Trailers You Might Have Missed … (July 16-22)

It’s the San Diego Comic Con weekend, so let’s keep this intro short. There’s going to be a lot of trailers, but not all of them. I am writing this post mid-Sunday (European time), so there’s still loads of trailers that will be released over the course of the day that I obviously cannot add, but they’ll be featured next week for sure. Makes sense, right? Here we go!



This trailer has me so pumped!


Maybe this will finally work for the DC cinematic universe? I mean – humour, colours, a certain lightness?

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

This looks kind of magical and as if they actually picked up Eleven from Stranger Things and just threw her into that universe.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

I still wish this was without Depp, but I will watch it for the magic and not for him.

The Darkest Minds

Should I read this book series? I am not sure.

Boy Erased

The feels are strong with this one and Troye Sivan is in a movie!!


I have to admit that I neither watched Split nor Unbreakable, but this looks amazing.

Robin Hood

I still think Taron looks like the Blue Arrow.

On the Basis of Sex

Felicity Jones is awesome but Armie Hammer is also making good choices in terms of the movies he’s in (Call Me By Your Name, Sorry to Bother You, this!)

I Still See You

Murphy from the 100 is finally a lead in a movie and it’s super creepy and I am not sure I want to watch it. Great.

Second Act

Milo and JLo – whaaaat?

Little Italy

I cannot see myself going to the movies for this, but I might stream it somewhere.

Bohemian Rhapsody

I am excited for this one.

Patient Zero

Matt Smith with an American accent is just weird.

TV Shows

Roswell, New Mexico

I LOVED the original show, which explains why I am a little on the fence about this. I am still going to watch it and the costumes from the dinner are like the EXACT same. That’s good, I suppose?


This is NOT what I expected, but it looks interesting. I am just over Ruelle being used in all the trailers and no one can believe Robin is old enough to work …


Yeah, so … I am going to watch this! So far, Alaric and Caroline’s daughters seem like bullies and brats, so I am intrigued how they are going to work as main characters alongside Hope.

Deadly Class

Now that I have read the first couple volumes of the graphic novel, I think this looks pretty accurate.

Good Omens

Can’t wait to see an edited trailer for this.

The Gifted (Season 2)

It looks SO good!


Did not know that was going to be a thing.

Arrow (Season 7)

This looks dark.

The Flash (Season 5)

I am looking forward to that storyline, but doesn’t Nora have a twin sister?

Supergirl (Season 4)

Kara has a spacesuit now?

Legends of Tomorrow (Season 4)

So, does this mean Constantine is going to be a reoccuring character now?

Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger (S2 announcement)

I just put that in there because I am happy.

Marvel’s Iron Fist (Season 2)

I would rather have the Punisher S2 or Daredevil S3, but I guess this is how it is.

Doctor Who (Series 11)

I just don’t have the same passion for Doctor Who that I once had, but I am trying to catch up on S10 before this starts.

The Orville (Season 2)

That show was so much better than I expected.


The Dragon Prince



Okay, so last week I was intrigued by the teaser but after the trailer I am noping out of here. This is such a harmful narrative and just another fat-shaming storyline.

Which trailers looked best to you? What are you going to watch? (Do you wish you could visit SDCC as much as me?)

41 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (July 16-22)

  1. I love Jason Momoa! I was sooo looking forward to the movie and then saw Justice League which was kind of, well, bad. Did you see it? It was a set up movie, but they didn’t spend anytime setting up Aquamans character. He was just kind of there and the one liners weren’t great. Now, I am ambivalent unless I hear something great about it. Although I may see it just to be able to stare at him for two hours. Lol. There are so many great movies coming out next year!

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    • Jason Momoa is a fine man, I totally get it! I actually didn’t watch Justice League, because I haven’t really been into any of the DC cinematic universe installments so far. I gave them a chance over and over again, but their movies just didn’t find the right audience in me. I could see this one being quite good, also Shazam! but I will definitely go in with lowered expecations.

