Trailers You Might Have Missed … (July 30-Aug 5)

I am sorry I have been a little MIA this week, but I want to thank everyone who messaged me on my birthday last Friday! I treated myself to a wisdom tooth removal procedure, smart woman that I am, I went in the middle of a heat wave on my birthday BUT it was still a good day and I received an outpouring of love that kept me on a high the entire time. I really couldn’t ask for better friends! But now on to the trailers:


Nappily Ever After

I hope this becomes a huge success! Sometimes Netflix makes good choices.

If Beale Street Could Talk

If this isn’t an Oscar contender, then I don’t even know. I hear the book also has some amazing storytelling.


Is this the first time Troian and Patrick are working together in front of the camera? I really can’t recall, but I want to watch this bad! It also has an amazing supporting cast!

Giant Little Ones

Coming of age is hard.

Monsters and Men

This will never not be difficult to watch.


That ending was actually hilarious.


All I know about Lizzie Borden, I know from Buzzfeed Unsolved.

TV Shows


Let’s not pretend I understand what is happening, but I was really distracted by the massive weight loss Jonah Hill has gone through. I just hope he is healthy!

Outlander (Season 4)

I wish there was more (or any for that matter) Brianna and Roger in this promo, but I am still excited.

The Good Cop

Whaaat? It’s Josh Groban in a lead role for a Netflix show??


Not sure what to think about that one yet.

Ozark (Season 2)

I was really bored with Season 1 and stopped watching it somewhere in the middle, but I know that some people really enjoyed it.

9-1-1 (Season 2)

I didn’t watch the first season, but I think everyone is devastated that Connie isn’t coming back for now.

The Great British Bake Off (new season)

This promo is ridiculous, but I love a good bake off.

Are you as tired of the heat as I am? What are you watching to distract yourself? Let’s chat!

61 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (July 30-Aug 5)

  1. Thoughts:
    1. Venom: I hear that Venom’s first line in the comics was, “Won’t you be my neighbor?” I guess that turd line is up the right alley, then.
    2. Lizzie: I’ve been to the house where the murders took place, and stayed overnight. You know I’m going to go see this movie.

    Also saw the second Slender Man trailer and a trailer for the new season of Cosmos this week. Should be exciting.

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  2. All of those movies look fantastic! I will want to watch all of them (except Venom. It’s not my thing). Also Troian and Patrick working together?? Sign me up! Also the promo trailer for Great British Bake Off is cute and Good Cop looks good but ehh I’m not into TV shows that much.

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      • I love Troian because I’ve watched PLL and I am PLL trash but I know she’s a great actress and can take on a ton of roles! I’m really confident in her abilities and I can’t wait to see her in this movie!

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  3. Hmm, I haven’t heard of most of these on this list, but Maniac reminds me of Legion a bit! Have you watched that show? I know you’re aware of a lot of movies and shows, so I’m curious as I’m currently re-binging on the first season of Legion. πŸ™‚

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  4. Loved this article! I just saw it was your birthday recently, Happy Belated Birthday! I also got my wisdom teeth out (last October), I’m just glad I never think about that ever again. I’m sure you thought the same after yours came out, LoL. Like that’s over and done with forever, LoL.

    I literally can’t wait for all of the shows you mentioned. I don’t know what to make of Manic either as of yet, but anything that Justin Theroux is involved in is worth watching. I literally loved him on The Leftovers.

    I loved Ozark! I’d say definitely give it a second try. I can’t wait for the new season. It had quite the finale.

    Outlander’s season three was by far my favorite, so I really can’t wait to see where the show goes in season four.

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    • Thank you so much! This was actually my second wisdom tooth removal. My first one went … less than ideal. Let’s keep it at that! This time was much more pleasant (or as pleasant as such a thing can be), but the fact that we are in the middle of a heat wave complicates things.
      I don’t think I can go back to Ozark. I watched more than half of it and it just REALLY wasn’t my thing. But I am glad you are enjoying it πŸ˜€

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      • Well, at least you never have to think about your wisdom teeth ever again. So there’s some sort of bright side to all that at least. I hear ya on Ozark. Oh, have you been watching Younger? This season has literally been the absolute best ever!

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      • Hahaha I still have two, so I might have to go through the ordeal again, but lets hope I won’t have to.
        I have been watching Younger! My friend, who is an absolute Josh fan, probably wouldn’t agree with you haha but their seasons just keep getting better and better. I wish episodes were longer though.

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      • It is a very strong Charles-focused season though, so I understand that some people feel like there is a lack of Josh (especially those still holding out for them to work out). I love both guys, as I love the entire cast, so I am pretty impartial.

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      • I totally get that. I still really like Josh too especially since he was able to look past her not being completely honest way back when. There’s such something about Charles that in many ways seems the best fit for Liza. I don’t know, it’s a tough call, LoL. I did think it was funny how a few episodes back there was a moment when it said (in the world of the show) that the sound of music was coming back to Broadway to play a limited engagement for only two weeks. I had to laugh at that because we all know that if that show came back to Broadway it would totally play longer than two weeks. I’m sorry the Theater Dork came out there, LoL.

