Restore Me by Tahereh Mafi (Book Review)

Publisher: Electric Monkey
Page Count
: 448

CW: anxiety, panic attacks, transphobia, recollections of abuse, depression, mention of suicide

Restore Me is the continuation of the Shatter Me series (I once talked about it way, way back in the day and you can read that post here) and I got to read it with my very good friend Marie @Drizzle and Hurricane Books. Definitely stay on the lookout for her review in the near future!

When I first heard the announcement for the new additions to the series, I was both super excited and dreaded their release at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adored the original Shatter Me trilogy, but they were tied up nice enough for me. Obviously there was room for more to tell, but I was a little worried about whether the things to come were really necessary and afraid that they might change my feelings towards characters I love. I think Tahereh Mafi managed to truly create another plot element that made sense to the history of the characters and at least I wasn’t disappointed in that area.

I wish I could say this book was everything I had dreamed of, but that would be the overstatement of the year. It took me quite a while until I was really back in that world. Something about the writing style has changed and didn’t feel as enchanting and unique as it used to. I think that’s really a shame, because the writing style is what made the original trilogy so special to me and made me want to revisit it time and time again. Also, I felt myself being far more impatient with the characters than I used to be, annoyed at their utter lack of communication. They kept tiptoeing around each other, assuming things that sometimes weren’t even true or just plain exaggerating for … drama? I don’t even know.

As much as I just complained, it was nice to have the old gang back. Obviously, Kenji is still my most favourite person in the entire series (and I honestly don’t think that will ever change). At first, I struggled with Warner’s perspective a little bit, feeling quite detached from his narration style, but by the end, I think I often felt more with him than with Juliette. There are a lot of things that surface from his past and I just think that he was judged unfairly sometimes. Do I condone everything he did and feel like he shouldn’t suffer any repercussions? No. But the way he was brought up and plain had to survive sometimes, I just don’t think most of what he did was really news to anyone (except J apparently).

This book also introduced some new characters and I love, love, love one of them especially and am intrigued, to say the least, about the others. I don’t really want to talk about anyone by name just so you get to meet them all by yourself and can form your own opinion, but I have a weird trust for that person and hope they’ll continue to play an important role.

Overall, Restore Me was mostly an introduction of what these new books would be about. It was an incredibly fast read and interesting to see alternating chapters from Warner and Juliette’s POV. I didn’t find much of the plot surprising, but … maybe that’s just me? There was definitely A LOT happening without much happening at all at the same time. Again, it felt like a set-up for the future the majority of the time. There’s also a cruel cliffhanger, so consider yourself warned!

On a final side rant, I am really sad that the font for the paperback was changed. I do realise that they rereleased the entire series with Electric Monkey and changed the font for all the books, but why wasn’t it also available from the same publisher as the hardcover, that had the previously established font still? I will never understand certain decisions …

Fazit: 4/5 stars! Interesting continuation of one of my favourite series.

Have you read Restore Me? Do you want to? Have you read the original books in the Shatter Me series?

The Social Media Tag

I hope you all know the different social media platforms I use for my blog and some of them also privately, but I am far from being an expert on those things. At times, I even find the whole thing extremely tiring, but when the lovely Beth @Reading Every Night tagged me to do the Social Media Tag, I was immediately intrigued. It’s such a great way to shine a light on some special bloggers out there. So, here we go!


  • Thank the person who tagged you.
  • Choose a blog or blogger per category and explain why you chose them.
  • Tag others to do this (up to you how many)

Instagram: A blog with a design you love

Aurora @Aurora Libralis has one of the softest and most beautiful designs for a blog I know. I always adore the aesthetics she chooses for her posts and that just makes them so pleasing to read! Not just that, but Aurora is also a lovely person and has really creative ideas, like character libraries and such.

Facebook: A blog with a friendly blogger

I kind of doubt that anyone would not pick Marie @Drizzle and Hurricane Books for this particular category!? She is one of the most dedicated people I know. She isn’t just active, responsive and engaging on her own blog, but she is EVERYWHERE on the blogosphere as a whole. I adore her not just as a blogger, but as a friend and confidant. I couldn’t even imagine life without her anymore and am so happy we were able to schedule some buddy reads this year.

Twitter: A blogger who could just write 140 characters and you would still love them

There’s a lot of people this description actually fits, because I love so many of the blogs that I read (even though I should probably be more engaged on some of them to show that love). However, my dear friend Marta @The Cursed Books has lately been on a semi-hiatus because of busy life and school work, so I am just happy to read whatever she is able to put out into the world.

