How I See Myself as a Fictional Character Tag

I’ve been a little absent so you get two posts on the same day! As someone who tends to make up fictional characters a lot as well as fictional identities that could fit into her favourite shows, I saw the How I See Myself as a Fiction Character Tag and immediately wanted to do it. That’s why I am all the more grateful that Melissa @Bookish Wanderer basically read my mind and tagged me for it.

It’s really rather easy, you just make up a fictional life you’d want to have and accompany it with loads of aesthetics for the categories that are mentioned. As Melissa mentioned in her post, it’s not about complaining about your own life, but having a bit of fun playing pretend. I am quite happy with the person I am and the things, events and people that have got me to where I am today, but I still think this will be really entertaining to make. Let’s do this!


Don’t make me explain this one, because I literally can’t. It just came up in one of my daydreams and stuck.


I don’t mind having brown eyes and brown hair, although I’d like to have the latter a tad shorter and more controlled wavy than my mess. Also, a tan would be nice? Because no matter what I do, I do not tan …


I want to do both, wear something super whimsical but also casual and comfortable regularly.


I guess my personality would consist of pretty much the regular things that comprise me now as well? Sometimes moody, loving nerd culture and being a bit quirky.


There will never be a version of me, fictional or not, that doesn’t like books, the ocean, taking a bath to relax and whimsy locations.


Small and miraculously affordable apartment in Vancouver!



This is NOT part of the original tag, but I felt like pictures can only say SO much and I wanted to give a little background here and there. In my mind, Eden is a little more jaded than me because she has been through more rough stuff, but still never lost her love for the whimsical and pretty things in life. She’s used to being by herself and cherishes that. I cannot imagine her being out and about going to the clubs at night and I don’t think I ever suggested that with my images (also, Vancouver doesn’t have the most outrageous nightlife scene to begin with). I can see her working in a non-chain coffeeshop where she gets to talk to customers and makes friends with the regulars. She knows her job isn’t the be all end all, but it gets her the cash she needs to spend the free time she has doing the things she loves. Eden is free and confident, living her best life.


Marie | Marta | Michelle | ANYONE WHO WANTS TO DO THE TAG!

What did you think of my fictional persona “Eden”? Have you ever made up someone in your mind? Let’s chat!

49 thoughts on “How I See Myself as a Fictional Character Tag

  1. Eden sounds like the person I would love to know in real life!
    I have made some fictional characters for my stories and setting and one of them is actually my alter ego but I am totally useless when it comes to aesthetics and design in general.

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  2. Oh what a beautiful tag, Kat, I love it so much – and your aesthetics are soooo pretty, I’m so in love with the one about your small apartment in Vancouver. definitely a dream ❀ and that quote, "it's not your job to be everyone's everything", yeah so that totally speaks to me hahahahaha.
    This is such a original tag, thank you so much for thinking of me! ❀

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  3. Oh I absolutely love this tag (I may have to steal it and take part myself) and I love the sound of your fictional character persona as well Kat. These are brilliant aesthetics as well, the dress sense is kind of like my own dress sense I have to admit, and I can’t imagine any aspect of myself not loving books either. πŸ™‚
    I make up people in my head all the time, kind of one of the side effects of being a writer, but yeah I make up fictional versions of myself too. Normally they live out scenarios I’m too nervous to go for myself; so there’s a version of me who made all the choices I never did, and is probably living a life very differently to mine but still a good one. πŸ™‚
    Again great post and great tag! πŸ˜€ ❀

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    • Thanks again so much for tagging me! I had so much fun with this πŸ˜€ and I love how much the name seems to resonate with people. Maybe I’ll use it as my pen name should I ever publish a book haha my real name (especially last name) is so hard to pronounce.
      And Vancouver is my love! I’d move there in a second if it was an option.

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  4. I’m finally getting around to commenting on this awesome post!! I can’t wait to do this as soon as I’m back home and with my photoshop. Eden seems like a lovely girl, I’d love to hang out with her πŸ˜‚ but then I’d love to hang out with Kat as well, sooo.
    I loved your aesthetics and yaay for Vancouver! I so knew it was going to be included somehow πŸ˜‚

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    • Well, there’s a lot of Kat in Eden? I think she’s just a more carefree person with less responsibilities haha THE DREAM! I really find myself blossoming when I don’t have to have to make that much of an effort all the time. But I know that I’d get annoyed with a barista or server job, otherwise I’d just do that and do whatever the heck I wanted in my free time.


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