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  2. I’m with you about Depp. I really liked Fantastic Beasts and am still impatient to watch that one and get back into that universe, but him, I just, I can’t watch his face anymore haha.
    I wonder if I should read the Darkest Minds series as well – I have read mixed reviews about it, so I am a bit nervous. That trailer looks interesting though!
    Second Act kind of sounds like my kind of movie? Definitely need to keep that one in mind, I’m really curious about it now, it sounds fun haha 🙂 Feels weird to see Vanessa Hudgens in another movie again, I just keep on seeing her as that High School Musical Girl hahaha.
    and Little Italy, why not, that sounds like a movie I’d watch too 😀
    so, I watched that Roswell trailer and I am intrigued. Not sure it’d be a show I could love and I might be a bit scared but I am also very curious about the storyline overall. I can’t wait to hear what you think of it 🙂
    I saw the Insatiable trailer on my twitter timeline and damn, that one is just one massive nope nope nope. I can’t believe they would do such a harmful movie, ugh.

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    • The thing with Depp is that the outrage was pretty big and immediate and it would have been SO easy to just keep Colin Farrell as Grindelwald.
      I figured you’d be more into the romantic comedy type movies 😉 Did you see the trailer for Vanessa Hudgen’s movie Dog Days a couple weeks or months ago? That could be for you as well.
      I don’t think Roswell is scary, just supernatural.

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      • Yeah… that’s what’s frustrating, it would have been easy to keep Colin Farrell but they didn’t. ugh.
        You know me well haha! I think I saw that trailer as well – I really need to make a list of all of these movies, to remember to get to them haha 🙂

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  3. Obviously, I’m excited for Aquaman, Shazam, and Godzilla 2. Yeah, Fantastic Beasts should’ve ditched Depp, but hopefully it’ll still be a good movie. Glass and I Still See You look awesome, I just can’t wait. Happy to hear Cloak & Dagger is getting a second season, that’s such a good show on a number of levels. And I can’t wait for Doctor Who!

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    • I got really frustrated with the whole Insatiable team. They argued that it was a body positive message and that it argued against body shaming and that you shouldn’t judge it by its tariler, but that’s literally what trailers are for. And the whole “stuffing a different hole” line as well as many others do very much look like they are making fun of fat people and I am just not on board with it. I’d much rather watch movies like Sierra Burgess is a loser.


  4. Honestly, I thought Shazam and Titans look pretty crappy… the Godzilla movie looks very well made but I don’t think it’ll be a movie for me. Glass, on the other hand, looks super duper amazing!!!

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  5. I’m so excited about so many of these!
    I’ve been watching Fantastic Beasts, Boy Erased and On the Basis of Sex literally on repeat. I cannot wait for the second half of this year!

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  6. Sigh, I’m still lamenting the fact that they replaced Collin Farrell with Johnny Depp. I enjoy Depp’s acting in some of his more subtle works, but Farrell was literally my favorite aspect of the first movie, so I’m really frustrated about this. (Though I agree, I’m quite excited for the second movie regardless. 😛 )

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      • lol I myself am thinking about buying that Funko. Farrell did such a great job embodying that compelling villain, it’s still breaking me up how easily they ruined one of the best characters ever in the HP franchise (which is saying a lot!) with a cartoon-ish substitute. le sigh~ 😭

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      • It’s really a shame. There were a lot of Depp fans waiting for his appearance back when I watched the movie for the first time but then he showed up and I was like “ugh, way to ruin this for me.”

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      • Yep, that was me. I’m kinda a big Depp fan (not so much nowadays), but the moment that he appeared on screen, I buried my face in my hands lol. Fingers crossed they’ll fix his get-up and acting in the second movie….

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  7. Out of these trailers, Shazam, Boy Erased, On the Basis of Sex, and Little Italy look good! I can’t wait to see The Darkest Minds! I watched a couple of Vampire Diaries episodes and it was good but went on for way too long. I never really got into it though. But Legacies looks really good!

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