YouTube: A blog that keeps you entertained

This is without a doubt Trang and Lashaan @BOOKIDOTE! I don’t know if there was ever a better blogging duo out there, but somehow they manage to keep creating amazing posts on different topics and because of that always have me coming back for more. They just really compliment each other in what they write about and a visit to their blog never gets dull!

Snapchat: A blogger who’s updates you can’t wait for

I always love checking out whatever review, tag or life update Michelle @The Writing Hufflepuff has in store for me. She has such an engaging way of being and writing that I just cannot wait to hear what she’s been up to. No matter what the topic is, I keep finding new things we have in common or at least feel inspired to check out afterwards. (Also, I kind of appreciate that she endures my constant Hogwarts Mystery updates/questions! haha)

Tumblr: A blog which is very diverse and has variety

Avery @Red Rocket Panda fits this category perfectly! He’s a diverse book blogger who doesn’t just post reviews, but writes posts on diversity and inclusion as well as about topics outside of the bookish world. I have to say I felt extremely honored to have played a tiny role in getting the idea for the “What’s on the Box” feature started and I hope there are more shows and the likes talked about soon.

Pinterest: A blog which is full of creativity and inspiration

The Orang-utan Librarian has been a blogging inspiration, and quite frankly idol, of mine for a while and I don’t think I need to explain for anyone who has been on their blog. They are not afraid to talk about controversial topics and keep going in depth with their reviews on books and shows, while also providing amazing insight in differences in style and such. I can never get enough of their posts and I feel emboldened to try different things as well.


I am going to follow into Beth’s footsteps and hereby tag all the people I’ve mentioned in the post. But if you feel like this is the right tag for you, CONSIDER YOURSELF TAGGED!

Did you agree with my choice of bloggers? Do you know them? (If not, what are you waiting for!? They are awesome!!!) Let’s chat in the comments below!

Trailers You Might Have Missed … (May 21-27)

Don’t worry, this week’s post isn’t nearly as long as last week’s … at least I hope so. I haven’t actually checked out everything that was released yet, so let’s discover it all together!


Christopher Robin

It really seems to be the time of Winnie the Pooh revivals. But it looks cute?


I think this would have been cooler if it hadn’t been so close to the last Disney live action adaptation?


Charlie Hunnam, Michael Socha and Rami Malek? Count me in!!


This has gotten such good reviews across all platforms. I am really intrigued about what Paul Dano’s directorial debut holds in store for us.

A Simple Favor

I just really want to read this before the movie comes out and I am not even usually a fan of thrillers.

Old Boys

Awe, it’s the guy from The End of the F***ing World!


Mia Wasikowska is just always really cool in my opinion.

The Sisters Brothers

Personally not a big fan of Westerns but I know there’s definitely a market for it.

City of Lies

Aside from the fact that I am kind of over Johnny Depp, isn’t there a mini series on HBO about the same topic?

Too Old to Die Young

I know nothing after this trailer.


I just still thinks this looks like it was fun to film.

TV Shows

Take Two

I thought this reminded me of Castle and then … it was made by the same people who did Castle.


I stand by the statement that I think this looks interesting even though it reminds me a lot of Falling Waters. We will see how it fares once it actually airs.

Star (Season 3)

I am so happy this got renewed.

Preacher (Season 3)


The BBC does a lot of kidnapping stories it feels like.

What are you watching? Did anything catch your eye? Let’s talk!

Sweetbitter: Book vs. TV Show

As I’ve previously done comparisons of book-to-screen-adaptations for the likes of Still Star-Crossed and Famous in Love, I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to talk about the book I just finished – Sweetbitter. The way this goes is pretty self-explanatory. I will talk about the shared plot and then compare the two. Here goes nothing!

General Plot

Tess was not happy with her life and ventures to New York City to pursue life. She doesn’t have a plan, she doesn’t have any kind of aspiration of what or who she wants to be, she simply wants experiences. Soon she finds herself in the midst of the tumultuos life as a backwaiter in a prestigious restaurant and all the drama that comes with being part of the staff.



