October 2018 Wrap-Up

Once again, I am coming at you with a wrap-up when I have read absolutely zero books. I don’t know what exactly causes it, but I felt so busy with life and so uninspired to do anything else, that I basically didn’t pick up a book until a week or so ago. I am currently reading A Discovery of Witches, but I am only 30% into the book, so the review will have to wait a while (as for the show – GO WATCH IT!)

Generally, I do feel like I am becoming more myself again though. Not that Berlin changed me as a person THAT much, but overall, I just didn’t have time or energy or motivation to do a lot of things that I would typically consider to be me-things. However, I have managed to post a couple blog posts that weren’t just the usual Sunday trailer round-ups and I even got back into drawing again. I haven’t painted anything in such a long time, it was entirely strange to do it in a new setting with different lighting and materials. So, while this may not be the most perfect Teresa Palmer/Diana Bishop (yes, the only thing I managed to draw was a person from A Discovery of Witches), I am still very happy with the outcome! I think it’s some of my most detailed work with watercolors I have done so far.

Since it is already November, I also want to announce that I am taking part in NaNoWriMo! For those of you new to the subject, NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month and is supposed to be a motivational event to get you to finish your work in progress or reach at least 50K words in the span of that one month. Feel free to add me on the website (click here for my profile info) and hold me accountable as I go along. I am not actually striving to hit 50K with my #witchyWIP, but I just want to make sure I do write a little bit every day or as often as possible this month.


If you haven’t guessed it yet, I don’t know how to help you, because my favourite thing of the month is obviously A Discovery of Witches. It’s probably annoying how much I talk about it on here, but I am absolutely mesmerized by that show. It is beautifully shot, it has haunting performances of both Teresa and Matthew, as well as the remainder of the cast and the story is really interesting. There’s actual science or at least the need for science to explain the origin of all species and to prevent the supernatural creatures from dying out. If that’s not a great spin on star-crossed lovers then I don’t even know.


I know I have been absolutely, not-shockingly-at-all absent from your blogs. I am truly sorry for that, but keeping up with the things on my own platform were sometimes all I could handle. Still, I want to at least highlight a little of my friend’s work and especially Marie’s part in the Shattering Stigmas series of this year (although everyone who contributed did an amazing job and was so brave for opening up!). And since it’s the month of NaNoWriMo, I also want to mention a great post on Plotting and Planning your WIP by Beth! I am sure you can find some great ideas and approaches there or at the very least a good platform to discuss how you tackle your writing.




How was your month? Did you read or watch something good? Let’s chat all about it – especially if you have watched A Discovery of Witches as well! 

35 thoughts on “October 2018 Wrap-Up

  1. No worries, we all go through phases like that! October reading was kind of slow for me too but so many interesting things happened that I can’t really count it as slump. Great drawing too!

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    • I’ve been slumping in terms of reading ever since I got to Berlin, but it’s alright. It was similar when I was in Canada, so I don’t feel too worried. I still love reading, just not all the time.
      And thank you! I am so glad I am feeling inspired to draw again.

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  2. Hi Kat!!
    So glad to hear that you’re taking part in Nanowrimo too! I will add you right now 🙂
    Whenever I move to a new place, I feel like I become a different version of myself. Maybe it is because I am interacting with different people or do different things than I usually do. In any case I hope that you enjoy Berlin 🙂
    That’s great that you have a chance to draw. That is a beautiful drawing!

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    • I haven’t seriously taken part in NaNo for years now, so it’s going to be exciting to see if this amounts to anything useful haha I hope you have a good NaNo experience!!
      I am definitely a little different at every place I live at too, but some of the core me stays the same.

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  3. Kat! I always love reading your wrap-ups 🙂
    I’m so happy to hear you’re getting back to do the things you love – it’s good to see more blog posts from you and DRAWING! AGAIN! ahhh that’s so great, I can’t wait to see more from you. I love that drawing, it looks AMAZING. ❤
    Best of luck for NaNo, you know I'll be there to cheer you on and everything else – I can't wait to read more of your great stories ❤ And even if the goal is 50K, I am not aiming for it either and, just writing everyday a little bit is a good routine to install, I think 😀
    Thank youso, so much for sharing my shattering stigmas posts, I'm so happy you enjoyed reading them and still so humbled and honored by all of the stories people wanted to share. ❤
    I'm going to watch A Discovery of Witches soon, I PROMISE, I know I need to!! I'll watch it most likely next week and feel free to scream regular reminders at me hahaha. 🙂
    I hope that November will be amazing for you ❤

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    • Awe, thank you Marie! I always make up my mind about what I want to talk about for the wrap-up and then I forget half the things I wanted to write about haha
      I wish I could properly photograph my art! My phones are, as per usual, not up to the task and I tried scanning it at work, but that just washes it all out. It’s too bad really. But at least I am drawing again, it’s a good sign.
      BEST OF LUCK FOR NANO TO YOU TOO! ❤ I am rooting for you in all the ways possible always! We will keep each other accountable over the course of the month 😉
      Oh, believe me, I will keep nagging you about ADOW all the time aahahaha

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      • Oh I get that – maybe it would be nice to have a proper, bigger camera, but then again is that really worth the investment if it’s just to photograph your drawings? I wish I knew. Still, your drawings always look so great and I’m so happy you’re back at it, I can’t wait to see more! ❤
        And yees please do haha so I won’t forget to get to it haha ❤

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      • Yeah, I am not going to invest in something like that, especially now that money is tight, just to be able to photograph them. But i want to put the drawings on my insta account and I am just never happy with the photos of them It’s so annoying.

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      • I get that – hopefully you’ll find a way to photograph them soon, maybe you can find some info or tips from other artists photographing their drawings, too?
        (thank you for the reminder!!! <3)

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  4. I’m glad to hear that you are getting back to doing the things you love! 😀 Also, your drawing is amazing! ❤ I'm also taking part in NaNoWriMo this year and I'll be adding you.
    I plan on starting to watch A Discovery of Witches soon! (Probably this weekend or next week.) I was hesitant because I didn't like the book, but hearing you talk about it convinced me to give it a chance. 🙂

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      • Thank you! 😀 Good luck to you as well! (Somehow I managed to forget to add that in my first comment.)
        I’ll definitely let you know when I start watching it and what my thoughts on it are! I’ll DM you on Twitter. 🙂

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  5. Well I will definitely be watching A Discovery of Witches (and reading the book as well) when I have a chance. Not just the fact that the trailer looks really good but that you’ve said it was amazing kind of seals the deal. I love your picture of Teresa Palmer/Diana Bishop too, you should really be happy with that outcome.
    Good luck with NaNo this month, two days into November how are you doing so far? (or is it too soon to be asking that question?) Thanks so much for featuring one of my posts in your recap, and I hope you have a brilliant November as well. 🙂 ❤

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  6. Good luck with NaNo!! I’m participating as well (also with a WIP about witches, witches unite 😃) & added you as a buddy now 💕 I’m also very excited for your Review of A Discovery of Witches after hearing you talk about it so much! 🙂

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  7. I am still not reading anything myself. I’ve long accepted that my reading will not be as consistent as it use to be haha. I do love that you’ve found some inspiration to draw again and good luck with NaNoWriMo. I’m sure you’re going to smash it!!!

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    • I feel sad not reading, but at the same time, I don’t even have time to miss it. I wouldn’t know when I should have or even could have carved out some minutes to get page time.
      Thank you! I actually quit NaNo haha I wrote a post on explaining why, but it’s not the best reasoning. I rambled again ..

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