Trailers You Might Have Missed (June 25-July 1)

It’s already the first of July!? WHAT? (Happy Canada Day, by the way) Last month just wooshed by, but you can read all about that in my wrap up post right here. Today we are talking about all sorts of new trailers and promos instead!


The Hate U Give

IT LOOKS AMAZING! I can’t wait for it to release.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

I have talked about this movie and the book before … several times! I still haven’t watched it, but I am super excited that it is now coming to Netflix! The new trailer looks stunning and I hope that it doesn’t just release in the US on the platform but everywhere (even if it would probably deserve a cinematic release like it got in the UK).

Juliet, Naked

I enjoy movies like this so much. It has a celebrity getting real and a heartwarming romance. What’s not to like?


Serious question, is this a romantic version of Ex Machina? Because it looks beautiful but also reminds me very much of it?

Beautiful Boy

Why is this trailer so emotional? Timothée Chalamet is killing it.

The House with the Clock in its Walls

It’s the year of Cate Blanchett, isn’t it? (and just to clarify, I love it!)

The Bookshop

If this isn’t a lovely movie for bookworms, then I don’t even know.

The Predator

I’d still say I’d watch it.

King of Thieves

That cast is brilliant.

Mile 22

Iko Uwais is definitely going to be more of a reason for people to watch this than Mark Wahlberg is these days.

Father of the Year

Who came up with this movie idea? Because … it does not look good.

The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter

I am not into hunting stories at all, but I like the family aspect of the movie.

Katie Says Goodbye

Olivia Cooke is always in such sad movies.

A Happening of Monumental Proportions

Some movies these days are just weird.

TV Shows

A Discovery of Witches

It looks chilling and beautiful and now I want to read the books and I am just enamored and ready for vampires to be back?


From what I’ve read, this could be good.

Wellington Paranormal

I had no idea Taika Waititi was involved in this.

What are you watching? Did you see something you like? Let’s talk!

26 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed (June 25-July 1)

  1. Thoughts:
    1. Zoe: This scenario has been done before so many times. Heck, I’ve done this scenario. It’s my most popular story on Wattpad. Still, makes me wonder if companion-bots that can truly imitate humans will ever be a thing. If it is, I can see a lot of neuro-atypical people, including even me, finding advantage in that technology. We need human interaction, but at the same time, we get tired of it easily and find it unpredictable. Having someone who is designed to roll with that contradiction could be very helpful to many people like me.
    And now I have a story idea. I CALL IT!!!
    2. The House With the Clock In Its Walls: Wasn’t sure at first, but I think I’ll check this out now that I’ve seen the second trailer. Also, when is the Goosebumps sequel releasing its first trailer. It’s out this October, it really should get on that soon.
    3. Predator: Bring it on.
    4. A Discovery of Witches: I got bored with the book, so I won’t watch the show. Hope it does well, though.
    5. Disenchantment: Looks like it has potential.

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    • Well, yeah, I know that it’s not a revolutionary concept to have a human fall in love with an AI or something similar. I mean there’s HER and other movies as well and that’s just recent years. But this one really reminded me of Ex Machina because of the constellation with the two men and the woman and the test of her passing as human.
      I didn’t know you tried to read A Discovery of Witches. I hear very mixed things, but I am curious. I like the look of it.


  2. Ahhh! You got me excited for two of these! I loved the book The Guernsey Literary and potato Peel Pie Society! That movie looks great! I’ve read all of The Discovery of Witches novels. I hadn’t heard they were making a movie? Or is that a series? Sorry for my ignorance but is SkyOne a European channel? It looks amazing!

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  3. I watched the trailer for Beautiful Boy on my lunch at work and was hit by ALL THE FEELS. It looks like such a good feel, but will also crush me. How is The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society not getting a worldwide cinematic release? The title alone warrants one, but at least it’ll be on Netflix. I still need to watch the film as well haha.

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    • IT IS SO EMOTIONAL! I can’t believe it’s based on a real story and the Nic Sheff or whatever the person’s name is Timothée is playing, is not just a non-fiction author but also a YA author. He wrote Schizo, which was big a couple years back, if I remember correctly.
      I don’t understand why Guernsey isn’t getting a worldwide release either. I ADORE the book and the cast is phenomenal, so it’s really confusing to me as well.


  4. I have read A Discovery of Witches years ago and I…well I hated it to say the least. The show looks really good though and I definitely plan on checking it out! 😀 I just need more vampire stories in my life.

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