CW: excessive drug and alcohol consumption, sexism, racism, verbal/physical abuse, sexual harassment

I was first drawn to this book and story because when I was younger I used to be a server as well. Granted, I didn’t work in fancy restaurants but upscale hotels instead, still, the overall gist of things seemed similar enough to me. I had my first real job in that line of work when I was 15 and up to about 20% into the story (and aside from the heavy drugs), it really felt like an accurate representation of my daily life back then.

A lot of critics (for both the book and the show) didn’t understand that not everyone is looking for something bigger and better at all times. I get really defensive whenever I read stuff like that, because we need to get rid of the notion that there is anything wrong with working a job like that on the long run. Yes, it wasn’t the right thing for me personally. The plates were too hot, I couldn’t even relax when I was asleep because I constantly dreamed about messing up orders and running back and forth between the floor and kitchen, but overall I loved chatting with the guests. I loved making that connection with strangers and through that making their experience at our hotel a better one. Some people are content and actually happy to work as a server and consequently their way up the food chain in a restaurant or similar establishment and that is perfectly fine.

Having said that and really having appreciated that look behind the curtains of what life as a server (especially in training) can be like, that is where my love for this book ends. Tess is your typically lost 20-something pretty girl and that’s not to say that we don’t need stories like that either, but the way she went through life was infuriating. I am really not someone who gets judgy about whether people drink or don’t drink alcohol, but drugs … it was tough reading about that topic so nonchalantly. While Tess definitely has her low moments, the part of drugs or even so much as a consideration of stopping to take drugs is never addressed.

What bothered me the utmost about the book were all the toxic relationships though! I don’t think a single person ever said a tender thing to anyone aloud ever. They “joked” about how women were only good for cleaning and men were foolish if they ever believed a word a woman said. Bosses slept with employees for favours and even led them to mental breakdowns. But worst of all was Tess and Jake’s “relationship”. It was one of those where the girl obsesses over the super pretentious guy and he ignores her unless it suits him. He treated her terribly, brought her to tears on several occasions and even roughed her up during sex to a point where she had bruises all over her body. It was revealed that he was damaged by some events in the past, but that doesn’t excuse his behaviour!? And still, after everything, Tess just wanted to save him.

I got more and more furious as I read on and then there was this clear lack of structure or cohesion to the story overall. Again, I wouldn’t mind reading about someone wanting to make it in the service industry, but this was just a manic depiction of manipulative people and a young girl making the same mistakes over and over. Did she learn from them? I don’t even know.

Fazit: 1.5/5 stars! (click on the cover to get re-directed to Goodreads!)

TV Show


Usually when Starz has a new show, I get really excited. I hadn’t yet finished the book and thought this could be a really interesting show. Was it lacking in diversity from the looks of it? Definitely, but I was willing to give it a shot nonetheless.

It turned out that maybe I was a bit too overzealous? The running time for the episodes is barely half an hour and there are only 6 (?) episodes planned for the first season. With a slow paced story like this one, that seems a fairly odd choice. You barely get to tell anything or start a thought before the episode is already over again. If I were to make a mini-series of six episodes only, I would definitely make them longer. That is not to say that they don’t plan on more seasons in the future, but critics haven’t had too many good things to say and I don’t think ratings were all that great either so far …

Stephanie Danler, who wrote the book, was involved in the adaptation. She tried to make it accessible to non-readers and wasn’t afraid to change the narrative here and there, but I am not sure how much she really succeeded. I think an issue with the show is that she makes references to more or less important parts of the story that the viewer simply cannot understand, because it’s only mentioned in passing while it was fully described in the book.

To me there is just no time to explore the more sensual parts of the story because we are rushed through the experience with food and people and events all packed into such a short running time. Maybe it would work better if you binged the episodes, since it wouldn’t rip you out of the atmosphere every single time you just got used to what was happening?


I cannot really advocate for either of those two? I am sure there are people out there who appreciate the relatable and quite frankly mostly accurate portrayal of work as a server and just starting out in that industry. Whereas other shows and books mostly focus on what’s going on in the kitchen, it is nice to know there is content for what’s happening in the front of the house as well. If only they refined the show a little more …

Have you read or watched Sweetbitter? Do you have any thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments below!

Obsidio by Amie Kaufman/Jay Kristoff (Book Review)

Publisher: Knopf Books
Page Count
: 615

I may not always be up to date with all the latest book releases, but I really was looking forward to the finale to the Illuminae Files. I previously reviewed Illuminae (review here) and Gemina (review here) on the blog and even though I really struggle with talking about sequels, I could not pass up the chance to rave a little about this one. While there won’t be any spoilers for Obsidio, I do think it’s better if you have read the previous books in the series before continuing on.

