Trailers You Might Have Missed … (April 16-22)

It’s Sunday, so I hope you know what that means – a fresh batch of trailers! I know it’s been a little quiet on the blog lately and I am sorry for not visiting yours more often, but I hope to get some motivation and inspiration in the upcoming week again.


Crazy Rich Asians

I wish the full trailer was out already, but that’s tomorrow … it still looks fantastic!

Hotel Artemis

It looks amazing!

Deadpool 2

I remember that huge panda?

Candy Jar

I’d watch this!


I just wanted to be like “LAFAYETTE” but this is some real serious and intense stuff!


People technically already hack humans because a lot of medical equipment can be hacked? But this is next level stuff …

A Prayer Before Dawn

It’s John Shelby! The sole reason I clicked on the trailer …

The Delinquent Season

Wait a minute! Thomas Shelby AND Moriarty? Count me in.

The Equalizer 2

I didn’t know there was a sequel?

Life of the Party

“Harrison Ford blew up the Death Star and freed the Galaxy. What have you done Dan?”

Social Animals

Could be a good indie flick.

Carter & June

I like weird heist movies.


It seems like such a simple premise, but I bet it’s one of those movies with a great message.

TV Shows

The Innocents

This is my kind of weird mystery show.

Dear White People (Season 2)

I know that opinions are divided on this one, but I really liked the first season. I can’t wait for what’s next.

Glow (Season 2)

YAS! They are back.


NBC is terrible at keeping shows like this for the long run, even if I think they look fantastic.


It’s Dexter meets Taken??

How has your week been? What of the above things are you going to watch?

29 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (April 16-22)

  1. Week was hectic but the weekend was fine! I m terribly behind at TV watching, trying to finish The Last Kingdom and then I might give The Chalet a chance. GLOW was a bit of let down only watched 2-3 episodes, they were very slow maybe will watch it later. I am quite hyped about the film Disobedience, I don’t know when it will be available here (if at all).

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  2. 1. Hotel Artemis: Looks like fun. But I’m starting to get the feeling that Sofia Boutella is getting typecast. Every time I see her in something, she’s a femme fatale of sorts, whether she’s working for a crazed environmentalist, is an undead queen, or she’s whatever she is in this film.
    2. Deadpool 2: *screams with excitement*
    3. Anon: Oooh. Looks like it could be right up my alley.

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  3. I’m so excited for Dear White People season 2 🙂 I loved season 1 and have been anticipating new episodes ever since haha. Can’t wait to binge it even though I should probably be productive that day 😛

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  4. I always feel so guilty for not being so active on the blogosphere! I’m also one of the few that still haven’t seen Deadpool despite owning the DVD for it!! I love the love of Blindspotting as well.

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  5. […] Kat @Life and Other Disasters – what do you mean I’m biased because we’re friends??? Kat is the most friendly person I know, she always makes me feel comfortable and I remember how easily it was for us to become friends because of how she is (because I’m way more difficult to befriend, sorry) .  she’s the coolest, most amazing, perfect girl ever. […]


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