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      • Hahaha your inner theatre dork is allowed in my comments section whenever it wants to come out! I kind of freaked out when Sutton’s real life ex husband showed up as her love interest for a couple episodes. I was just so impressed with both of them.

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      • LoL. I am a huge Theater Dork, so I thank you!
        Omg, yes! I absolutely loved that! I can only imagine what they went through when getting divorced and to come out of that still being able to be friends and work together is just really so inspiring and wonderful. I know they worked together on the Gilmore Girls revival, but I haven’t watched that yet. I love Christian Borle, any time he’s in a show it’s a must see for me.

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      • They just have so much respect for each other, I greatly admire that! I watched a couple interviews and they asked Sutton if she was alright with him coming on the show and I think she didn’t even really hesitate because she thinks he is such a great actor. The Gilmore Girls revival has its ups and downs. In my opinion, the musical section was too long in one of the episodes, but that opinion varies apparently haha

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      • I know, I love that they can look past the past and still appreciate each other in a different way. He really is a great actor. I remember seeing him in Peter and the Starcatcher, for which he won a Tony. And he played Captain Hook, and there’s the moment when his hand gets cut off and he just said omg for like five minutes. I will literally never forget that moment, LoL.

        I watched Gilmore Girls from like the middle of the series before all the Netflix started where you could start from the start. So one of these days I’ll start from the beginning and finally watch the revival. It’ll take forever I’m sure. So. Many. Episodes. LoL.

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      • Whenever I think of him, my mind just immediately goes to Smash. I miss that show and will forever love it.

        Oh yeah, there’s a lot of Gilmore Girls out there. You’ll be busy for a while!

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      • Yes, Smash! I literally loved it like so flipping much! It’s just was disappointing how everyone loved it and then just disappeared when season two came on. I know a lot of people thought season two was all over the place, but I love over the top dramatics so I fully still loved the show. I just loved that show cause it hired so many amazing Broadway talents. And I loved the songs. There’s supposedly a chance that the show they did in the show about marilyn monroe might still come to Broadway, so here’s hoping!

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      • I was kind of disappointed that Derek and Karen didn’t happen. As much as I adore Jeremy Jordan, I felt like he should not have necessarily been end game for her haha and I don’t know why, but I always wanted to see Hit List more than Bombshell. The entire show was genius though and I wish it could have lasted longer.

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      • LoL. Yeah, the show kind of made you want Karen and Derek to end up together and then they didn’t end up together, go figure. Yes, I really remembering liking so many of the songs for Hit List. I thought that looks like a show I want to see. Yeah, the show did so well right off the bat and then for it to end so short was super disappointing cause it was a great show. I feel that way about the recent cancellation of UnReal. Shows that start off great and then just get abruptly cancelled.

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      • LoL. Oh right, duh. I guess I mean I was just surprised at how they just got shipped over to Hulu without much announcement along with the sudden cancellation. Cancellations of great shows just bum me out, but there’s usually another great show around the corner so there’s that I guess, LoL. And this is the last season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. The musically driven show that is amazing.

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      • Honestly, UnREAL was not sudden at all (except for the Hulu change, but the showrunner said that they liked it because the show was always meant to be a binge format). But they got renewed for several seasons after their season 1 success and then they just couldn’t deliver the same kind of content or consistency. The network couldn’t possibly have sustained it longer. Views dropped drastically and I do get why.

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      • Yeah, I get that. It did seem like after that first season the storylines were never quite as solid. I still really liked it though. The performances from Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer were always just top notch every season despite the stories not quite being what they might have once been.

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      • Did you watch the final season? I will forever be pissed that they waited until the very end to introduce Francois Arnaud to the show, because I adore the man and his character was the perfect counterpart to Rachel. I could have watched seasons and seasons of them scheming together.

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      • I recently finished it. Yeah, they worked really well together. I thought the finale worked cause it left room for another season or if it was cancelled (which it turned out being) it still worked. Have you watched Midnight, Texas? He’s on that too. I stopped after the first episode, but I might give it another try since it got picked up for a second season.

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      • Yep, I’ve watched almost everything with him in it haha. I like Midnight, Texas. I think sometimes they move relationships forward too quickly and the visual effects can look kinda dodgy, but the show in general is cool! I was surprised that it got renewed on that channel, because they don’t have the best track record with supernatural stuff.

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      • Yeah, I was completely surprised about the pick up as well. I thought it had potential, at the time I didn’t have Hulu yet and I had to erase all my episodes on the DVR cause I’m always at like 100%, LoL. I’m going to try and watch before the new season starts. It has a great cast. I literally had all these shows I meant to catch up on over the summer and I haven’t gotten to nearly most of them, LoL. I still have like 3/4 of Star to still watch which starts like in a month. Ugh, I’ll never catch up, LoL. TV Nerds problems, LoL.