I should probably start by saying that I was not one of the many people who hyped Illuminae. I enjoyed reading it, but it was really only during Gemina that I came fully on board with this series. Obviously the format is a lot of fun and the characters definitely grow on you over time, which makes Obsidio such an enjoyable conclusion to it all. Whereas the previous books mostly focused on one couple during the story and only lent cameo roles to the others, Obsidio truly brings it all together. In my opinion, it took away the spotlight from Asha and Rhys a little bit, but not enough to really make me mind since I was already invested in what the other characters were up to.

What I enjoyed most about reading Obsidio was the fact that you really get answers for all your questions. It adds another layer of depth to the characters (AIDAN is still my fave and I won’t back down on that – I have a soft spot for AIs), provides a lot of action, gives you the necessary conclusion, but still doesn’t close the door on this universe forever. It really was a wild roller coaster to read this book and I devoured it in one day, but sometimes I almost wished the stakes were higher or that the consequences were more devastating and lasting. That’s not to say that you won’t have a wide array of emotions coming your way while reading, but that tiny evil voice in the back of my mind just maybe expected even more cruelty (at least targeted towards the main characters). But if I ignore that tiny detail, and that’s really all it is, then it ended absolutely beautifully. I love when my series end as if they were tied up with a neat little bow, making sure I won’t have to worry about the people in it, even if I will always love reading more about their lives.

I realise this is a super short review, but books like this are always best experienced first hand. Just get ready for some hard hitting moral questions and a final adventure that really does the Illuminae Files justice.

Fazit: 4.5/5 stars! A very satisfying conclusion to the Illuminae Files!

Have you read Obsidio or other books in the series? Do you plan to? What are your thoughts?

Trailers You Might Have Missed … (May 14-20)

I know I haven’t posted as much as I used to lately, but two times a week is really the most I can do for now. I hope to be more active again once I have more time and even more importantly, am less exhausted. However, today I have prepared a HUGE post for you! I don’t think there are that many new movies (I wrote this before finding all the trailers and regret that now), but a lot of the fall line ups for TV were presented, so there’s going to be loads and loads of trailers for those. Bear with me, even if the post gets super long! Also, I might not show absolutely everything, just because there’s really a lot of new stuff out there. If you think I have missed something important, let me know in the comments!


Set It Up


Destination Wedding

Keanue Reeves and Winona Ryder in one movie, a romantic movie – count me in!!!

The Year of Spectacular Men

It’s the Zoey Deutch week.

Beautiful Boy

Sweet Timmy is still going strong.

Mission: Impossible – Fallout

I don’t think I have watched the last two movies in that franchise??


I am not mad at seeing Becky G in another movie, but I still just really want the Power Rangers sequel.

Bohemian Rhapsody

I am just in awe of Rami Malek’s transformation.

Shock and Awe

There’s more movies about the media coming out, it feels like to me.

Mile 22

Lust Stories

Anthology movies can really go both ways.

Bleeding Steel

I haven’t watched a Jackie Chan movie in yeeeears.

The Happytimes Murders

This is not my kind of weird.


Documentary of the week.

TV Shows

Charmed (Reboot)

Charmed was my everything when I was little and I was very dubious of this reboot, because I would have much preferred a next generation show. The trailer doesn’t actually look that bad though. And it seems like the oldest sister is already a mix between Paige and Prue and the youngest already has Phoebe’s empathetic powers instead of just premonition? I just miss whitelighters in this, cause the advisor doesn’t seem to be the same as a whitelighter …

Deadly Class

Who has read the comics and can give me more insight on how faithful it is? It looks badass to me!

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists

Did not need this spin-off? But I do adore Sofia Carson … so I am torn.

All American

I am a simple girl. I will check out anything CW puts out there.


I love a good mystery.

The Passage

This actually reminds me of a show I watched a couple years back, although I don’t think it got renewed. I think it was called Believe? Anyway, would definitely check this out!

God Friended Me

There is an increase in religion related shows and I don’t know why? I mean … Kevin Probably Saves the World … Living Biblically … you get my drift?

New Amsterdam

Another probably not very accurate medical drama I will check out for 2-3 episodes and then forget all about it.

A Million Little Things

This already is way too heavy and sad.

Grand Hotel

It looks more like a CW than an ABC show to me, but we will see if it will survive on that network.

