September 2018 Wrap-Up

My first month in Berlin is over and we will see if this is going to be a super short or very rambly post about all the things that have happened since I got here. First off, let’s start with the books I’ve read. Even if it’s only two, that is a 200% improvement from last month, so I am quite happy with that accomplishment. I still might lower my Goodreads goal, just because I’d like for it to actually be achievable, but here’s what I read in September for now:

Parsnips, Buttered: How to win at modern life, one email at a time  The Darkest Minds (The Darkest Minds, #1)

As always, click on the title to get to the review on the blog and on the cover to get re-directed to Goodreads!

Where do I even start to tell you what all happened this month? My new job started in a sort of frenzy as we were preparing for the world premiere of Michael Bully Herbig’s new movie “Ballon” (watch the trailer here – it’s in German though). His name might not mean much to you, but the German speaking folks will know that he is one of the most successful directors and actors in the country. His movies are ranked among the top 10 highest grossing movies of all time in Germany, just that he usually does comedies and this is his first thriller based on real events none the less. You can see how that is all mighty exciting!

Seeing all of this unfold, getting to meet the actors and being part of publicity stunts and ultimately watching the movie in a theater with all kinds of celebrities (Tokio Hotel of all people was there!?) was so much fun! And I was really impressed by it, because you could basically cut the tension in the room – the suspense was real! It’s not that I haven’t done these kind of things before, but just like Germany has about ten times as many people as Austria, it also has events and premieres on a much bigger scale. 

My boss was also kind enough to take me with her to the First Steps Awards, which felt like a really exclusive and great event. It celebrated new talents in the film industry, and not just actors and actresses, but everything from camera, writers and directors to producers. Shopping for it was a tiny bit of a nightmare, because I at least wanted to look semi-fancy and my size seems to be not-available in most stores, but in the end I saw so many people I have admired for a long time. I don’t feel like I could have experienced anything like it back in Vienna. 

Overall, my mind is quite occupied with work. I am one of those people who eats, breaths and dreams about work (the latter leading to some really weird stuff as some of my close friends will know). Deep inside, I know that I need a healthier work-life-balance. That my life shouldn’t be all about the job, but meeting new people and making new friends. I like Berlin and I feel like the streets I am walking on are slowly becoming a part of me, but I haven’t really found my people yet. It takes time and maybe I am not taking the necessary measures (aside from that one time I totally got friend-rejected) to really be pro-active and be in the world. But I am not going to lie, I really enjoy just sleeping the days away on the weekend.


My favourite thing this month was to just watch a whole lot of German movies. In my mind, I always thought that I was meant to work in more of an English-language kind of industry, but being where I am right now, I can honestly say that I like German movies. I know a lot of the names and faces. There is a real difference to Austrian ones in tone and vibe and, as mentioned before, scale. I don’t know how interested you’d be in reading a post about that one day, but I could talk about all the good and bad ones I’ve watched lately? I just have no clue how many of them would be available with subtitles or such …


I am ashamed to say that I haven’t read any posts, except for the ones I was tagged in. I haven’t been on the laptop much and the first couple of weeks, I didn’t even have internet in my own room, but I am really trying to get back into it and engage more again. So, to help me with that, leave the link to one (or more) of your favourite posts by yourself and bloggers you like in the comments! I will try my best to check them all out! I also promise to check my spam comments more often, just to make sure none of you accidentally end up there.




That’s all from me for now! I hope you enjoyed this very rambly summary of my month. What have you been up to? Let’s chat in the comments below!

42 thoughts on “September 2018 Wrap-Up

  1. Wow, congratulations on a very productive month, Kat! 🙂 This work with Michael Bully Herbig and the First Steps Awards sounds so glamorous and fun! So proud of you! Keep enjoying and loving what you do! Oh, and good job with the 200% improvement 😉

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    • Thank you!! I have to say it all felt very glamorous for sure even if it really wasn’t haha Even though I didn’t get to do all the things I wanted to, I feel like this is a very positive step in my life, so I am happy 😀 Thank you so much for the support!