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      • With the heatwave and such, I really haven’t felt like binge-watching as much as I usually do either. Summer isn’t exactly the ideal time to catch up haha but I am up to date with all the shows I care about the most. Star was killer last season!

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      • I usually always felt the need to be caught up on every show, but recently I’ve just been like I’ll watch the shows whenever. It’s like whatever, probably cause it’s summer and I rather be swimming than staying in. In a way I’ve found not being caught up on everything is kind of less stressful, LoL. I’ve come to the terms that I watch too many shows to ever be caught up with everything anymore. There’s such so many greats shows, LoL. Definitely Star is at the top of my list to watch. I really wanted to catch up on Blindspot awhile ago and then there were only the last five episodes of the current season. I hope the whole season gets put back up before the new season starts.

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      • I’ve had this weird phase lately where I just watched a bunch of shows with horse-content or that were targeted at a younger audience. But I pride myself on still knowing every show a person mentions to me and sort of knowing what it’s about, even if I don’t watch it all. It’s why my readers have dubbed me the Queen of TV haha

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      • LoL. Well as a fellow TV Nerd, that’s an awesome ability to have. It’s like even if I’m not watching as much as I use to I still love talking about shows, LoL. I’ll probably go back to watching way too much when everything starts again, it’s probably just a lazy summer thing, LoL. I really can’t wait for A Million Little Pieces and Single Parents on ABC for the new stuff.

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      • While Single Parents has a great cast, I am not really a sitcom person. I just can’t stay up to date with those shows, because their seasonal story arcs just aren’t as prominent as with other genres. I am intrigued by Charmed (I was a super fan of the original, so I am simultaneously wary), Deadly Class, Roswell, Titans, Legacies, All American, PLL: The Perfectionists, God Friended Me, The Manifest and stuff like that.

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      • Can’t wait for the PLL spin-off. And The Manifest seems so interesting. I’ve been wanting to watch The Originals like forever, but I still have like half the series of The Vampire Diaries to finish so I won’t be getting around to the spin-off to The Originals for quite awhile. With me is that basically if it’s new I will probably be watching it, LoL. Which explains why my DVR is like always at full capacity even though I watch a lot sometimes. It’s like the percentage never goes down.

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      • Yeah, you need both the Vampire Diaries and the Originals in full to understand the history behind Legacies. I’ve talked to someone who said the show looked cool and that they wanted to watch it, but that they couldn’t sit through an entire season of TVD. I just can’t see how they’d understand the characters coming into it not knowing anyone or getting all the references and cameos. But at the same time, it’s like 12+ seasons or so of content you need to watch before you can get to the new one.

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      • Yeah. I was watching The Vampire Diaries regularly when it was still on TV and then fell behind around season four years ago now at this point. Usually, I pick one show that I have like seasons of episodes to catch up on and watch one a night and at some point months later I finally finish it. That way there’s no real stress of thinking about all the episodes upon episodes to watch. I did that with Nashville and now I’m currently almost done with The Good Wife. I figured after that I try to watch the The Good Fight and then pick another show. The Vampire Diaries is one I’ve been wanting to get back to so I’ll probably to watch that one next.

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      • LoL. Yeah, if I pick that show to watch next and then the originals and then the originals spin off, I’ll probably be caught up with everything in maybe a year and a half. That’s not too bad, LoL.

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  5. Patrick and Troian working together, YAAAAY. And I think Patrick had a small role in PLL, Ezra’s friend or something, but I don’t think he had any scenes with Troian???
    Lizzie looks so good, I’m pumped!!! I’m here for the tension. Shane and Ryan are thriving, do you know there’s a ya novel about it as well. I like to think Shane and Ryan reminded people of some murders/scary stories. And Nappily Ever After looks great, I’ll have to watch it πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

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    • That is very much possible with PLL, because I haven’t watched all the episodes. I may have skipped an entire season or so haha But I was really waiting for them to both be leads in a project together, which is why I am super pumped about Clara. It also has a ton of really amazing Canadian actors in general.
      Shane and Ryan are just icons at this point and have inspired so many people!


    • Omg I just remembered! Yes Patrick has been on PLL before as Ezra’s friend. I actually liked Hardy but I get it, he got in the way of the ship. But yea Troian never acted with him on PLL. That would have been nice.

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    • I LOVE GBBO SO MUCH! I was on the fence after everyone except Paul changed to due to the network change, but I ADORE Noel Fielding. I couldn’t have stayed away if I tried and I like Prue as a judge now. So, I am fully on board πŸ˜€


  6. Great trailers as per usual ❀️

    Clara looks really good! I know they’ve played opposite each other for like 2 episodes in Suits, but I think it is the first time they’re working together on a movie, both in front and behind the scenes. Gaint Little Ones also looks like a good movie.

    Omw! The Monsters and Men trailer 😭😭 I have to go and watch it! I heard about Maniac and I’m intrigued to watch it, also a sucker for a good baking show, but I miss Mary Berry!

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