Happy Together

I hope this works out better for Amber than her last shows. I really like her.

I Feel Bad

I’d watch this.

Single Parents

I love Leighton Meester, but not sure …

Magnum P.I.

Serious question: did anyone ask for a reboot of this??

The Kids Are Alright

I know nostalgia TV is big these days, but I don’t care for this one.

The Fix

I just don’t watch crime drama anymore? It’s all the same to me.

Proven Innocent

I have the same feelings for legal dramas as I do for crime dramas? Same same … (and often they don’t last long?)


This is from Dick Wolf, the same guy who made SVU, Law & Order and all the Chicago franchise stuff.

Whiskey Cavalier

I guess Scott Foley still wanted to be a secret agent after Scandal?

The Rookie

As much as I like Nathan Fillion, I am not sure this is going to be for me.

Sense8 (Series Finale) 

I am just going to sit here crying.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Season 4)

Kimmy is so ridiculous.

What are you watching? Are you excited for some of the new shows?

Discussion Time: Do you fight for your TV show?

It’s been a while since I have done a discussion post, so please bare with me in case I am a little rusty or all over the place. It’s just that I have noticed an awful trend in television lately that I would like to discuss with you.

Over the course of the last week, a lot of shows that were beloved to many (especially in the online community that I am part of) were cancelled by their respective networks or put on the bubble, which means that there is no decision about renewal or cancellation yet. I understand that network television bases their decisions on ratings of the live screenings first and foremost. As much as TV may be entertainment for the viewers, it is still a business for the people who produce the content. However, the system is quite antiquated and answer me this: Who still tunes in live to watch their favourite show?

I guess I should start with the simple fact that I do not live in the US or Canada and therefore cannot watch shows live either way. There is no same-day-release for TV shows, as everything usually goes through the process of (terrible) dubbing before people even consider putting it on German/Austrian TV. Therefore it could take months or longer until a show makes it over the pond to us. And even when it finally does, should the show become a surprise hit here, I don’t think international sales for TV rights really play into the decision making process of the networks.

Second, there are so many streaming services and especially the younger generations have gotten used to getting their content all at once and at least in my circle of friends over the internet. We do have a TV at my home, but it is monopolized by my parents and I have very little say in what we are watching, so I just use my laptop for everything. I know that you can watch via the official website of a lot of networks, but only if you are in the right region. I honestly do not know if those online views matter much to the networks. I think they should, but I often feel like they don’t. So, where does that leave people like me who spend most their days in front of a screen but not the traditional one? People who are very passionate about a show but have no control whatsoever about the number of views?

Well, to counteract those (in our eyes) unjust cancellations, a lot of fans have turned to social media to fight for their shows. From what I personally saw, they were especially vocal when it came to shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Lucifer, Timeless and Sense8, even though I am sure it happens for a lot more shows. In some cases, it worked and the show got another season or got picked up by a different network. In other cases, however, it didn’t have an effect or not the lasting one the audience might have wished for.

I want to take the example of Timeless for this discussion post. Last year, the ratings for Timeless apparently weren’t very good, so NBC cancelled it, just to take that cancellation back after two days because the fans were really vocal about their disappointment. Everyone was, of course, really happy about that, but as you may imagine, that didn’t change the ratings for the new season much. After all, there was still the same fan base. Maybe the media attracted a couple new viewers due to the coverage of the whole cancellation drama, but it did not help a lot. In fact, due to a bad slot at 10 PM on Sundays, even though it should have aired earlier, the ratings even went down. The creators of the show did some of their best work in this second season and had a banger finale with a huge cliffhanger that rocked the fans’ worlds. Still, now there is the same discussion as last year and the show is on the brink of cancellation once more.

I just would like to know what the point of me/us fighting for the show is if we have to do the same over and over again. Social ratings, meaning hashtags trending on Twitter or the likes, are very high for most of these cancelled shows. People are passionate about them and talk on social media a lot. In our very digital age, shouldn’t this weigh in more into the decision? Classic TV is outdated and in my humble opinion you simply cannot rely on live ratings anymore, especially if you want to entertain a younger audience, you need a lot more than that. Things are changing and the industry should change with them, because why do we have to do all the hard work of convincing these executives every single season?

So, lastly, I want to ask you some questions. Do you fight for your favourite shows online? Do you think it’s fair that you have to? Do you think there should be a new and more inclusive system considering global audiences and such? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to chat with you about it!

