The Hogwarts Tag

I have to admit that I blatantly stole this Hogwarts Tag from the ever amazing Lily @Sprinkles of Dreams. Part of it is because I just really like the idea of the tag and the rest has to do with me being totally and completely obsessed with the Hogwarts mystery game lately. So, here I am indulging in that lifestyle even more – let’s do this!

Are you a Pure Blood or a Half-Blood?

Just like Lily, I took this & this test to determine the outcome of this question. I am definitely more on the half-blood side (especially because one result was muggle born entirely). I am cool with that!

Which wand chose me?

Did you take a cat, owl or toad with you?

I LOVE owls! I would definitely take one of those with me and I am currently saving up gems in Hogwarts Mystery to afford one. That is a big deal for me, because usually I just spend gems as if they weren’t rare and precious.

Where did the Sorting Hat put you?

What House did you want to be placed in?

Honestly, I am a Ravenclaw through and through. I don’t have anything against the other houses, but this is and has always been the right place for me.

What lessons are your favourite and least favourite?

FAVOURITE – Care for Magical Creatures and Potions maybe? I don’t love Snape as a teacher, but the topic matter of potions interests me.

LEAST FAVOURITE – Transfiguration? Like … why do I need to learn a specific spell to turn an owl into an opera glass? Or a mouse into a pin cushion?? WHEN IS THAT GOING TO COME IN HANDY???

What is your Patronus?

I am a bird lady through and through apparently!

What does your Boggart look like?

That’s a good question. I am assuming it will either be a spider or some other insect, because I don’t know how a Boggart would portray my fear of heights. Those crawling thingies just make my skin itch in real life. And in order to get rid of the Boggart, I’d turn the spider into Lucas the Spider from YouTube and he’s too cute to be scary.

Do you partake in any magical hobbies or school sports?

I suck at sports, so I don’t really see how I would suddenly be great at them just because they are magical. I am definitely not cut out for Quidditch. That much I know! Maybe I would play magical chess?

Where would you spend your spare time?

I like being surrounded by books, but I don’t love having to be quiet at all times, so maybe the obvious answer wouldn’t actually be the library. I’d just go about exploring the castle grounds until I found my place. I also really like the Ravenclaw Common Room to be honest.

What would you most likely get detention for?

Nothing!? I am an exemplary student.

What career do you want after graduating Hogwarts?

I could see myself wanting to stay on school grounds maybe. Or become a Magizoologist together with Barnaby Lee or go into business with Charlie Weasley as Dragonologist. As you can see, I just don’t want to do it alone.


WHOEVER WANTS TO DO THIS TAG! I stole it, so I obviously just want anyone who thinks this is the right tag for them to be able to do it as well.

What do you think of this tag? Was it fun to read? Can you see where my answers come from?

53 thoughts on “The Hogwarts Tag

  1. Ahhh I love your answers, Kat & I don’t think I’ve ever liked and commented on a post this quickly, haha.

    We are so similar!! Yess to being Ravenclaws and Half-Bloods (and exemplary students, hehe). 💙 Also, that owl turned my heart into a puddle of adoration.

    What is this mystery game you’re talking about, though? (I’m on my phone, and too lazy to look it up, haha.)

    Thanks for making my day with this post!! I’m so happy you did this tag & I had so much fun reading your answers. ☺️

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      And it’s true, we really are very alike haha

      Okay, so Hogwarts Mystery is a mobile game and it’s addictive and super annoying at the same time. You play your own character (who you can customize to a certain extent) and go to Hogwarts but in the past? It’s the year Harry’s parents got killed, because Dumbledore mentions it in his welcome speech haha And then you go to classes, make friends and solve the mystery concerning the disappearance of your brother. I love it and some of the characters that were introduced *cough* Barnaby Lee *cough* are just too precious for the world. You get to befriend Bill and Charlie Weasley for example. BUT, and it really is a big but, it is SUPER annoying to wait until your energy is filled again. It kind of works in the beginning but over the school years, you get increasingly frustrated with the lack of energy. I would have rather paid for the full game once instead of ever purchasing anything in the game (which I haven’t done yet and won’t be doing ever).

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    • Which year are you in the game? I have reached a point where I couldn’t continue unless they released the new chapter on Friday and it was driving me mad. I hate the waiting but I like the story (even if it does have plot holes)

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  2. Ooh, you have the same favorite/least subjects as me! I’m not great with animals, so Care of Magical Creatures is out, but Potions does intrigue me. And lol I agree, Transfiguration is useless 😂 And I find it rather funny that almost everyone’s boggart is a spider… literally every answer I’ve read (including mine) is spiders, so I guess that’s a universal hate lol. Great answers!! 😀

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  3. Oh I love the idea for this tag, and it seems like a lot of fun taking part as well! 🙂 I’d take an owl to Hogwarts, mainly because owls are my favourite animal but they can carry post so they’re more usual than the other options right?! I hope you manage to save up enough gems for one soon. And I think I’d love Care of Magical Creatures the best too (not sure about Potions I have to admit, even without the thought of Snape as a teacher).
    Great post, and great answers for this tag too. 😀

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  4. Such a great tag! ❤ I think i've done it a few months ago too, it was lots of fun!
    I'm still bitter that Pottermore put me in Ravenclaw and then in Gryffindor (after they changed their site or whatever), I'm Ravenclaw through and through.
    Transfiguration would be cool for me though, I'd love learning to turn things into one thing or another, but I'd probably hate Potions because of Snape, my preference for different subjects had always been influenced by the teacher 😦
    Loved seeing your answers! ❤

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    • Oh nooo! But the sorting hat would always consider that you don’t want to go to Gryffindor, no matter what the pottermore quiz says, so don’t worry!
      I don’t know. I always liked cooking class, so that’s why I think I’d really enjoy potions. You have a recipe and even though there are multiple occasions that proved that the book recipe’s don’t always work in class, I think I’d like that structure. I just don’t understand why specific transfiguration spells are needed and why it is a different class and not included with Charms. xD But I totally get that teachers play a big role. Again, I don’t want Snape as a teacher, but I would still be interested in the matter.


  5. Ahhh this is such a fun tag, I loved reading your answers! ❤ I'd definitely take an owl with me as well, these creatures are way too adorable?! ❤ ❤
    Confidence time: I always have trouble remembering if I am a huffepuff of a ravenclaw for some reason, or maybe because I am a bit of both? I'll have to re-do a test sometime haha -and now I can go run and hide because that's a terrible confidence to make.

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  6. My wand has also Dragon Heartstring as it’s core! 😀 Having an owl would be seriously amazing, they are so cute (and useful in the Wizarding world). I would definitely want to get one as well. Great post! 😀 I really enjoyed reading all of your answers.

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  7. I saw Ravenclae Common Room and nearly yelled with excitement. That might just be my dream place to study/ read/ live in basically 💛
    Great post!! This looks like a darn amazing tag 😀

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