Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Oct 15-21)

Thank you to everyone who was concerned about my ankle! The swelling is almost completely gone and I think taking the stairs won’t be as much of a hassle in the upcoming week. But enough about that annoying thing, here are some trailers for you!


The Aftermath

When I first saw this trailer, Testament of Youth immediately came to mind and I didn’t even know why. Then I saw it was the same director and I not so secretly felt proud that I apparently do notice certain stylistic choices by people. But Alexander’s German is .. ugh.

A Dog’s Way Home

I wanna say dog movies never fail but this movie’s predecessor A Dog’s Purpose didn’t do so well at the box office.

The Kid Who Would Be King

Obviously there are some odd elements to this and I am not saying this will be the best Arthur-esque story, but me as a kid would have loved this!

Write When You Get Work

That just confused me.

Miss Bala

Jane (I know that’s not her real name) is amping it up!


Nicole Kidman is barely recognisable in this!

TV Shows

Outlander (Season 4)

The promo makes it look so wholesome when we all darn well know it won’t be.

Midnight Texas (Season 2)

Really looking forward to this!


It’s coming to Netflix so I can finally watch it too.

Super Drags

I love that this is just regular content now.

The Magicians (Season 4)

I am still an entire season behind …

What are you watching? I am on a mad witch binge right now and tried everything from Charmed (the new one), A Discovering of Witches and Light as a Feather in the past week. Cannot wait for Sabrina now!