Trailers You Might Have Missed … (May 7-13)

I don’t know who of you watches the Eurovision song contest, but dang, it was exciting for Austria yesterday night. No one here expected us to get that many points, but I was really happy because Cesar is a great guy. Anyway, public votes definitely didn’t agree with the jury votes and we ended up on third place. I doubt we would have really had the money to host again anyway though. Pretty sure my recap of Eurovision is not why you are here, so let’s move on to Trailers!


Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

I am just still so confused what happened to Donna.

The Spy Who Dumped Me

I am just not getting over the fact that Sam is in this and feels … out of place to me.

The Little Mermaid

Okay, they kept postponing the release for this, but I know for a fact this isn’t new. And I wanted so much better roles for Poppy and William because this looks … cheap? Whyyyy must they do this to me? I love the little mermaid …

Alex Strangelove

Netflix is doing great teen movies and I am here for it.

Dog Days


Never Goin’ Back

I love that someone called it glorious idiocy.

The Predator

Yeah, I’d watch that even though Iron Man 3 may not be the best of references for a director. Like, come on? It wasn’t the strongest one in the franchise.

Loving Pablo

I always think it’s cool when real life couples play couples in movies.


This is going to be so intense and probably terrifying for all parents watching it.

TV Shows

Sense8 (Season 3/Series Finale)

Let’s set the scene. Picture me in a flower crown at my first ever Pride parade. Everything is colorful and people are so happy and nice. The vibes are great, I am watching a drag queen perform “What’s Up” by 4 Non Blondes and all of a sudden the cast of Sense8 joins the performance and soon the entire audience sings along. I felt like I was in a cluster right then and there and I was so touched and I just wanted to cry. Nevermind that I couldn’t wipe a grin off the face because I had just met all the guys a couple minutes earlier in person and they are the most kind, patient and amazing people ever. Brian/Will gives the kind of hugs where you just feel safe and loved. That show meant so much to me and if you think I won’t ball my eyes out no matter what happens on screen, you know nothing about me. (This will go down as the longest description for a trailer vid on this blog ever!)

Younger (Season 5)

Super pumped for this (especially now that Quentin from the Magicians joined the cast), but whoever did the music for the promo is such a mess. It’s seriously all over the place.

The Bold Type (Season 2)

Who all is ready for some more Bold Type?

13 Reasons Why (Season 2)

This is again a friendly reminder that the show may not be for everyone and please beware while watching.

Arrested Development (Season 5)

Guess this is back? Honestly never been an AD girl, but yay for fans?

Luke Cage (Season 2)

I will get excited for it eventually I suppose.

Mayans MC

Don’t know who watched Sons of Anarchy but this will be a spin-off show of that.


I had this on the round up like two weeks ago with the exact same promo, but I just wanted you all to know that it will be coming to Netflix.

What are you watching? Did you tune in to Eurovision? Let’s chat!

The Milestones Write Tag

I haven’t done one of my infamous Write Tags in while and I know that at least some of my fellow writers on the blogosphere like doing them quite a bit. So this is your opportunity to explore your characters a bit more in depth, as I will do with my current WIP by answering the questions about Milestones as well. I miss talking about Arcadia (in case you are new to the blog – welcome! All the infos on Arcadia can be found here), because it’s my baby and I still have so much story to tell, but I know that the updates have been scarce. I just want you to know that you have all been amazingly helpful with your lovely feedback and reactions on Twitter and Wattpad. It’s such a motivation for me and seeing the number of views go up to 700 made my heart sing. There’s more coming soon – I promise!


  • Thank the person who tagged you but also link back to the original post(I want to see all your lovely answers, people!)
  • Provide a short description of your WIP/story!
    Kasia and Dyson have known each other their entire lives, their paths intertwining at every crossroad. So forgetting he ever existed doesn’t make any sense to Kasia and neither does finding out about the magical beings that took him away from her. Now, with the help of some allies with motives of their own, she will do everything she can to get him back, not knowing if either one of them will ever be the same after all is said and done.
    You can check out this post to find out more about Arcadia!
  • Don’t use just one character for all answers if possible! (We want to get to know as many of your characters as possible)


Can your Main Character (MC) remember their first day of school? Who was with them?

