Trailers You Might Have Missed … (June 18-24)

I originally planned to post more this week, but I was very invested in writing more Arcadia content. I have gotten back some of the motivation I felt was lacking these past months and hopefully it will lead to a couple new chapters on wattpad soon! Today you are here for trailers though, so let’s get started!


To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

IT LOOKS SO GOOD!!! Time to read the book for everyone (including me) who hasn’t done so yet.

The Hate U Give

Definitely one of the best books of our time! Cannot wait for the full trailer to drop later today. I will make sure to include it in next week’s round up!

Like Father

I like the movies Netflix is putting out lately.

Creed II


Welcome to Marwen

This looks very different and strange but I could imagine it being really lovely and impactful at the same time.

Nobody’s Fool

It could be really funny, but the trailer also showed like three different storylines and I am confused.

Skate Kitchen

This could be really fantastic!

How It Ends

The cast seems alright. It’s a maybe from me.

TV Shows

Wynonna Earp (Season 3)

You all better be fine with me posting a Wynonna Earp teaser per week, because I cannot wait for Season 3!!

Just Another Immigrant

I loved Romesh on the UK programs I watched but I have no idea if this show will work or not.

Ozark (Season 2)

Uhm … I never finished the first season.

Last Chance U (Season 3)

Do you fancy any of the ones I showed today? Let’s chat!

25 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (June 18-24)

  1. I haven’t read To All the Boys I Loved Before yet either, but the trailer looks super good! It’s been on my TBR for ages, time to read it before I watch the film.

    And I LOVE Wynonna Earp! I haven’t come across a whole bunch of people who like it though. 🤭

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    • Right? The trailer for To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before looks phenomenal. I remember when they started filming but pretty much no details were leaked whatsoever. I am really excited for it now though.

      Wynonna is just the best! I found this little community that really loves the show as well. They’re more on Twitter, but I also have one or two friends irl who like it a lot.

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  2. TO ALL THE BOYS. I loved that trailer so very much and I am here to remind you to read the books as sooooooooooon as you can, because you should and they are so very fantastic KAT DO ITTTTTTTTTTTTTT.
    Sorry. I had to do that hahaha.
    I loved the The Hate U Give preview as well – I am kind of nervous to see it because of that one scene haha, but otherwise I am very excited. Also, I have to say that the cast for that one and Lara Jean are ON POINT, so far?? I LOVE THAT they did such a great job. Well, I feel like they did so far.

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  3. The trailer for TATBILB looks so adorable, I’m so excited!! And I can’t wait to see THUG as well, I love Sabrina Carpenter especially, and I really hope the movie does well, it has such an important message.

    Your posts always make me so much more excited about seeing movies or TV shows, Kat!! ❤️

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    THUG – Watched the new trailer this morning and cried because of how perfect it looked. I think they’ve really done Angie proud from what i’ve seen. It looks authentic.

    Like Father – I watched this trailer the other day as well and again think it looks really good. Netflix really are putting out some amazing shows and movies. I love Kristen Bell as well.

    TATBILB – I loved the book and again I like the trailer, it was SO long ago I read the book though that when they showed the boy in the UN bit I was like wait he looks so young?! So now i’m trying to rack my brain like did she start writing these letters years ago? I think I need a reread…

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    • THUG looks amazing! I think it’s going to be a great movie. I understand the people who would have loved for Starr to be portrayed by a dark-skinned actress, though I remember Angie Thomas saying that they did the casting before the description of the character was complete.
      I’d watch close to anything as long as Kristen Bell was in it.
      I just finished reading the book and Lara Jean wrote almost all the letters around 7th grade, so yeah, she was pretty young.

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  5. I really appreciate this post and hope you’ll keep it going. I don’t watch much TV – my last binge was Altered Carbon – but this has been a great way to find shows that I might want to try. Thank you. Brian

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