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The lovely Keira has a new blog called Headphones and Hyperboles and I think she deserves some followers over there! So, I was very happy when she tagged me for the Adventure Book Tag, which in turn gave me a chance to link back to her post. Definitely don’t forget to also head over to her blog!

Which character would you love to go on an adventure with?

I want to go on an adventure with Mark Watney (The Martian). I know that the guy is entertaining as heck and should we ever, for whatever reason that surely has nothing to do with me being an incompetent bean, get into a life-threatening predicament, I am pretty confident we’d survive because of him. The man lived isolated on Mars and came back alright, I think putting my faith in him isn’t too bad of a decision.

If you could be any character for the day, who would you be and why?

This was a tough call! I think my decision was lastly heavily influenced by the fact that I am currently reading the third book in the Jackaby series, but I’d want to be Abigail Rook. She basically the Watson to a supernatural Sherlock and gets to experience all kinds of strange things. I am not sure how cool I’d be with living in the past, but electricity was invented at least. She has fancy dresses and gets to flirt with the ever so charming Charlie Cane. Even if it was just for a day, I think it would be fun.

What book is on your TBR bucket list?

One day, some day I really want to finish S. by J.J. Abrams and Doug Dorst. It’s such a fascinating book, with riddles and fold out maps and trinkets hidden in the pages. It’s truly interactive and maybe three stories in one? As interesting as it is, it’s just super hard to read at the same time.

Which book has a contemporary setting you would love to go to?

As cheesy, silly, over the top, predictable, repetitive, etc. Nicholas Sparks’ books are, they make North Carolina sound really pretty. I would like to see their coast for real one day, although it is by far not on top of my travel list.

Which book has a fantasy/fictional setting you would love to go to?

People who know me, know that I have quite a thing for Alice in Wonderland, so that’s a world I would LOVE to see. I’d probably go mad there with all the riddles and nonsense, but it would be a magical experience nonetheless.

What book or book edition would you do anything to get your hands on?

How bad is it that I cannot think of a single book!? I do have a couple signed books at home that I probably wouldn’t want to loose, just like I wouldn’t want to trade my editions of the books I put post-its in to highlight my favourite passages, but I wouldn’t go and do anything crazy for any book out there.

Name a character who is very adventurous and daring.

To Kill a KingdomPrince Elian from To Kill a Kingdom seems pretty willing to do risky stuff to me. The dude fancies himself a pirate (which I do have my quarrels with. I am pretty sure he is just a sailor, but if it makes him happy, so be it) and pirates are notoriously daring.

Name the craziest or weirdest place you’ve ever read a book.

I … I … I don’t know? I don’t want to sound boring but I just honestly don’t think any of the places I read at was that crazy. I did bring a book to a school dance once … but it was more of a precaution, I didn’t actually end up reading it.


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What did you think of my answers? Did you agree with them? Who would you trade places with? Or where would you go? Tell me all about it in the comments!

42 thoughts on “The Adventure Book Tag

  1. I’ve got to say when it comes to the books you picked for this tag I haven’t read very many of them, but I definitely 100% agree with you when it comes to what fantasy/fictional setting you’d want to go to. My default answer to questions like those is either Hogwarts (because of course) or Wonderland. Alice in Wonderland was one of the first books I can remember reading and it’s still a favourite of mine! 🙂
    Great post Kat, and great answers for these questions as well. 🙂 ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dang, I need to read The Martian! 😀 I’ve watched the movie so many times that I’m afraid the book will bore me. :S The first thing I saw in the picture were potatoes and I was like mmm, but then I remembered what he used as a fertilizer. xD Ooh I’d love to live in Wonderland, though I’d lose my head pretty quickly. 😀 Awesome post!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Haha I feel like Wonderland would drive me nuts too. I’ve always been creeped out by the Disney version of the movie, so I wouldn’t particularly enjoy that setting myself, but the magical weirdness perhaps might make it worth the trip. 😛

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  4. This looks like such a fun tag! I’m definitely going to do my own. 🙂 I completely agree with you about Mark! Not only is he hilarious, but if he can survive Mars, he can survive essentially anything. I like those odds! 😀 As for North Carolina…I live in the state, so it’s hard to romanticize it after 14 years. There are some places I haven’t visited that I’m sure are beautiful. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • It IS a really fun tag, so you should totally do it if you want to!
      I don’t know why I have the idea that North Carolina is so pretty haha I think that most of the movie adaptations weren’t even filmed there, but I was like “this looks nice!”


  5. Oh Alice in Wonderland. What a great world to explore, I would love to do so as well – but not the creepy, strange version from the Splintered series… maybe the cartoon version or something? haha.
    Elian, Elian, Elian, I loved this one SO much. I kind of want to re-read the book at some point – I really need to make myself re-read books, I hardly ever do because I’m too distracted by the new, shiny ones, but THAT one I know I’ll want to re read someday, it was such a great book 😀
    Thank you for the tag, Kat!! ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    • I have erased Splintered from my mind! I did NOT like that series haha
      Really? I don’t think I will re-read more, I need to read all the stuff that is waiting for me that I STILL haven’t read haha but I am glad you enjoyed To Kill a Kingdom enough to want to read it again!

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  6. Great answers and thanks so much for tagging me, Kat ❤️

    I’ve actually not read The Martian yet, but I watched the movie and I really liked it! I think Mark would be a great at choice to go on an adventure with. Alice in Wonderland is such a good choice too, I’d love to explore the Tim Burton version from the movie 🙂

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  7. Oh that’s such a cool Tag 😍 I have to agree with Alice in Wonderland, I would love to visit this setting anytime (even with all the weird stuff going on, but that just makes it more special)! I also really need to get to To Kill a Kingdom one of these days 😅

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