Kasia remembers her first day of school as if it had been yesterday. She was nervous as heck, because despite being an inquisitive child who loved to learn, she didn’t know what to expect of all the new people who were about to enter her life. Having been neighbors with Dyson’s family all her life, they went to school together and all her worries evaporated when Dyson confidently took her hand and walked right into school with her without even taking a look back at his parents or brothers.

Which one of your characters would be the first to buy a house or property? (because that’s part of adulting??)

Georgie? She kind of already has a house. Not sure if she paid money for it or if it there was some other kind of transaction though … because magic?

Does someone in your WIP own a pet?

NOT YET! Someone needs a dog. (And no, I am not counting the Claven as Dyson’s “pets” because they are a herd of calm yet mind-controlling beasts …)

What was your MCs first job and how did they feel about it?

While Kasia volunteered at her local library for years during school, her first paying job was a summer internship at her mother’s work. It was a very forgettable experience that mostly involved distributing mail, operating the copy machine and getting coffee for meetings.

Dyson’s first job was at the summer camp he and both his brothers visited each year. He was pretty pumped because he loved being around people and planning activities outdoors. To no one’s surprise at all, he soon became a favourite among the staff and kids.

Does your MC or another character want kids?

That conversation has definitely happened between my main couple and they would love to have kids someday in the future, with Kasia being especially in favour of adoption or fostering kids as well.

Name a song that reminds one of your characters of heartbreak in their life!


This song is one Robyn listens to a lot after Chapter 9 wishing things were different … (shout out to anyone who understands what I am referencing here!)

Has one of your characters lost someone close to them? How did they deal with it?

Findlay had to grow up without his parents, but being from the world he was from, he never quite knew if he lost them for good or if he might be able to see them again one day some way. He was a quiet kid until he got taken in by Georgie’s family and he felt at home with them. (There’s more to that story that I just don’t want to spoil.)

What is an achievement your MC is proud of?

Dyson is especially proud of graduating from university with a major in Archaeology because his family didn’t really think he would truly stick to that field or be able to make a living with it. Nonetheless, they all beamed at him with pride when he showed them his diploma and he never regretted following his passion since.

BONUS: Make an aesthetic for a special or memorable day in one of your character’s lives! (It’s up to you if you want to explain it or not!)

This probably won’t be in the book like ever, but if I ever write a companion novella or something like that for Arcadia, this would probably be the story. Although it might end differently than you think!


I hope you liked the tag and if you did, please, spread the word!!! People have so many amazing stories to tell and I hope this is a burst of motivation for all fellow writers.

Trailers You Might Have Missed … (April 30 – May 6)

I was more absent this week than originally planned, but I got assigned to a new workshop, which happened really fast and also a little unexpectedly. It’s a stage and camera casting workshop, which means I have to dust off my non-existent acting skills to try and keep up in class. It’s been fun so far, but it’s also quite taxing. I hope to be more present on the blog again as I get used to the new schedule and workload, but you are here for trailers, so let’s start!


Robin Hood

I am not against this movie but … why does Robin Hood look like Arrow? I’d watch anything with Taron Egerton and I like the twist to the story, but I am not sure about the style choices all the way. It looks very Guy Ritchie inspired to me (which also isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I suppose?).

Ant-Man and the Wasp

My poor, poor heart isn’t over Infinity War yet, so I have nothing to say.

A Simple Favor

I definitely want to watch this and might even read the book beforehand.

The Kissing Booth

This could be cute. From what I hear, the book was first published on wattpad!

All Summers End

It looks really good.


So this is where Robb Stark went, huh?

Teen Titans Go! 

Glad Marvel and DC have an understanding that they can reference each other.

Monsters and Men

The Hamilton cast is really rocking it in movies showcasing the repercussions of police brutality. (check out the trailer for Blindspotting with Daveed Diggs here)

The Catcher Was a Spy

I love Rudd, but he doesn’t scream “spy” to me.

The Yellow Birds

I don’t think I want to watch any intense war movies.

TV Shows

Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger

Usually I hate having so many different trailers, I just want the show more now.


It definitely gives you more of an idea what the show is about than the previous teasers.

13 Reasons Why (Season 2)

I can tell this season will have good music again, but please be cautious when watching this show.

All Night

How is this sustainable for more than a season?


This trailer is confusing … how did it go from appearance to kidnapping men?

American Woman

“It’s almost as if I had a mind of my own.” hahaha

Strange Angel

Why are all these new shows so … strange?

Humans (Season 3)

REALLY looking forward to this!

What are you watching? I am off to run some lines for the upcoming week!