Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Aug 13-19)

Hello again, everyone! I am so happy to keep receiving messages that these posts help a lot of people to stay on top of their to-watch-list as well as introducing them to new things they might actually have missed. That is exactly why I keep doing them! However, in a week exactly, I am traveling to Berlin and I just want to give everyone a heads up that it might be (for the first time in 2+ years) that I miss a Sunday post. I just don’t know yet, but I will try to upload something as per usual. Here we go for this week:


Next Gen

It feels like a mix between Big Hero 6 and Wall-e?

Ralph Breaks the Internet (Sneak Peek)

After Everything

Hannah Marks (Amanda from Dirk Gently) directed this and it looks like such an amazing flick!

What Men Want

I am usually really tired of all the reboots and remakes, but dang, that looks like such a fun genderswapped version of What a Woman Wants.


I already loved the first trailer, but it just keeps on looking more badass. That cast is just to die for!

Green Book

Not two actors I would have expected to see working together so well, but I like the look of it.


It looks beautiful, but I am not going to pretend to understand what’s happening.

The Oath

I saw a lot of comedians on my Twitter TL recommend this, but I am so confused about this movie.

The Happytime Murders

I am going to pass on this one.

The Last Sharknado

How on earth did this franchise get 6 movies!?

TV Shows

Tell Me a Story

A dark, twisted and modern take on fairy tales – count me in!!

Good Trouble (The Fosters spin-off)

I never finished The Fosters, so I have no idea what to expect from this.

Marvel’s Runaways (Season 2)


The Gifted (Season 2)

Similarily cannot wait!

Iron Fist (Season 2)

To be fair, it does look worlds better than S1.

Empire (Season 5)

Star (Season 3)

Ugh, I hate when there is no new material in the promo at all.

The Resident (Season 2)

What are you watching? What has caught your eye? Let’s talk about it!