be SO good in this movie together, she was so funny in that.
    Also did not know they were making ANOTHER johnny english, the first was funny. The second was just ugh, so stupid they end up being cringe

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  5. I am SO excited for Infinity War and yet so teriffied of it??? Shit will most likely go down and I r e a l l y don’t want my faves to die?? Send help ples.

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