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  2. Your job sounds super fun but also really busy. I also had a time when I was so immersed in my work that I dream about it constantly… I do not know whether I should be concerned or glad about the fact that I’m so passionate about it! Best of luck, and hope you get to relax more in October 🙂

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  3. Yay for your first month of your new job!!! It sounds amazing 😀 Oh and are there any German movies you could rec to me?? As you might know, I take German in school and I’d love to start watching stuff in German to get a better grasp on the language.

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    • AAAH! Yes 😀 I love recommending movies to people. I am going to say upfront that I don’t know if any of those movies are available with subtitles or such, except for the Ruby Red movies. They are pretty cheesy and don’t have the best production value, but I like them. Other than that, I am a huge fan of romcoms, so that’s mainly what the list will be comprised of (but not entirely):
      SMS für Dich (Text for You)
      What a Man
      Die Welle (The Wave)
      Der geilste Tag
      Die Mitte der Welt (Centre of the World)
      High Society
      Just DM me if you want to talk about any of those. There’s more where that came from haha but I’d wait and see if you like those sorts of movies.

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  4. Oh it sounds like you’re having an amazing time with your job Kat, I’m glad your first month in Berlin went well and given all you’ve been up to it’s not surprising you only got through two books this month. It’s probably two more than I would have gotten through if I’d been doing the same amount you have been. 🙂
    Great recap, I hope you have a brilliant October and I really hope you continue loving your job and your time in Berlin as well. 🙂 ❤

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    • I am having a great time! Admittedly, I really should try and make more of an effort to get to know people outside of work, but the first month went by in the blink of an eye and most of it was really fun!


  5. I am so, so happy you have been having such a great time at work and that you’re enjoying it. And yay for enjoying German movies, too – I have to admit I’d be very curious to see a post about that, or just… some trailers for things you enjoyed, because I’m just very curious haha 🙂
    Now I need to read these reviews for the two books you’ve read ahah, I’m glad you read a little bit this month, that’s great 😀
    I hope you’re having an amazing October so far and that it continues on being good at work and with everything. (and…. dreamless, hopefully? hahaha :P) ❤ ❤ ❤

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    • I was looking for German movie trailers with English subtitles, but I can’t find them anywheeeeere 😦 I think some movies are really available in more languages or at least with subtitles, but I am not sure how to promote them wihtout giving people a glimpse at them!
      I hope you have a great October as well ❤ take time to rest and relax 😉 and sorry for not visiting your blog more often!

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      • Yeah I get that – it’s a bit complicated to promote a movie without actually seeing bits of it, just a trailer or something :/ maybe they will release later on and… oh well, if I see them in German, that will be GREAT for me to actually get back to learning that language. I feel bad, I’ve learned it for so long but I can barely say two sentences 😂
        Thank you Kat ❤ ❤ And please don't apologize, you've been busy and it's totally okay!! ❤ ❤

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      • Those movies aren’t all new haha I don’t think they will. At least not on Youtube? And I don’t know how else to include them in the post.
        I recommended a bunch of movies to Savannah in the comments, but as she said, none of them are available for free on any platform. I don’t know how you’d feel about paying for it on Amazon or something.

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      • Oh okay, I get that, it’s a bit annoying :/ well who knows, they might end up being available someplace, sometime soon ahah 🙂


  6. I’m happy to hear that you were able to attend so many great events this month! 😍 I – of course – would be very happy to read about your opinion on several German movies! I have to admit that I haven’t watched a lot (as I generally am bad at keeping up with movies), so I would be very interested 😄 Good luck with finding your people in Berlin 💕

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    • The logistics of making a post about German movies turned out to be harder than I thought it would be haha I can’t find trailers with English subtitles and I need some kind of clip to show people what the movie is about as well. And most of them are nowhere to be found for free, so it’s all a little tough to sell ahaha


  7. I am so afraid to read Darkest Minds but now I want to give it a try, also German movies!!!!!!!! It’s my goal to start watching more international films, I’m used to watching either US or Spanish movies and I’d love to branch out c: c:

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    • I’ve run into a bit of a hitch with the German movies 😦 none of them are available on Amazon or Netflix for free and I don’t want to make people pay for something they might not enojy. I can’t even find trailers for them with subtitles …

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  8. That’s so cool that you had that experience! I’m so happy for you! In book news, I love The Darkest Minds so I hope you enjoy the rest of the trilogy!

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